The Importance Of CNA Code of Ethics

The job of a certified nursing assistant is very important for the fact that during times of ill health, when one is in need of care and love, that is provided best by no one than the nursing assistants, who are in touch with the sick persons, throughout most of the times in the day.

As the duty of the certified nursing assistants require them to be of the best possible help to the patients, therefore it is necessary for them to be extremely caring in nature, so as to take the best possible care of the sick persons in their times of sickness as well as to have a high level of patience as it is required to handle those kind of sick persons who are at times going through a lot of pain and having only the certified nursing assistants around them for most of the time in the day, they vent out all the frustration on them.

But what matters most for the certified nursing assistants is to abide strictly by the certified nursing assistant code of ethics, which has been set in order to enhance and enrich the quality of treatment to the ailing people, while they are there in the health care facilities.

The maximum that can be expected from these certified nursing assistants is to assist the sick persons in removing all pain and suffering that they might be experiencing to the best of one’s capacity, help in the patient recovering from whatever illness they might be suffering from, and ultimately in the process help towards the preservation of life.

The certified nursing assistant code of ethics lays down a few principles, which are mandatory for all certified nursing assistants to observe, irrespective of the contexts and domains of the profession of nursing, as well as to be observed in all the stages of the process of decision making.

The proper knowledge of the certified nursing assistant code of ethics is extremely helpful for the certified nursing assistants to get to know regarding the roles and the responsibilities, which are associated with the practice of ethical practice of the profession of nursing and to know how these can be used in the actual work situation.

A few of the basic rules which fall into the certified nursing assistant code of ethics may be read below.

Any person who is himself or herself not in a proper state of mental as well as physical health cannot look after the needs of someone else.

And this is more so true when it comes to taking care of the sick persons. Therefore, for this very reason, it is expected from the certified nursing assistants to be in the best possible emotional, physical, social and last but not the least spiritual frame of mind, so that it is not a deterrent in performing the duties.

In order to make sure that this happens, the certified nursing assistants can follow a few essential things, which will ensure that they are in that state of body and mind.

Observing healthy habits as regards the maintenance of an energetic and good health is extremely essential.

The next thing to be done in this regard is to ensure that the certified nursing assistant has taken a proper nutritious meal, has had sufficient relaxation, and a periodic and thorough check up of his/her health.

In case of any feelings of sickness or uneasiness, it is well advised to report it immediately to the concerned personnel in the health care facility, firstly so that a leave can be arranged for the certified nursing assistant, and secondly so that there can be a substitute, who can be informed to work in place.

The certified nursing assistant code of ethics also lays down the principle of the nursing assistants to be in the state of being well groomed, maintaining the best levels of cleanliness, while they are on duty.

It is of vital importance for the nursing assistant to be as abiding by the rules of the organization as is possible, and to be loyal to the needs of the patients.

It is not right on the part of the certified nursing assistants to take care of the patients based on any other ground, such as their ethnic, racial as well as religious background; rather the type of care and love has to be equal for all patients, and all need to be respected.

At the same time, it has to be borne in mind that any kind of task done by other nursing assistants have to be equally given due respect, and there has to be no looking down on the type of work done by others, as this leads to a completely unhealthy atmosphere.

If needed to do a task with other co – workers, one has to keep in mind that there has to be the maximum co- operation as possible from the side of the certified nursing assistant.

If there is some procedure which is not known by that particular certified nursing assistant, then s/he need to stay away from it, rather than go about jeopardizing the entire process of treating the sick person, and the certified nursing assistant at the same time, also need to have the desire to acquire better and newer skills and stay abreast of all the developments in the field of health care.

Any modification in the task has to be taken with the spirit of treating the patient in the best possible way, and for that the certified nursing assistants just need to bear in mind that any procedure which will improve the quality of patient treatment has to be accepted by them.

Another very important factor to be kept in mind as per the certified nursing assistant code of ethics is that in the state where the sick person is already in a bad state of body and mind, discussing about anything associated to the patient, even if it is regarding his/her health unnecessarily with others, outside the health care facility, will do worse to their process of recovering.

In this regard, it is well advised to the nursing assistants to even not discuss about their own personal issues with the patients, as it will do more harm to their health than any good.

The task of the certified nursing assistants are really important, and towards this point, it is well mentioned as per the certified nursing assistant code of ethics that even matters which are close to the heart of the patients, such that they might end up discussing them with the certified nursing assistants because of their closeness to them, but then the latter has to keep in mind that these should not be by any means revealed before anyone, even to those who are closely related to the patient.


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