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Certified Nursing Assistant Courses in Iowa


For becoming a certified nursing assistant (CNA) in Iowa, you will have to pursue a course, after which you will have to pass the state certification exam to obtain the license. Various community colleges, independent institutions, and vocational colleges offer state approved nurse aide courses. A candidate must pursue an Iowa Department of Inspections and … Read more

Preparing Resume for a CNA Job

Anyone with a genuine desire to serve the needy, especially during their days of ill health or sickness, in modern times, have the better option of getting into the lucrative field of serving the sick persons in the form of a certified nursing assistant, which involves dedicating one’s time completely in serving the sick ones. … Read more

CNA Education Free of Cost Through Corporate Jobs

There is no shortage of talents in the U.S. country. Unfortunately, many people who are capable enough to contribute to the society go unnoticed simply because they could not complete their education due to financial and other problems. Many will disagree and point towards the grants and sponsorships available in the country. However, sometimes, it … Read more

How Does a CNA Prioritize and Organize the Workday?

The fact that two of the main aspects of a CNA job, time management and organization skills, totally being ignored in the CNA training somewhat confuses, and makes me lament over it. Students who want to learn these skills have to spend extra time and money, since training providers offer it as an extension course. … Read more

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