Free CNA Personal Care Skills Practice Test 2022

The personal care practice test for CNAs is designed to test the candidate’s ability to provide basic care for patients in various medical settings. It tests the skills of the CNA with regards to bathing, grooming, feeding, dressing, and transferring. The test also evaluates knowledge of infection control measures. It is recommended that you take this practice exam before taking your certification exam so that you know what you are getting into.

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CNA Personal Care Tips

Ensuring client care and assisting them in their activities are the main responsibilities of a CNA. A certified nursing assistant is not aware of the mentality and the reaction of clients; still, he/she needs to take care of them. Sometimes it is easy for them to handle the patients, while sometimes it becomes difficult. A CNA cannot complain about it as the facility expects him/her to perform the duties effectively.

Even the clients are unaware of the problems they create in the state of irritation or depression during treatment. So, you cannot blame them. Thus it is a necessity for certified nurse aides to perform their functions efficiently. They are also responsible for checking vital signs, CPR, the safety of patients, maintaining records, and on-time reporting.

Right from changing/adjusting drips to assisting in daily activities like

  • Brushing teeth
  • Bathing
  • Feeding
  • Walking and exercise

a certified nurse aide takes care of everything. Some client care tips can be very helpful if implemented. Let us go through it.

CNAs must be calm and patient. They must take care of each and every need of a patient with honesty. They must consult their seniors if they are facing any problem in dealing with the patients. They must be proactive and good at communication. They must be polite and intelligent enough to convince clients who are not listening to them. You should not force them. You must try to adapt positively according to his/her condition and make him/her comfortable in your company. You need to take care of patients especially at the time of bathing, dressing, grooming and feeding.

Bathing Tips

For bathing, a certified nursing assistant must ensure following the same routine for the patients as with the one they started with. You must not take the client for bathing if he/she is very weak and feeling drowsy. Instead, for such clients, you must switch to a sponge bath. The bathroom must be well lit and must have good ventilation.

Bathing ensures freshness and increases the rate of blood circulation. It also prevents patients from infection. Praise them when they perform any activity on their own and make them aware that this is leading them towards a quick recovery. You must never ask a patient to take a bath on their own, especially if they are severely weak.

Grooming Tips

Grooming is also an essential task for certified nursing assistants. Proper grooming makes patients feel better psychologically. Mostly, you must allow clients to perform their activities on their own, as this increases their morale. Regular dressing around the wound is necessary to keep it safe and avoid any infection.

Hair grooming is also important to keep hair and scalp strong and healthy. When you assist them in grooming and if they carry out most of the tasks, it also leads to muscle movement making it more flexible than before.

Mouth Care Tips

Mouth care is important as well. You must concentrate on the patient’s facial expressions, as they are not open enough to reveal their pain. You must always check that the body of a client is free of rashes, any redness, or any other skin problem.

Diet Tips

Resting and taking a healthy diet are the basic needs that ensure a faster recovery. A CNA must take care of these things. Make sure you provide/feed clients with food and medicines at the right time and in the right quantity. You must never pressurize them to eat (food), as they will hesitate to eat it. Instead, you must assure them that eating well will help them to recover easily. This will enlighten their minds.

Thus a CNA must be careful enough to make things and the conditions better for the clients. This will ensure a quick recovery and is not only good for the growth of the facility/hospital but also for the progress of all the employees of the facility including CNAs.

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