CNA Skills – Measuring and Recording Urinary Output

You are a CNA and you need to calculate the urinary output. This blog post will teach you how to measure and record urinary output so that you have the knowledge to perform this skill set in front of an examiner in your certification exam or needed for your next clinical rotation.

Here is a video demonstration on measuring and recording urinary output

Measuring and Recording Urinary Output

First of all, You need the following things to measure and record urinary output:

  • A bedpan with urine
  • Measuring device
  • Container
  • Gloves
  • Measurements skills recording sheet

Note that you can measure in ounces or milliliters in the medical field. We are recording in milliliters.

  1. Before touching the bedpan, you must put on your gloves.
  2. Next, bring the container in the pan without dropping any of the urine or splashing, Make sure that you pour the urine into the container.
  3. Now place the container full of urine on our favorite. Let us please remember that when turning on the faucet after contaminating our clothes is best use a paper towel placed a bedpan underneath the faucet before turning it on.
  4. Now placing the contents of the bedpan in the toilet. Do not place a used bedpan in a designated dirty area, which is near.
  5. Now come back and measure are you hearing and must be measured at eye level if you are not at eye level, will not get an accurate reading.
  6. Now dispose of the urine gradually, which once again you want to make sure that you are not splashing. The urine is contaminated. Yet again. Place it under the faucet using a paper towel to turn on the faucet.
  7. Now remove the gloves properly once again into the palm of the hand and now taking my finger, placing it underneath, pulling this, throwing that away for testing purposes, and wash your hands.
  8. The final portion is to record. Place the date, Name, and candidate, Which concludes urinary output measuring and recording.

Learning how to measure and record urinary output is an important skill for a CNA. This blog post has provided you with the knowledge you need to be successful in your certification exam, but we have more! To learn more about other skills that might come up on the CNA exam, visit our other posts.

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