13 Signs That You are Going to Be a Great CNA

There are some signs and characteristics which can help determine whether or not you will make a good nurse aide. The 13 signs mentioned below indicate that you possess the right qualities and mindset necessary to become an excellent and well-respected CNA:

1. You are a people person

Everybody loves you.

You have a way with words and people are drawn to you like iron filings to a magnet.

From the very beginning, you are able to make friends easily, listen to others’ problems without fear or judgment, and otherwise carry yourself in such a way that it’s difficult not to be endeared by your personality. This isn’t always the case of course, but it is one of the many traits that make someone a great CNA.

2. You work well under pressure

The greatest nurse in the world won’t be able to help patients if they can’t do their jobs because they’re too busy performing triage on themselves due to the anxiety and stress that comes from being responsible for an entire ward of patients.

If this sounds like you, there’s a good chance that you’re going to be a great CNA.

You’re able to do 3 or 4 things at once with ease, including caring for your patients and working on paperwork without sacrificing quality in either area. This is the true mark of the competent CNA because it means they can take care of their responsibilities in record time while not sacrificing attention to detail along the way.

3. You know how to prioritize

It’s one thing to be able to handle a heavy patient care load, but it’s an entirely different thing to be able to do so efficiently.

In this profession, there are never enough hours in the day and patients always need help.

The best CNAs learn how to prioritize so that they can provide the greatest amount of service with the least amount of wasted effort.

4. You have a naturally gentle touch

Even when you don’t realize that you are being gentle, you are able to perform all tasks physically but never cause any sort of discomfort to your patients in doing so.

CNAs who are able find this perfect balance will quickly become some of the most beloved members on any ward due to their skill in being able to say ‘yes‘ to the needs of their patients while not saying ‘no’ to so much as a single request.

5. You have a keen sense of observation

You notice everything and remember every little thing that happens with your patients or in your ward. From noticing when something is out of place to remembering when someone hasn’t eaten yet, you have an uncanny ability to know what it going on at all times without having to be told anything by anyone else.

This is one of the marks of a good CNA and will make anyone who possesses this trait highly sought after by most employers.

6. You can talk to anyone

You know how to speak so that the patients understand you and are able to quickly put them at ease in any sort of social situation, including during potentially uncomfortable moments such as changing an ileostomy bag.

CNAs who can communicate effectively with their patients – without it ever seeming forced or awkward – will never have trouble with job performance due to this ability alone.

7. You are a great listener

You know how to listen and be sympathetic even when someone is angry with you or has said something that upsets you. You are able to keep your composure at all times because you don’t let emotions rule your life. People come to depend on nurses who are attentive listeners, especially those who take the time to understand what motivates people before offering advice or criticism.

These are the kinds of people who go far in life because they don’t expect anything from others but give everything they have for them instead.

8. You’re good at keeping things clean and tidy

You don’t mind picking up after yourself and you do so promptly because you respect both your own time and the time of others around you. People notice when there’s a lot of clutter around, especially when they most need things kept organized (such as during triage).

A CNA who is able to keep their work area clean and tidy all the time will prove invaluable time after time.

9. You’re a perfectionist

You know how to take initiative and get things done without having to wait for someone else to tell you it needs doing (or worse, do it for you).

People like this are great assets because they can anticipate what’s needed before being asked to do it, which helps everyone stay on top of their game at all times.

The best CNAs can do something correctly and completely without having to be told what to do after only being shown once.

This is why many of the most successful CNAs eventually become managers or even departments heads in their workplaces: they know how to take charge and get things done so that everyone around them can continue caring for patients without worrying about anything else.

10. You enjoy helping others

You love helping people with your work, whether it’s during triage or during personal time when you help a patient shower just by offering a reassuring back rub or shoulder massage throughout.

Even though this is technically part of your job description most employers look past the fact that CNAs aren’t just there to provide treatment but also to act as an emotional support system for patients and their families.

11. You are a good learner

You know how to take criticism without being too sensitive about it and you can always learn something new by listening carefully to your teachers.

People like this possess the secret ability to both grow professionally and also empathize with others better than most people who tend to stagnate in their chosen profession.

CNAs who continue learning throughout their careers enjoy a much higher rate of success than those who just settle for what they already know because staying ahead of the curve will ensure job security until retirement age – or longer if they so choose!

12. You’re adaptable

Not everyone is cut out for working in a care facility but those who are adaptable enough to learn how things work regardless of where they are prove themselves to be invaluable assets that every employer craves.

Even though some CNAs might take it personally when they’re asked to relocate departments, this shouldn’t be the case because every facility has its own culture and if you want to stay employed there, you should learn how to adapt yourself to fit in with everyone else who is already working for them.

13. You’re a good self-promoter

You know how to advertise yourself without bragging too much about your accomplishments.

There is a time and place for speaking your mind and sharing the positive things you’ve done (and we’ll cover those times in more detail below) but it’s best not to do so during personal time or when someone else isn’t asking for your opinion.

CNAs who brag too often tend to rub people the wrong way because they carry themselves as though their opinions and beliefs carry more weight than others around them, which makes getting co-workers on board with their projects difficult at times.

The best CNAs are those who can see what needs doing and then quietly go ahead and do it with as little fanfare as possible.

So there you have the top 13 signs that you are going to be a great CNA. This is a very promising field and many times it’s hard to see if someone is going to be a great fit for the job. However, if you have some of those signs in you and can show these qualities then chances are you will do great as a CNA! Good luck with your search and don’t forget to read our post on how to become a CNA too!