CNA Skill: How to Use a Hoyer Lift

You are in your clinical rotation as a CNA and you have been assigned to the floor with the elderly population. You notice that there is a Hoyer Lift, but not sure what it does or how to use it. This blog post will tell you about the functions of a mechanical lift, how to use one correctly and safely, and some tips for preventing injuries while using it.

Here is a video demonstration of how to use a mechanical lift.

How to Use a Hoyer Lift

The process for using hoyer lift during the CNA skills exam is as follows:

  1. The first thing to do is understand the resident’s needs and why they needs this lift.
  2. After assessing their needs, show how to charge a battery and locate it in case of an emergency.
  3. Always make sure that you are able to lower your resident after use so as not break any bones or cause injury when lowering down from the lift.
  4. Point out the emergency stop button and the purpose of using it.
  5. Make sure the sling is in a good working condition.
  6. Make sure two caregivers are present at lifting time.
  7. Adjust bed to height that promotes good body mechanics.
  8. Tell the resident’s that you are going to transfer them using hoyer lift. Prepare and make them feel comfortable.
  9. Residents should be placed on the appropriate sling size and style, according to their Care Plan.
  10. Positions with the spreader bar always perpendicular to a resident’s shoulders will hover over the chest and make sure not to cause any pain.
  11. Attaches the sling straps without pulling or tugging to the desired setting. Considers elevating head of bed for greater ease in completion.
  12. Gently raises resident minimally from surface and unweights them so they’re not stuck on their back when getting up. To make sure perform a safety check.
  13. Turn resident’s legs towards the perpendicular support bar of the lift during move. Gently lower them into chair in proper position.
  14. Finally, removes the sling.

In this blog post, we’ve covered the basics of using a mechanical/hoyer lift. Now that you have an idea about how to choose and operate one safely, be sure to read our other posts on CNA skills for more tips!


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