Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Exam

Are you feeling overwhelmed about the CNA exam? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. This blog post will answer all of your questions and provide you with tips for success on the CNA exam.

What is the CNA exam?

The Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) exam is a competency testing program designed to ensure minimum standards for entry-level CNA practice. The testing consists of a written and performance evaluation, both of which must be passed to receive certification as a CNA.

Who should take the CNA exam?

  • Anyone who wishes to receive their certification as a CNA should take the CNA exam.
  • Aspiring CNAs include high school students contemplating enrollment in post secondary education in nursing or any other allied career field.
  • Individuals interested in pursuing employment opportunities in the health care industry are also encouraged to complete this examination process.
  • Additionally, individuals with disabilities may find this test helpful in developing job skills.

CNA Exam Passing Probability Calculator

Please note that the results are only an estimate and not a guarantee. It is recommended to consult with an expert in the field for a more accurate assessment of your likelihood of passing the exam.

Why is the CNA exam is so important?

A successful passing of the CNA certification test demonstrates a person's knowledge of safe practices in a variety of situations that would be encountered when working as a nurse aide. In addition, it establishes that an individual possesses certain personal qualities necessary for this profession such as patience, care and concern for others, compassion, and effective attitudes towards their respective roles within the health care team.

What is on the CNA exam?

The Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Certification Exam consists of two parts: A written examination consisting of 75 multiple choice questions and a skills evaluation which involves five different stations where you must show competency in procedures such as taking vital signs, communicating with patients/residents, and assisting residents with showers and baths.

What does it cost to take the CNA test?

The cost to take the CNA examination varies by state but, it's usually between $50 – $200 for both portions of the exam. To obtain information on test centers in your area, contact your state's department of health or visit our state by state CNA information here.

How can you prepare for the CNA exam?

There are several ways to prepare for this test depending on your career goals. For individuals working towards certification as a nurse aide, there are many facilities in most areas of the United States that offer training courses specifically designed for this purpose.

Local vocational/technical schools may also provide similar programs which would be appropriate. You should consult with each state's board or licensing agency to determine if these are approved nursing assistant training programs. Some states also offer study guides available at public libraries, bookstores and universities throughout their regions. Finally, anyone preparing for this exam is encouraged to use practice tests that are readily available at our website here.

What are the best books for the CNA exam?

There are several excellent study guides available in bookstores throughout North America. However, individuals should examine carefully before making their final selection as no two publications have exactly the same content. In addition, you could also check online resources such as Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble to compare prices and availability of these study materials.

Preparing for this exam is a very individual experience so choosing a guide that fits comfortably with your particular learning style is important. It's a good idea to try a couple different ones. The price range varies from $10-$40 depending on where you purchase them from. Also, the number of practice questions and level of detail provided in each publication may vary as well.

How long is the CNA test?

The written part of the exam takes approximately 90 minutes to complete whereas the skills evaluation lasts about 45 minutes. The total testing time, including a ten-minute break between sections and review of your answers, will be roughly three hours.

Written Exam90 min
Skills Test45 min
Exam break10 min
Total2 hours, 40 min
CNA test time

How many questions in CNA exam?

The CNA certification exam consists of two parts: A written examination consisting of 75 multiple choice questions and a skills evaluation which involves five different stations where you must show competency in procedures such as taking vital signs, communicating with patients/residents, and assisting residents with showers and baths. the examination requires successful completion of both parts.

Written Exam75 Multiple Choice Questions
Skill Test5 Randomly Selected Test
CNA exam question

Can you bring anything to help you during the CNA exam?

No personal items are allowed in the testing room other than your purse or bag that does not contain any unauthorized items. You may take water into the testing room but nothing to eat or drink except for medication prescribed by your doctor. You may have pencils, pens or other aids provided by the testing facility.

What should you bring to the CNA exam?

You will need photo identification such as a driver's license, passport, military ID etc. The testing centers are unable to admit anyone without proper identification. You will also need to know your Social Security Number or Social Insurance Number if you are Canadian or Foreign National applying for certification in the United States. Finally, you will need to know your current address and phone number within the state of examination.

What to wear in CNA exam?

You are required to wear appropriate scrubs or nursing uniforms during the examination. You will need to have a white top with collar for men and any color shirt with collar/sleeves for women. Your badge is to be worn on your left side pocket. Pants, slacks, skirts must be knee length at least but not more than 3 inches above the knee. Shoes must be closed toe and flat-heeled; no boots or sandals are permitted.

How do you schedule your CNA exam?

You may register online using the Board of Nursing's Website in your state, the Pearson VUE or Prometric Websites, or both. Some states, on the other hand, request that students complete an application and mail it in or fax it in. Please see our Search by State page for more accurate information about your state's CNA examination.

Where do you go take your exam at?

It depends on which CNA exam you are planning on taking. The Red Cross has some locations, as does community colleges and some approved nursing homes. Health care providers often prefer students to take the exam at their location if possible, which can be helpful for quality assurance purposes. Ultimately it comes down to where you live and what you're most comfortable with.

Which CNA exam is the hardest?

It is impossible to say which CNA exam is toughest because each test or state differs in their testing methods. For example, some states have different types of questions on the exam while others will give you multiple choice questions and require you to memorize charts and diagrams for all of the major body systems. Hence, every state requires a unique approach before the nursing assistant exam.

10 Tips to Clear the Certified Nurse Aide exam

Here are some tips to help you prepare and clear the Certified Nurse Aide Exam:

  1. Establish a study schedule - Make a study schedule that focuses on the areas where you are lacking the most, but also spend some time reviewing everything before exam day.
  2. Reviewing Nursing Assisting Procedures - Reviewing the various nursing procedures is important for passing this exam. If you are weak in some areas, try to do extra study of that particular area.
  3. Prepare a list of questions - You can prepare a list of questions that may be asked during the exam and then look them up in your review books for further reading.
  4. Use the computer to your advantage - A combination of using your book for reference and using the computer for study is a great idea. Mark those areas that need more attention and focus your skills on those areas.
  5. Make note cards - Making note cards of important concepts and procedures will help with retention as you flip through them as you study.
  6. Take practice exams - Taking practice exams is an excellent way to study, since it provides invaluable test simulation that also helps reduce anxiety during exam day.
  7. Get enough rest before the exam - The Certified Nurse Aide Exam is important so do not under estimate its significance! Make sure you are well rested and relaxed before taking this test.
  8. Visualize success - Visualize yourself passing this test, because doing so helps give you the confidence to succeed on exam day.
  9. Manage time well - Time management is very important during an exam, so make sure you allot the right amount of time for each question and maintain a strict time frame.
  10. Review your marked questions - Marked questions may offer clues on sections that need more attention during studying, so make sure that you review them properly after the exam is over.

Which CNA exam to take fist?

There is no "first" or preferred Certified Nurse Aide Exam for those wishing to take the CNA exam. All certifications are equal and can be interchanged, depending on your state's requirements for employment as a CNA.

Can you skip questions on the CNA exam?

It is recommended that you skip any question that you do not know the answer for since this will help boost your score and give you a better chance of passing the exam. However, keep in mind that if you choose to skip many questions, this may result in you not being able to complete the test on time.

What is the passing score of the CNA exam?

To pass the test with flying colors (pun intended), you must score at least 75% on the written exam and complete all of your skills competency demonstrations within 45 minutes.

When will you receive your results?

Your score report will be available within five days after you have completed the examination. However, some institutions will require additional time due to their respective policies.

Applicants are sent to the state for approval. Some states have people on the state nurses aide registry within two to three days after receiving information. Other states may take up to three weeks to evaluate applications, list candidates on the state's CNA registry, and issue certificates.

How long does it take to get your CNA certificate after taking the exam?

You will be required to complete an application for licensure/certification with your state Board of Nursing before you can receive your CNA certification. process may vary in time based on the state in which you live, but it usually takes approximately four to six weeks before your CNA certificate is received.

What should you do if you fail the CNA test?

If you don't succeed in passing the written exam, it's important that you not be discouraged. There are many study guides available and it may take some time to find one that fits your needs and learning style. If you did not pass the written portion of this examination but feel confident about your skills as a nursing assistant, contact your local vocational/technical school or other state approved facility near you for information on refresher courses.

Can you retake the CNA exam?

Some states require that you wait for a certain amount of time before you can retake the exam. Your state Board of Nursing will provide this information if it is applicable to your test. However, if you are allowed to take the CNA exam more than once, there's no reason not to give it another go, provided that you've taken the necessary time since your last attempt and feel ready.

Can you challenge the CNA exam?

In most states, you may challenge the exam. However, some states may require an individual to complete a pre-requisite program in order to challenge this test after third try. Please check with your state board of nursing before attempting to take this examination and inquire about any prerequisites that need to be completed prior challenging this certification test.

The CNA exam is an important step in becoming a CNA. It can be taken at any time after you have decided to pursue this career path. If you are planning to take this test, it's best that you research your state's Board of Nursing for the most recent information on testing dates and locations as well as any other requirement. It is important to take this test seriously, but not too seriously because it's well within your grasp if you spend adequate time studying for the exam. good luck!