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If you are thinking of starting a nursing career, nurse aide is an ideal profession to begin with. But before starting any profession it is important to have detailed knowledge about the pros and cons of the field so that you can make the right choice. The Top Nurse Info on various topics posted here will give you a perfect idea about the various aspects of the CNA profession.

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Why should you trust this site for getting information on CNA training? Well, you must be visiting this website because you want to get training or because you are searching for some information on this topic. Our website provides all the valuable information related to becoming a CNA, what should you do and what you should avoid, how to get training, where to find accredited classes and many more.

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  • We provide all information regarding CNA classes, how to become a CNA, training, certification and many more.
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  • We just don’t cover about CNA training; we cover each and every aspect of being a Certified Nursing Assistant.

CNA Programs

To become a nurse aide, you need to enroll in a training program that is recognized by your state health department or nursing board. On these blogs, you will find information about the various programs. The length of the programs, cost, types of programs, and career advancement options etc. You can get information about the CNA programs in various states and cities as well.

CNA Classes Near You

CNA Study Guide and Practice Tests

A nursing assistant is a hands-on job and to pass the certification exam you have clear the theory as well as practical paper. You must practice hard before you appear for the exam.

Blogs on the study guide will give you a hint about the efforts you need to take to pass the exam. The practice tests will prepare you for both the exam and you can refer to the questions on the pertaining website.

CNA Study Guide

CNA Exam

CNA exam is the final step you need to take to achieve the certification. Whether you will become a nursing assistant and work in the healthcare industry depends on your success in the exam. That is why many people are nervous and tense as the exam approaches. We have a details guide to understand the CNA state exam here.

CNA State Exam

CNA Certification

The blogs on certification will tell you about the various certification requirements to become a nurse aide. It will inform you about the preparation for the exam and the exam codes.

The certification of a nurse aide is valid for a certain period; you can get information about the renewal of certification and verification of the same.

How to Get a CNA License

CNA Salary

Salary is one of the key aspects when you look for a career option and the posts on the salary of a nursing assistant will give you a clue about the earning potential. The salary varies from place to place, facility to facility and differs on specialization.

The average salary of a nurse aide and the pay scale information will help you make a decision about making a nursing career.

How Much Does a CNA Earn


When you are starting in a profession, you have hundreds of questions in your mind. There are certain frequently asked questions that people have in their minds regarding the CNA training and further career. The blogs on FAQs will help you find answers to these questions.

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