Halloween Costumes Idea For Nurses & CNAs 2023

Nurses are some of the most hardworking and dedicated people in our society. They provide care for patients every day, often without even taking a break to eat or sleep. It’s no wonder that they don’t have time to come up with creative costumes! That is why we’ve created this list of 20 Halloween costume ideas for nurses – all you need are a few props and an idea, and you’re set!

Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

Nerd – The first nurse costume idea is “nerd”. To dress up as a nerd all you need are glasses and perhaps some suspenders. Nerd costumes can be very simple, but you can also go all out with makeup and accessories.

Flying Nun – The flying nun is a famous comedic character from TV, so it would be hilarious to dress up as one! This nurse outfit should include some black tights or leggings and perhaps even an umbrella. You can also wear this to represent being “naughty” since that’s what the flying nun does in the show.

Bear/Teddy – If your school is on the more casual side then why not go as a teddy bear? All that’s necessary for this costume are some overalls and perhaps even some fake hair in order to stick it onto your head!

Mermaid/Siren– Mermaids have been seen in movies for over a century. To dress up as one you need to find a tail and some fake fish scales. You can also buy makeup that includes blue or green face paint for an even more accurate look!

Cook/Chef – You can also go as someone who cooks if you want to be creative! All that’s necessary is an apron with pockets in order to look like you’re holding food items in them. If the pocket has straps then it’s accurate.

Snow White – nurses are always cleaning up messes so why not go as Snow White this Halloween? All it takes is a blue dress with some red apples. You can also wear these items if you want to be more accurate.

Funny Halloween Costume Ideas

Carnival/Circus – Nurses could go as carnies or circus performers too! If you have blue jeans that match your shirt then all you need is some face paint to turn yourself into someone who works at the carnival. Clowns can also be nurses if they wear the typical costume.

Crayon – Nurses are also known for saying “colorful language” so why not go as a crayon this Halloween? All you need is the stereotypical yellow shirt and red pants with perhaps some eyes or facial features drawn on it! You could even draw black hair onto yourself if necessary.

Lumberjack– A lumberjack is someone who chops down trees and sells them to make a living. To dress up as one you could wear some overalls with a flannel shirt or even fake tree branches on your head! You can also use fake chainsaws if necessary.

Gingerbread – A gingerbread man has been around for centuries, so why not be one for Halloween? All that’s necessary is some brown or ginger-colored clothing and perhaps even a hat to go with it. You could also draw fake candy onto yourself if you want to be more accurate.

Bold Halloween Costume Ideas

Cheerleader – Cheerleaders are often nurses too, so why not go as one? All you need is a cheerleader uniform and pom-poms. If you want to make your costume more creative, try wearing some colorful face paint or even dying your hair!

Sailor/Navy Nurse – Sailors wear navy blue pants with a white shirt, which is perfect for a Nurse costume. You can choose whether you want to go with a hat or not, but most sailors wear hats when out at sea so it would be accurate.

Diva – A diva is someone who loves themselves and enjoys being the center of attention. In order to dress up as one all you need are lots of jewels, makeup, and a fancy dress.

Pirate Nurse – A pirate is someone who roams the seas and plunders other ships in order to get possessions, food, and even gold coins! To dress up as a pirate nurse all you need are an eye patch and some bandages that can be wrapped around your head or legs. You can also wear this outfit with red pants and a white shirt if you want to be more accurate.

Vampire – Vampires are known for drinking human blood, which is why they’re often the antagonists in books and movies! It would be easy enough to dress up as one by wearing all black including some fake fangs. You could also use makeup like dark eye circles or even a fake stake.

Farmer – The farmer is a classic Halloween costume that can be worn by anyone, even nurses! All you need are some overalls and perhaps some dirt on your face or hands to make it more accurate. You could also wear this outfit with other accessories like gloves, boots, etc.

Cowgirl – If you’re a nurse who grew up in the country side, then why not dress up as a cowgirl this Halloween? A cowboy hat and boots are all that’s necessary! You can also wear these with some jeans or other pants.

Goddess – A goddess can be almost anyone in mythology if they’re powerful enough. All you need are accessories like a crown, bracelets, or even wings if you can find them.

Firefighter – nurses work around fire often so why not go as one? This outfit should include some yellow pants and shirt with perhaps suspenders to make it more accurate. To complete the look you can wear a fireman’s hat and perhaps even some boots too!

Superhero – Nurses are known for being heroes who save lives so why not dress up as one? All that’s necessary is a cape, mask, and perhaps boots if the character has them on their costume! You could also wear this with other accessories like gloves or a belt.

The ideas listed here are some of the best ones you can find if you want to dress up as a nurse this Halloween! Do you still think nurses are boring?