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This is a free CNA practice test on members of a healthcare team. In this test you will be given 25 questions, to pass the test you have to answer at least 20 questions correctly.

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Which of these best describes how accurate documentation assists the entire healthcare team?

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Accurate documentation is for the patient. It is crucial for assessing if the care plan is working or needs adjustment. While accurate documentation can serve as a record of CNA behavior, that is not the reason for it. Accurate documentation is vital, even if it means a little less time for conversation.

The best source of Vitamin D is found in which of these foods?

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The best source of Vitamin D is in the dairy food group.

If you are unable to clean up a large spill on the floor yourself, what is the best alternative, once you have notified someone to help?

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If the spill is large enough you are not able to clean it immediately without further equipment, the area should be blocked to traffic. Not allowing residents to exit their rooms is not practical and throwing towels can make it slippery and more dangerous. Involving a resident is not a safe option.

Which of these is not true about a patients care plan?

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Every single resident needs a plan of care established to document what it is being done. This is the only incorrect statement. All of the other statements are true about a care plan.

Which of these is true about the term care plan?

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All of these are true statements about a care plan.

The primary role of the CNA in patient assessment is to ____.

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The CNAs role in patient assessment is to report physical data and observations to the nurse. The nurse is the member of the healthcare team who makes the assessment and advises the physician. The other answers are incorrect.

Documentation of a residents fluid intake and output is part of your role as a nursing assistant. The standard unit of measure for doing this is ____.

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Milliliters is the correct answer. Ounces are also used to measure fluids, but are not considered the standard unit of measurement for intake and output. Meters are used for measuring distance, and milligrams are used primarily for measuring solids.

Which of these statements about “active listening” is false?

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Active listening is an important skill that you must learn to do. It is tempting to continue to work while not giving your full attention to a resident, in order to save time. But, being able to stop, listen, fully observe and hear what your resident is communicating to you (both verbally and nonverbally) not only acknowledges the residents worth as a human being who is worthy of your attention, but it also allows you to better understand his or her unique needs as your patient.

The nursing assistant walks in on a patient who is having a seizure. Which of these actions should the nursing assistant take first?

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The nursing assistant should stay with the patient and try and prevent him or her from getting hurt while seizing. Restraining the patient or putting a tongue blade in their mouth could injure the patient. The doctor should be notified that the patient had a seizure, but it is not the nursing assistants responsibility to do so, nor is it the first action that should be taken.

If you have a concern about an assignment, you should ____.

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There will be times when you may have concerns about being able to carry out a specific assignment as a CNA. The appropriate course of action is to discuss it privately with your immediate supervisor. This allows for little disruption and is respectful not only to your supervisor, but also to your co-workers and the residents.

Part of your role as a nursing assistant is to be delegated tasks throughout your shift. In which of these examples would refusal to do a task be acceptable?

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The only time it is appropriate to refuse to do a task is when it is something which you have a legal obligation to uphold. One case might be refusing to administer medications for a nurse.

As a member of the healthcare team, it is important for the CNA to report certain occurrences to the nurse. Some conditions require immediate intervention. Which of these necessitates immediate reporting?

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While all of these are important to document, difficulty breathing is an immediate problem and action cannot be delayed. The other items are not life-threatening and therefore incorrect answers to this question.

You enter a resident’s room and notice he is having difficulty breathing. Your proper response should be to ____.

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Any problems with breathing need to be reported to the nurse in case a serious problem is developing. The other responses delay immediate help.

At the end of your shift, your fellow nursing assistant comes in to relieve you. While giving report, you discover your colleague is under the influence of alcohol. The best course of action, as a member of a healthcare team, is to ____.

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This situation poses an immediate threat to the safety of the residents under the care of your colleague. If you do not report it you could be held responsible for any negligence that occurs. The other options conceal the problem and the immediate possible threat to safety.

Which of these members of the healthcare team is responsible for supervising UAP (unlicensed assistive personnel)?

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The registered nurse (RN) is responsible for supervising all UAP. The RN will also typically assign an unlicensed assistive staff members duties regarding the residents personal care activities each day. A licensed practical nurse (LPN) may assign duties and supervise UAP as well.

Which of these statements is incorrect regarding cleaning a urinary drainage bag?

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Peroxide should not be used as it may not be readily available nor is it adequate for cleansing. Alcohol is used for cleaning and all of the other options are important precautions for doing this process.

As a CNA, you work as a “team player” to take care of all of your residents needs. Which of these is a reason you should take this approach when you need to ambulate a resident?

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Your residents safety and well-being is your top priority when working as a CNA. Ambulation of a resident can be dangerous for both you and the resident if done alone. Always ask for help when you need it.

Which of these best describes an advantage to being a CNA when considering future career options?

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While all of these choices provide a CNA many different experiences, the opportunity to witness nurses, physicians, and medical technicians provides the best advantage for considering future career options.

When performing care activities, gloves should be worn ____.

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Activities such as peri-care increase the likelihood of exposure to blood or bodily fluids. The other options have less risk for contamination.

You discover a fire in a residents room. You have gotten the resident out of harms way. What is the next step you should execute?

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Which of these are conditions requiring extra care regarding the residents nail care?

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Anticoagulation therapy can cause excessive bleeding and diabetes patients are at risk of ulceration from cuts or abrasions. These two conditions require extreme caution when administering nail care. The other conditions are incorrect because they pose little or no threat if proper nail care procedures are used.

A nurse asks you to perform something “stat”. This means do it ____.

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“STAT” is a term used for emergencies and when a residents safety is threatened. The other options are not quick enough to deal with immediate safety.

Which member of the residents health care team is responsible for determining socialization and communication skills of residents and then finding the resources to match them?

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A social worker is the member of the health care team tasked with matching resident social and emotional needs to resources and treatments available. The physician and nurse execute the medical plan and a chaplain may assist with spiritual needs.

A resident has suffered a stroke. As a nursing assistant, you’ve been asked to help with ambulation. The best position for doing this would be ____.

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Ambulation for a resident that has suffered a stroke requires optimum support to the side that has been affected and is weak.

Which member of the healthcare team is responsible for carrying out the patients medical plan?

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The doctor is responsible for creating the patients medical plan, and the registered nurse is responsible for seeing that is executed. The nursing assistant assists in the delivery of care that supports the medical plan, but is not ultimately responsible for carrying the plan out.

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