How to Find Free CNA Training Programs

After all, in this money-conscious world, getting something for free is quite unheard of. But, in case of free CNA training, well, this is fairly possible thanks to the availability of the free programs. Now, provided that you are really interested in pursuing a nursing career, then I would like to get you acquainted with some great tips on how to find them.

See Whether You Are Worthy of Any Scholarship Awards

Thanks to the donations and funds provided by the government and other sectors, the majority of nursing schools, colleges and universities in your locality would have the provision of offering scholarship awards and other financial aids for the poor but deserving applicants like you.

Explore the internet to find some free CNA classes online

Another popular avenue of getting free education is through online schools, which are available on the internet platform 24 hours a day. However, the drawback of these free online CNA classes is that they are designed only to provide the theoretical portion of the nursing assistant education, leaving you the responsibility to manage your clinical training on your own.

So, as an alternative, you should rather apply at the not-for-free online programs like that of Harper College, Tulsa College and St. Augustine Nursing Assistant School, which have the provision of giving both the theoretical teachings and clinical internship. If you are worried about the program fee, then here’s a suggestion-get yourself a job!

Now, you may think that doing a job and studying at the same time is not possible but unlike traditional classroom-based CNA programs, the online classes have a flexible study schedule, meaning that you can access online education even late at night or at some leisure period.

Hence, you have a chance to do a job while receiving the online training, and the money earned through that job might certainly help you support the program fee. This way the not-for-free online programs will seem indirectly free.

Contact local hospitals & nursing homes

Besides the educational institutions, the healthcare industries like hospitals and nursing homes do also have the tendency to offer free training but only on the condition that the interested applicants would work in their patient care facility for a certain period of time (the contract is signed usually for a 6 months’ time period and you would also get paid too!).

U.S. Air Force Aid Society

With the motto –“Airmen Helping Airmen”, the Air Force Aid Society has, until now, spent 7 decades providing valuable financial assistance to its Air Force members as well as their respective family members.

Now, if you too put yourself to be an Air Force member’s family, then hooray, you are eligible to seek financial assistance from the Air Force Aid Society for realizing your dream of becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant.

As a side note, let me enlighten you with the fact that the Air Force Aid Society has been offering this educational assistance through the Spouse Tuition Assistance Program ($1500) and the Henry H. Arnold Education Grant Program ($2000). And, do remember that the Air Force Aid Society does not provide grants and scholarship awards for only the CNA but also for other undergraduate-level certificate and degree programs.

American Red Cross Society

Sad to say, the Air Force Aid Society only helps the Air Force members and their families and if you are not either of them, then you should better turn towards the American Red Cross Society, which thankfully also has the provision of offering free training to the economically weak people only.

By the way, the Red Cross Society is, as you know, a globally reputed name and, thus, by becoming a Red Cross CNA, you would doubtless also gain a prominent standard among other fellows CNAs, meaning that you would be wholeheartedly welcomed to work in any healthcare industries.

Apply For Scholarship Awards or Financial Aids in the CNA Schools & Colleges!

Your government as well as some private sectors have this praise-worthy tendency to issue grants and other donations to the educational institutions, with the view that the so-called poor yet dedicated students would get facilitated with scholarship awards and other such financial aids.

Hence, applying for scholarships and other financial aids might probably be the best alternative to receive free but quality CNA education through the reputed CNA schools and colleges in California, in Utah, in Chicago, in Indiana, in Michigan, or any other states.

Inquire Your State’s Nursing Board for Free CNA Training

Most state-accredited CNA programs, especially those provided by private educational institutions, are rarely for free. However, there’s a good chance that some public educational institutions might run free classes.

So, it would be a good idea to visit your state’s nursing board and find out whether there are any such free-of-cost state-accredited programs. And, of course, instead of visiting the state nursing board personally, you may choose to visit its official site on the net. But, mind you, the state nursing board tends to record information of only the accredited programs, which means that all other non-accredited programs, even if they are free, would not be displayed in their site.

See Whether You Can Find a Free But Quality Online Program!

If you are not able to get your hands on any free class-based schools or colleges, then the second-best alternative is to search for online CNA programs, a majority of which are usually offered for free of cost.

As a side note, let me inform you that most free online programs have the provision to provide only the theoretical portion of the nursing assistant coursework, and, thus, leaving you the responsibility to manage your clinical hands-on training yourself.

Hence, when applying for the free online CNA classes, first check whether they offer clinical internship or not. If not, then you had better contact the hospitals or nursing homes of your locality and make sure that they would offer you the clinical internship; only then, you may apply to the free online nurse aide classes.

Pro Tips: Since the cost of the online programs is comparatively cheaper than that of the regular class-based schools, it would be wise of you to enroll in a not-free online CNA program, which provides both theoretical & clinical training or, at least, offers job placement guarantee.

By the way, the cheap online classes have flexible program schedules and are off, meaning that you would be able to do a part-time or even full-time job along with your training.

Well, I admit that doing a job and studying at the same time could be a little difficult but the money earned from your job would help to support the CNA education fee and, in a way, you might be getting free training, just imagine!

Look in the newspapers or personally contact the Hospitals & Nursing Homes

I know it’s surprising but, aside from the nursing schools, colleges and universities, one can also get free classes through the hospitals, nursing homes, doctor’s offices and other such healthcare industries related to patient care.

After all, the hospitals and nursing homes are the ones who would get into trouble if they can’t provide quality healthcare services to the patients; and, in order to support these ever-increasing patients, the hospitals have opened the provision to provide free programs to the interested candidates.

Additionally, these hospital-based free classes, which are often dubbed as paid CNA training programs, also provide a kind of salary to the applicants, well, not for participating in their free programs but for the valuable service that you would have to provide to the patients of their healthcare facility.

What I mean to say is that these so-called free hospital-based training programs are usually provided under a condition, i.e. you have to work in your benefactor’s patient care facility either during the course of your training or after the completion of your training.

There are many free CNA training opportunities available to those who qualify and we hope that these tips helped get you on the right path! Have any of these suggestions helped? Contact us if not or visit this post for more information about how to find the best free programs in your area.