CNA Skill – Provides Perineal Care For Female

When you work as a CNA, your role will often include performing perineal care on female patients. Perineal care is provided after an episode of incontinence and can help avoid urinary tract infections or larger health issues like bladder cancer in the future by observing their private parts during daily bathing sessions. It’s important to be aware that this is one skill you may need to demonstrate when taking your skills exam for certification! This blog post will go over some tips on how to properly clean the perineum when providing care.

Here is a video demonstration of providing perineal care for females.

Provides Perineal Care For Female

The process for providing perineal care for females during the CNA skills exam is as follows:

  1. First, Knock before entering the patient’s room, greet them by name, and introduce yourself to get their attention. Close the privacy curtain for more personal space as you perform your task to feel comfortable asking questions if needed. After washing your hands with soap or sanitizer, shake off any excess water that might have gotten on you during this process then proceed to do what it is that needs to be done!
  2. Fill up a basin and make sure it is just the right temperature before you douse your patient with water.
  3. Cover the patient to avoid any unnecessary exposure and maintain their privacy. Place a waterproof pad beneath the patient’s buttocks so that they are as comfortable as possible.
  4. Move the resident to a comfortable position so that you can provide care.
  5. To clean the perineal area, first wet washcloth. Apply cleanser to the cloth and use downward strokes from front to back using fresh rinse water for each stroke. Repeat the process if necessary.
  6. Next, rinse the area thoroughly and then pat it dry.
  7. Turn the patient on their side so they face away from you and clean the anal area. Once it is wet, use your hand or a washcloth to gently scrub up all of any fecal matter for them not to feel as uncomfortable during this procedure. Repeat until thoroughly cleaned with no trace of feces left behind.
  8. You need to remove the waterproof pad and dispose of the materials.
  9. Finally, wash your hands, ensure the patient has a clean environment and that their bed is comfortable with plenty of room to move. Ask them if they need anything before closing up the curtain for privacy.

Thank you for reading this blog post on how to properly clean the perineum! We hope that these tips have been helpful. If you’re interested in learning more about caring for your patients, make sure to check out our other CNA skill posts here at Top Nurse. If there is anything we can help with please contact us and we will be happy to assist!

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