5 Part-Time Jobs Ideas for CNA

Are you a CNA looking a flexible work schedule? Part-time jobs could be the answer.

This article presents various part-time job opportunities for CNAs, perfect for those wanting to balance other commitments alongside their career. Whether you’re an experienced CNA or just starting out, these ideas can help you navigate your next career step.

5. Travel Nurse:

Travel Nurse is a part time job that can be done in addition to your full time work and it is one of the top 5 part time jobs for nurses. This career requires you to travel from hospital to hospital, contracting your services as a nurse. You will be paid by the hospital you are working for at any given moment, so there’s no need for contracts or anything like that. But why would you want to be a travel nurse?

Well, because this way you will get to see more than just one state and if you’re lucky enough also another country! There aren’t many nurses who can say they have traveled all over America and beyond! The different hospitals usually provide housing transportation within their city limits which saves you the hassle of looking for your own housing and transportation.

This is a great way to save some money and you can plan bigger trips with all that cash to spend! What if I told you travel nurses are usually paid up to $3,000 per week?!

If this sounds like something you’re interested in then go ahead and search Google or any other search engine for “travel nurse agencies” or just click here. You will find plenty that really suit your needs. Some agencies charge no fees so it’s win win either way!

4. Work at Home Nurse:

If working as a travel nurse doesn’t appeal to you but still want part time work then try finding an home based job as a nurse. There are many companies nowadays that allow you to work from home. The only requirements are usually a phone, internet and your nursing license. You can find these jobs by searching Google for “work at home nurse” or go ahead and click here. There are many legit agencies that never ask for your credit card information before they hire you, so no worries there!

3. Emergency Nurse:

Emergency nurses are the third of our list as part time job for nurses. These nurses travel to different hospitals in cases of medical emergencies like accidents or disasters. One thing to consider is that this job requires overnights sometimes since the emergencies come late in the night, but it’s still worth it.

Emergency rooms always need nurses to fill in when regular ones take vacations or sick leaves. Plus it’s one of the fastest ways to save up some money!

2. Nursing Assistant:

Nursing assistant is a part time job where you work for agencies that provide nursing care. Usually these agencies receive requests from patients who need 24/7 or overnight care and they hire on-call nurses. That way they always have someone available on short notice. Well, sometimes even on emergencies since most nurses are fast enough to get there within an hour or two!

The agency will pay you per visit so it’s not like getting paid hourly but still great for saving up since most people don’t mind paying higher rates when emergencies come knocking at their door. You can search online for “nursing assistants” or click here if you want to find agencies that will provide you with the necessary information.

1. Physician Assistant:

Physician assistant is one of the most popular part time jobs for CNAs so it’s no wonder how it came on top of our list! If you’re not sure if this career is for you then read some articles about working as a physician assistant. It really takes dedication and hard work to become one but the salaries are more than great! You can either work in hospitals or clinics, depending on your location, and many times they even have flexible schedules.

So if you want to save money while having fun then this is something that might suit your needs! You can find out if there are any job openings by calling near by clinics or searching online “physician assistant” or just clicking here!

Working as a nurse doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun and great vacations since there are so many part time jobs for nurses! And the best news is that you even get to travel to different places while working which saves you lots of money in transportation costs. So start looking for your future job online, call clinics near your area and see if they need any help. Good luck finding the perfect part time job for yourself!