Top 10 Mobile Games for CNAs

CNAs don’t only use their hands to poke and prod at patients. Sometimes, they can be found playing mobile games on their phone or tablet to wind down after a tough day at work.

Check out these 10 fun mobile games that CNAs will surely love!

1) LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum – Free – iOS / Android

Help different Disney characters play with adorable plushies called tsum tsums that look like the characters themselves. What makes this game a delight is that each cute mascot has its own special skills and abilities to make the gameplay interesting. Plus, it’s free-to-play so you’ll have hours of entertainment without spending a single cent!

2) Angry Birds – Free – iOS / Android

The ever-popular game is now available on mobile devices, and it’s as fun as ever. What makes the mobile version of Angry Birds a must-play for CNAs? Aside from its addicting gameplay, there are power ups to keep you hooked as well as many new birds with unique abilities. Once you’ve unlocked them all, go back and beat your high scores!

3) Dots: A Game About Connecting – Free – iOS / Android

This two-minute time killer challenges players to connect dots of the same color by drawing lines between them. It starts out simple and gets tougher as stages go by so be wary of your high score if you want to challenge your friends!

4) Super Mario Run – Free – iOS

Mario fans will surely love this game which allows them to play as their favorite plumber outside of the Mushroom Kingdom. The gameplay is similar to past titles but with a few twists, especially in its monetization mechanics. You can download it for free and try your best to beat levels without having to wait for hours or cough up cash for more playable characters like Luigi.

5) Trivia Crack (No Ads) – Free – iOS / Android

This addicting trivia app tests your knowledge about different categories ranging from history, entertainment, sports, and much more! Challenge friends via Facebook or local multiplayer mode and see who gets the highest score! Trivia Crack (No Ads) allows you to play games without being bothered by advertisements.

6) Where’s My Water? 2 – Free – iOS / Android

This game challenges players to get water to the cute alligator, Swampy. Each level has a different goal to complete so you’ll have fun collecting items, solving puzzles, and making use of physics in this mobile puzzler.

7) Candy Crush Saga – Free – iOS / Android

This match-three game is all about combining candies until they’re all gone to beat the level. It’s very addicting and challenging, but it doesn’t stop there! You can buy power ups or unlock new episodes if you want more fun. The good news is that it’s free!

8) The Simpsons: Tapped Out – Free – iOS / Android

Playing as Homer, you’ll get the chance to build your own town and befriend citizens from Springfield. It’s free-to-play so it’s perfect for those who want to kill time without having to spend a single cent. Plus, you can unlock new characters and buildings for an additional cost that ranges from $1.99 up to $99.99 depending on how generous you feel like being today.

9) Game Dev Story – $3.99 – iOS / Android

If stories about CNAs can’t give you enough entertainment, then maybe playing as your own virtual game studio will! This tycoon-style simulator lets you create your own video games, hire staffs needed to make them, choose what platforms they are released on, and much more. The ultimate goal is to make the best gaming franchise out there.

10) Reigns – $2.99 – iOS / Android

Forget Tinder (for now). Reigns lets you make important choices as a king, like should I fight this battle or not? Should I kill my brother or let him live? Or maybe should I marry someone whose kingdom will be beneficial for mine? Your answers determine the fate of your dynasty so choose wisely!

There are many more mobile games out there but these 10 will definitely keep CNAs entertained while giving them the relaxation they need after a hard day at work!