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If you are thinking of starting a nursing career, nurse aide is an ideal profession to begin with. But before starting any profession it is important to have a detailed knowledge about the pros and cons of the field so that you can make the right choice.

The Top Nurse Info on various topics posted here will give you a perfect idea about the various aspects of the CNA profession.

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Why should you trust this site for getting information on CNA training? Well, you must be visiting this website because you want to get training or because you are searching for some information on this topic. Our website provides all the valuable information related to becoming a CNA, what should you do and what you should avoid, how to get training, where to find accredited classes and many more.

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CNA Study Guide

To become a CNA, the student should get himself enrolled in a nursing training program which is 6 to 12 weeks long. Once the course

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