6 Things You Should Never Do as a CNA

CNAs are considered the backbone of nursing. These healthcare workers often provide the majority of hands-on patient care duties. Some people go into nursing for the money. Others have always been interested in caring for others. Regardless if you’re reasons for becoming a CNA, we all know how challenging nursing can be.. It is important for you to know what not to do as a CNA! Here are some things that every aspiring CNA should never do while practicing their profession.

1. Living, eating, sleeping

Many people love what they do, which can be hard for a nurse. It is important to balance your life and not work too much or you could get burned out with depression. A happy life consists of balancing work and playtime in order to stay well mentally healthy as an individual who does something that many find stressful!

Make sure you have some fun times aside from nursing by hanging out with family members and friends; go see movies or eat at restaurants if this interests you more than other things on the list! You will feel refreshed when it’s time once again because there are plenty of activities outside of working long hours every day where everyone has their own preference about how they spend their downtime – use yours wisely while staying aware so make choices accordingly.

2. Don’t tell patients lies

Nurses have a duty, to be honest with patients, and sometimes this means that they cannot make statements like “everything will be okay” if there is no concrete evidence for it. This can help the patient feel better in the short term but also helps them prepare themselves emotionally when these reassurances aren’t true.

I learned something at nursing school that some nurses obviously didn’t: Don’t tell your patients everything will be “okay” unless you know for sure. It’s one thing to try easing their pain or suffering- which is admirable enough-but too often we say things out of hope instead of truth because our conscience dictates telling people what we think might lessen their agony (even though it may not).

Nursing is one of the most trusted professions, and there’s a good reason for this. Our patients expect honesty from us about their doctor’s whereabouts or when they will be in to see them. If you don’t know where he is or how long it’ll take him to get back, just tell your patient that! They appreciate our honest approach much more than we would like to think; after all, if someone constantly lies then why should anyone trust anything coming out of his mouth?

3. Don’t lie about mistake

Be honest with yourself and others. When you make a mistake, admit it–it’ll show that not only are you aware of the situation but also want to do what is right in order to correct your error as quickly as possible.

It is important to be honest in nursing because if one lie leads into another it can lead you on a different career path. It’s better for the nurses who make an error and admit fault early on, as opposed to waiting until they have committed too many lies which will not only affect them but their job performance.

4. Don’t be afraid to take chances

Nurses are one group of professionals who don’t have to be stuck in a job they hate. They can try out new and different jobs, even if it means moving across the country or switching occupations entirely!

The rule for nurses is that there really aren’t any set “rules.” Nurses could help build schools as teachers abroad, work on medical devices at home with patients locally—the opportunities are endless because all you need is a passion for what you do. There really isn’t any limit on what kind of nurse career path one can take; if travel sounds appealing, Travel Nursing may be your perfect fit!

5. Don’t forget why you really became a CNA

Don’t let frustrations get the best of you, take a break and remember why we became nurses in the first place. You are not alone when it comes to difficult situations at work; all too often nursing can be overwhelming with political nonsense that has no impact on patient care but every nurse knows how challenging this job is sometimes.

When frustration sets in for one person their reactions may have an effect on patients which they do not deserve by any means so if you find yourself getting overwhelmed or frustrated remind yourself what brought us here as nurses and keep going because there will always be something worthwhile waiting around each corner!

6. Don’t neglect your own health

As caregivers, we must never neglect ourselves in order to care for others. But it is equally important that we take time out of our day just for us. Sometimes caring too much can end up hurting the person you’re trying to help, such as if a nurse forgets about their own needs and becomes ill or exhausted themselves while taking care of someone else who is also sick and tired.

It may not be what society views selfishness like, but sometimes being self-centered will allow more energy to work toward positively impacting those around you instead of feeling drained from giving all your energy away without getting anything back yourself first.

You can’t take care of others if you don’t first take care of yourself. You must work on the “you” so that you have enough energy to put into your family, friends, and community. Eating well is only one way to show love for oneself- getting a gym membership or doing something creative also helps with stress relief!

We’ve discussed the top things you should never do while practicing as a CNA. Hopefully, these tips will help your career aspirations and allow you to avoid some of the common pitfalls that many new CNAs experience in their first few years on the job. We wish you all the best! What is one thing every aspiring nurse should know not to do? Tell us below.