Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Date A CNA

Date A CNA!

Have you ever thought there was something missing in your life? Do you feel like all of your relationships are incomplete and unfulfilling, no matter how hard you try to make them work? Are you sick of waking up alone with nothing but cats for company? Or, perhaps you’re creeping into the dreaded age where dating starts to appear fruitless. Well fear not! There is still hope for love out there if only you know where to look…

What do CNAs have that other women don’t? Why should date a CNA rather than any old bar fly or career woman? Here’s why:

10. CNAs understand about medical conditions

A CNA understands what it means when someone says they suffer from high blood pressure, a common cold or irregular bowel movements.

9. CNAs have a great sense of humor

They have to be able to laugh at their patients’ predicaments so they can cope with the stress of looking after someone who is seriously ill or injured.

8. CNAs are brave and courageous

CNAs perform lifesaving tasks every day without thinking twice about putting themselves in dangerous situations to help those who need it most. They put others’ lives before their own, often working long hours with little compensation for what they do outside of normal office hours.

6 . CNAs work hard to make people feel better

After the doctor has made the diagnosis and prescribed treatment, it’s up to CNAs to make sure that everything runs smoothly and that the process suits each individual patient in terms of their personal circumstances and background.

5. CNAs are affectionate and caring

They love to cuddle, take care of others and give out lots of kisses. If you’re looking for someone to snuggle up with at night or take long walks on the beach with, CNAs will provide all this and more!

4 . CNAs know how to treat a man like a king

Who could say no to living in luxury surrounded by beauty? Certainly not your average CNA who spends much time thinking about improving her life situation outside work hours. What better than a man willing and able to take care of his lady’s every need? That’s right: nothing! It’s just what every great CNA dreams of.

3. CNAs are very generous

Whether it’s with their time, talents or money, CNAs can be counted on to help others when they need it most. They don’t have the luxury of being selfish and thinking only about themselves so whatever you do together will always be a shared experience.

2 . CNAs have good energy

CNAs have boundless amounts of enthusiasm and optimism that can lift your spirits up even when you’re feeling down in the dumps. It’s just a part of what makes them who they are: friendly, open-minded people who will always be there for you no matter what life throws at them!

1 . CNAs look great in scrubs (or anything else)

It’s hard to deny that your average CNA looks fantastic in whatever she chooses to wear. Whether it’s a tight skirt/dress, leather pants or pajamas, every CNA has the looks and charisma to make heads turn in her direction when she walks into a room.

You’re less likely to get scammed by a CNA because they are usually more trustworthy than other people. They’ve had some background checks done and have been vetted for their honesty, reliability, cleanliness, etc. You can also feel confident that your date will be on time since CNAs are often punctual! -CNAs make excellent listeners-they don’t interrupt you or talk about themselves too much like many career women do these days…you’ll never find yourself bored with one of them either!