13 New Year Resolutions for CNAs 2023

CNAs are an integral part of the healthcare system. CNAs have a huge responsibility in caring for patients, Helping to make medical decision to doctors and other nurses, ensuring patient safety during surgical procedures, etc. If you’ve been thinking about making any changes in your life or career this year but haven’t made much progress yet, here are 13 New Year resolutions that will help keep your nursing skills sharp.

1. Take care of yourself

CNAs are known for taking on multiple responsibilities outside of work, but sometimes this can lead to poor health. Putting your own needs last is not healthy and will only cause you more problems down the road. Take time off occasionally so you can rest and recharge yourself before getting back into a hectic routine at work. This will help improve morale in your workplace and reduce the risk of burnout.

2. Search and avoid previous mistake

As a CNA, you know it’s important to make the right decision at all times. One of the best ways to do this is by learning from past experiences and mistakes so they don’t repeat themselves in similar situations down the road. If your institution has an online formal or informal training program that includes feedback on previous cases where things went wrong, make sure to sign up. You will learn a lot from other CNAs’ experiences and this can help you avoid making the same mistakes.

3. Make a good use of your time

A recent study shows that working CNAs waste more than half of their time at work due to poor workplace organization. One way to avoid this is by using an online calendar application like Google Calendar, iCalendar or Outlook/Exchange calendars to keep track of your personal and professional appointments. This will help you become better organized so you can spend less time looking for things you need to do your job.

4. Set realistic goals

One of the most common mistakes CNAs are making when trying to set new or change existing New Year resolutions is being too ambitious. Setting unrealistic goals will only lead to frustration and disappointment, so take your time in setting realistic expectations for yourself. Remember that you don’t have to do everything at once in order to see results. There are small steps you can take throughout the year – even if it’s just a few hours per week – that will help you accomplish your long-term goals.

5. Create an action plan/schedule for yourself to stay accountable

Once you have realistic expectations of yourself, create an action plan or schedule with specific tasks and deadlines so you know what needs to be done in order to achieve your goals. You can set deadlines for yourself or create ‘to-do lists’ with all of the steps you need to take in order to accomplish any given task.

You can’t exercise or eat healthy if you’re not taking care of yourself. If you don’t already have an active lifestyle, start by walking for 30 minutes five days per week. Then try to do cardio workouts two times per week and weight training at least once every week. It’s also a good idea to try yoga or pilates for flexibility and stress relief.

6. Be a team player

CNAs are usually the first ones to arrive and last one to leave at any given hospital. This means that CNAs spend more time working with their colleagues than they do seeing patients or anything else for that matter. A good CNA knows how important it is to work well as part of a successful group, so try your best to avoid conflicts with your working partners. If you’re tired of constantly butting heads, try checking out one of these books on coworker relationships and conflict resolution to learn some good ways to get along better at work.

7. Work on your leadership skills

Nurses are great leaders, but not all nurses know this. If you want to succeed in your career, try becoming a better leader than you already are. Leadership skills can be very valuable for getting ahead at work and learning how to become a good team player is one of the first steps towards effective leadership.

8. Build a support system

Another way help keep your New Year resolutions is by building relationships within your workplace that will act as an important source of support for you. Whether it’s asking your co-workers to join you in a gym, sharing healthy recipes or just offering encouragement when the going gets tough – having people around who are encouraging and supportive of your goals can help keep you on track.

9. Advanced your education

CNAs have a big responsibility in caring for patients, providing medical advice to doctors and other nurses, ensuring patient safety during surgical procedures. Many of these duties require some sort of advanced education so you can be successful at what you do. Whether it’s enrolling in classes or seminars within your area of specialization or simply reading up on the latest research in your field, continuing education is vital for any nurse looking to excel within the healthcare industry.

There are plenty of free opportunities to learn new skills you can use at work with your colleagues. Online education has opened up access to knowledge and training for people across the country, including CNAs who cannot afford expensive classes or seminars. You will gain valuable insight into different areas of clinical practice like business strategy, leadership development, patient education, etc. These skills will be invaluable in your career and can help you take on leadership roles.

10. Explorer new opportunities

As a CNA, you might sometimes feel like your options are limited to taking on more shifts at the hospital or finding another position in the same hospital. However, there are many different career paths for nurses looking to explore their options outside of their immediate workplace:

11. Make your voice heard

There are certain changes being made within the healthcare system that require input from nurses. The more you think about these changes and how they might affect you, the more prepared you will be for upcoming projects or initiatives that may require your knowledge and expertise to keep you updated on the latest developments in your field.

12. Enjoy yourself

In a survey of nurses from across eight different specialties, 85 percent of respondents said they would recommend their career to others and 33 percent cited high levels of job satisfaction as their primary reason for working as a nurse. Whether you want to join a gym or just take a cooking class, do something to just enjoy yourself and unwind after a long day of work. This will also help you come back to work more rejuvenated and excited for the next day’s work.

13. Spend quality time with family

CNAs spend so much time at work that sometimes they can forget about their own families or loved ones. While you may need to make some adjustments in your schedule to make time for family, it’s important to let these loved ones know they are always on your mind and that they’re an integral part of your life.

CNAs help provide the best care and services to patients across the country. Keeping these resolutions will ensure you always have your skills up-to-date so you can keep doing life-changing work for others. Thank you for reading my article on 13 New Year regulations for nurses, I hope everyone has a fantastic Monday and happy new year!