CNA Skill – Donning and Removing PPE

Becoming a CNA is an arduous task that requires heavy responsibility. One of those responsibilities includes the wear and removal of personal protective equipment when dealing with patients at all times, not just during outbreaks or emergencies. Donning your gowns and gloves in this way will both keep you safe from germs and also for our clients who we work so hard to care for every day!

This blog post will teach you how CNAs should don and remove PPE from this task in front of an examiner for the certification test.

Here is a video demonstration of donning and removing PPE (Gown and Glove).

Donning and Removing PPE (Gown and Glove)

The process for donning and removing PPE during the CNA skills exam is as follows:

  1. Unfold the gown and hold it so that the opening is at your back. Place your arms through the sleeves, then tie a knot snugly around you neck and waist to secure them into place.
  2. Put your gloves on last, making sure that the cuffs of the glove go over the gown and cover your wrists.
  3. Remove the first glove by pulling at its wrist. Then, ball it up in your gloved hand and grab hold of the other glove with your free hand to gently remove it.
  4. Dispose of the gloves in a garbage can.
  5. Carefully remove the gown from your body by pulling it off at the neckline and turning both sleeves inside out.
  6. To dispose of your gown, carefully ball it up and place in a designated receptacle.

In this blog post, you learned the steps for donning and removing personal protective equipment (PPE) to perform these tasks in front of an examiner as well as some tips on how to prepare yourself mentally for the certification test. We hope that we were able to help you feel more confident about your skills! To learn more CNA skill visit our other posts.

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