6 Things You Should Never Do as a CNA

People enter the field of nursing for many reasons. Some go into nursing for the money and quickly learn that perhaps nursing isn’t for them. Others have always been interested in caring for others and find they are a great fit for nursing. Regardless of your reasons for becoming a CNA, we all know how challenging nursing can be.

If you don’t have the right attitude coming right out of the gate, you’re in trouble! If you’re the type of person that thinks you, know-it-all, then you may want to hang that attitude up, or reserve it for your off days.

Here are some of the things you should never do as a nurse…ever.

1. Living, Eating and Sleeping Nursing

Most of us love what we do, and it does take a special kind of person to be a nurse, but don’t go too far. A happy life involves balance and sometimes balance can take thought and practice.

I know new nurses can’t wait to work, but when you work too much, you will eventually go through burnout and even depression. “All work and no play” is no life for anyone. Be sure you enjoy some fun times, aside from nursing. Hang out with family and friends, Go to a movie or out to eat. Do things that you enjoy and then when you go back to work you’ll be ready to tackle anything.

2. Don’t Tell Patients Lies

I learned something in nursing school that some nurses obviously didn’t. A couple of days ago I walked in on a nurse telling her patient that “everything would be okay.” Whatever you do, don’t tell patients this if you don’t know for sure. Trying to ease pain and suffering is one thing and if you truly know things will be okay then by all means say it. But too often we say this, hoping it will make the patient feel better when we truly don’t know if it’s the truth. If you don’t know this to be true, don’t say it. There are other ways to comfort your patient.

Nursing is voting the most trusted profession year-after-year;and there’s a good reason for this. Our patients expect the truth. If you have no clue where your patient’s doctor is or when he’ll be in to see her, don’ tell her you know. It’s okay to say that you don’t know. Your patients will appreciate your honesty.

3. Don’t Lie About Mistakes

Honesty is always the best policy. If you make a mistake (regardless of how large or small it is) admit it and if necessary fill out an incident report. Showing that you admitted the mistake early on, and you did everything you could do correct it shows integrity, responsibility and trust.

Never falsify a document unless you want to land yourself a different career outside nursing. Admitting fault early on is better than having to admit it later, when one lie has led to another. Remember “to err is human.” Even nurses make mistakes.

4. Don’t be Afraid to Take Chances

One of the wonderful things about nursing is that the opportunities are endless. If you’re stuck in a career path that you hate…move on. Try something new and exciting. If hospital nursing isn’t for you, then try working at a school or for a medical device company.

There is no limit to what you can do as a nurse. Maybe you want to travel? Travel Nursing may be the perfect job for you. Check out our Job section here.

5. Don’t Forget Why You Really Became A Nurse

All too often we get caught up dealing with difficult, political nonsense in nursing, and we forget about why we became a nurse in the first place. We all know how overwhelming nursing can be at times, and it can get to you if you allow it. The result of your frustrations can be taken out on your patients, and they don’t deserve this.

Hopefully, you became a nurse to help others, so always make this your top priority and worry about the rest later. Remember your patients trust and rely on you as their health care professional, so be the best nurse you can be every day.

6. Don’t Neglect Your Own Health

Nurses frequently get caught up in work, so much so that they forget about themselves. We are the caregivers, but we must remember that to successfully care for others, we must take care of ourselves first. We aren’t going to be very good nurses if we don’t concentrate on ourselves sometimes. Selfishness in this society is viewed as wrong. But selfishness is very necessary at times.

You must take care of yourself to be the best person you can be. Never allow anyone to make you feel ashamed of making yourself a priority. Eat the right foods, get a gym membership and do the things that make you happy and relieve stress. Your patients (and family) will thank you for it.