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CNA State Exam – Important Step to Become Certified Nurse

The role of a certified nursing assistant is a remarkable one. They perform one of the most essential duties of taking care of health of the patients and the elderly people. Talented and extremely skilled employees are required for this post. Evaluation of the knowledge and the talent of the aspirants are checked by the certified nursing assistant state exam.

Eligibility Criteria for this Examination

Everyone is not allowed to appear for these exams. There are certain pre-requisites that should be fulfilled by the candidates before appearing for the examination. They are mentioned below:

  • Age: The minimum age requirement is 18 years. However, this may differ from one state to another. Though, in most of the states the age requirement is 18, few states such as California provide admission to the students, who have completed 16 years of age.
  • Educational Qualifications: Completion of a high school diploma or a General Educational Development (GED) is obligatory. This educational requirement is compulsory to ensure that all the students lie on the same page.
  • Background Checks: This requirement needs to be fulfilled to ensure that the candidate does not possess any criminal records. The background checks are usually performed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).
  • Medical Check ups: Medical check up is necessary to make sure that the student does not suffer from any dreadful or contagious disease that may harm the other patients. Hence, a complete physical examination of the person is done before providing them license. One such medical test conducted is the tuberculosis test.
  • Completion of the CNA Training: The nursing assistant trainings are conducted by many nursing schools, hospitals, community colleges, and other health care organizations. It is advisable to seek admission only in accredited and well-reputed training centers for best quality training. The duration of all the program is 75 hours in most states. These trainings can be pursued either through classroom training or online mode. Some of the nursing schools also conduct free CNA classes to reduce the burden of the training fees and all the deserving candidates get an opportunity to become nursing aide. During training the candidates are taught all the duties and responsibilities of a certified medication aide. The duties may include changing the bed linens, conducting vital tests, providing the patients with food and medicines from time to time, and maintaining hygiene of the patients. Both theoretical and practical sessions are conducted.

Structure of the Certified Nursing Assistant State Exam: Once all these requirements are met, you will be eligible to appear for the examination. The question paper comprises of two sections namely: a written test and a skills evaluation test. The written test consists of 50 multiple choice questions. The concepts taught in the theoretical sessions of the training will be included in this section.

In the skills evaluation test, five randomly selected questions from a total of 25 questions will be given and the applicant will have to perform all the five skills. The examiner present at the examination hall will evaluate the skills possessed by the applicant depending upon how they perform those skills. The duration of the exam is around 120 minutes.

Every candidate is given three attempts to pass the exams. However, if not passed in the third attempt, then they will have to undergo the nursing aide training program and appear for the competency test.

Examination Fees: Students will have to pay the required examination fees before appearing for the exam. The fees may vary from one state to another. Given below are the fees of some of the states for the CNA certification exam.

CNA Examination Fees
Florida USD 160
Alaska USD 50
Connecticut USD 110
Illinois USD 60
Georgia USD 108

Practice Tests: One of the best ways to score good marks in the nursing aide competency tests is to attempt several practice tests. One such organization that conducts practice tests is the Prometric. Its official site comprises of several practice questions that have paper pattern similar to the final test papers. Constant practice helps you gain confidence to appear for the final exams. Prometric has got its testing centers across several regions of the United States of America. There implies certain fees for every practice test you undertake. Besides, there are certain free practice tests as well. Internet is the source where several practice question papers are available. There are many books, guides, and test papers available in the market. There is lot of online exam preparation material available that you can download free of cost.

Advantages of State Competency Tests for Certified Nursing Aides

  • Obtain CNA certification
  • Obtain CNA license that will enable you to get a job of a certified nurse aide in any health care industry of the state
  • Obtain the skills required to become a certified medication aide

Certified nursing assistant state exam is an evaluation process that will help judge your skills and capabilities to become a certified nursing assistant. Hard work and constant practice will help score good marks in this competency test.

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