The A – Z Guide To Understanding Red Cross CNA Training

To become a certified nursing assistant the American Red Cross Training program is one of the best programs you can enroll into.

The organization has a great history and reputation for providing medical aid since 1881. The Red Cross training program provides candidates with all the required knowledge and practical training in basic nursing care.

Despite of the fact that the requirements of each state in America differ when it comes to CNA training, the program structure at Red Cross is such that it is tailor made to meet the necessities of all the states; so much so that a CNA trained at Red Cross is more in demand across the country as compared to any other nursing assistant school.

The American Red Cross was established in 1981 and since then, it is constantly working for the sake of sick and disabled people through the field of medical and health care.

The Red Cross has become a significant name in the health care industry by now due to its various work facets in the medical and allied industry.

The Red Cross also offers training courses for becoming certified nursing assistant so as to work in the same professional field later. This step of Red Cross is in response to the rising need of nursing professionals in allied health care field.

It serves to train and prepare the best candidates to work as certified nursing assistants. The main purpose of this is to meet the increasing demands of the nursing professionals in the industry.

The Red Cross has its various chapters all over the country and 36 of them do conduct CNA classes. Due to different locations, aspects of certified nursing assistant classes can vary.

However, it never compromises with quality of education and cost-effectiveness.

Minimum Requirements for Applying Red Cross CNA Program

You will have to be eighteen years old and should have completed at least high school diploma. You should be completely fit and would have to submit a certificate indicating the same.

You will have to co-operate in the background check which is mandatory in every institute including the Red Cross. You must not be convicted of any crime or felony in the past and you may also have to submit two letters from officials who hold respectable positions in the healthcare sector.

The medical checkup is compulsory as you will be expected to work closely with the patients and you should be free of infections or diseases in order to take care of the patients effectively.

You will also have to be fit so as to complete the classes and training sessions which may be tiring and exhausting The fee for the whole program will be minimal as it is offered by Red Cross and you can also avail the grants offered by the government through such organizations.

There would be a minimal screening fee of $35 which would not be refunded if you are not selected for the program.

  • The student must have completed 18 years of age
  • The student should no t be involved in any serious crime
  • The student cannot be pregnant while the classes are going on
  • The student should not have any infectious disease
  • The student must give a proof of negative TB test
  • The student must present background check proof

CNA Training Structure

Structure of classes here are almost same as classes at other institutions. The Red Cross CNA training classes include theoretical sessions, skills lab and clinical sessions. The duration of the classes differ from one state to the other. The quality of training is very high and you would be expected to perform up to the expected level in order to be qualified for the final examination.
The duration of the course is similar and varies from one state to the other. You should think and decide whether you can put in enough effort and dedication in order to pursue the program as the CNA training course is said to be tougher. Red Cross CNA certification is one of the best programs and the standards are set high to provide the best professional training possible.

You will have to attend the classroom and clinical sessions compulsorily as attendance is given utmost importance for the successful completion of certification. The performance of the students in classes and tests should be satisfactory in order to get certified.

You need to get the required percentage of marks in the final examinations as well so as to get license through a reputed organization like the Red Cross.

The organization is known for its aim to provide medical help to people who need it and cannot afford it. So, a certification by the American Red Cross is recognized across all the states.

Red Cross CNA Classes

Certified nursing aide trainings at Red Cross chapters are held at flexible timings, but the duration depends upon the location of the chapter. The course content exactly meets the standards set by the state authorities and covers all the essential aspects related to nursing.

The course is divided into technical session and practical session. The technical part is covered by the highly qualified nurses in theory sessions (also called as classroom sessions), while the practical part is covered in the clinical hands-on session in actual clinical environment.

After completing the course program, the students have to successfully clear the exam approved by the state. This exam tests their knowledge in both senses, technical as well as clinical.

If one passes both the tests, then only one can get the certified nurse assistant certification and license. Of not, there is an option of reappearing for the respective test.

The Red Cross Society has a great history for providing excellent nursing aide and maintain their reputation since 1881. This organization happens to be one of the most important organizations in the world. There are many institutes and organizations that offers the training program but among all other, Red Cross curriculum is one of the best.

The Red Cross CNA training classes have a reputation of providing an excellent platform for growth in the nursing sector. One of the most important advantages of going for American Red Cross CNA training is that unlike many other certification programs for nursing aide, the certification is recognized nationally.

In other words, once you obtain a certification through American Red Cross CNA training, you can work any where in country.

The training offered by Red Cross are so popular because of the high standards of the training and the kind of instructors who train the aspirants.

Another important reason behind this immense popularity is that the American Red Cross CNA training is valued among employers and your chances of landing up in a lucrative job as soon as you finish the certification increase tremendously.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Minimum 18 years of age
  • Must be able to read English at the 5th grade level or higher or GED completed
  • Must pass a physical exam within one year prior to commencement of classes and a TB screening
  • Should not be pregnant
  • Should not have any infectious disease

The 171 hour of American Red Cross Nurse Assistant Training course aims at providing quality care to residents in nursing homes.

Part 1:
The first part of nurse assistant training takes place in the classroom. During classroom training, students will learn different aspects of patient care through lectures as well as demonstrations followed by practice.

Part 2: 
After completion of the classroom training, the candidates will begin with program that consists of clinical training. During this training, the students will work directly with patients in a health care facility or nursing homes, where they will be supervised by a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or a Registered Nurse (RN).

This assures personalized instruction. During this externship, you will also have to work with other aides, nurses and medical professionals and some times even with doctors. You will learn the exact duties of a certified nursing assistant working in the organization.

Part 3: Exam 
Once you have completed with training, you will be ready to appear for certification exam. This entitles with the CNA certification degree and this will be of great advantage in various ways.

The fact that the Red Cross certified nursing assistant training being recognized wide across the country will definitely help you in obtaining many lucrative job offers from some of the renowned health-care facilities in your state.

But, you will have to clear the state recognized examination first in order to get certified by the Red Cross. You will then be listed as a certified nursing aide in your state’s registry after which you can explore the job opportunities in health-care facilities in your area.

Red Cross CNA training classes are valued by many in the nursing industry, as the standards of training have been set high and the kind of training you obtain is at par with the best training offered in nursing schools and colleges.

To obtain this advantage, though you will have to work hard and be determined as the performance level should be higher than the expected level.

The Red Cross CNA program course fee is round about USD1,500 which is assumed to be costlier but if one cannot afford the fees, then they can apply for free training.

Red Cross offers many such free courses, as it the organization for humanity. This course especially requires specific study material and equipments to practice.

Enrolment Options

Red Cross offers CNA training both, in conventional as well as online classes. You can choose whichever method as per your convenience. If you want a more practical oriented program, the conventional classes will suit you, but if you have time constrains the online course is also well structured.

Red Cross has CNA training programs in almost all the states of America. You may be in Georgia, California, Pennsylvania or any other state; you can get all the information at the local chapter.

Working as a CNA is a noble profession and Red Cross CNA training puts this point across to its student in an affirmative way so that they understand the importance of nursing assistant as a profession and it develops a desire to help mankind.

Syllable Covered in the Red Cross CNA Program

The Red Cross CNA training covers all the aspects necessary to prepare students for certification and make dedicated nursing assistants. Students are taught to monitor the vital signs like recording temperatures, blood pressure, pulse etc.

Students learn assisting patients with their daily activities of bathing, exercise and bathroom use along with maintenance of personal hygiene and keeping the surroundings clean. Appropriate methods of safely assisting patients in moving and transfers along with documentation is also a part of the training program.

The topics can be broadly termed as following:

  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Nutrition
  • Medical ethics
  • Disease and prevention
  • Basic health and environmental studies
  • Basic science
  • Medical terminology
  • Physiology and anatomy
  • Basic hygiene
  • Patient care
  • Ethical treatment and patients’ rights
  • Input and output measurement
  • Understanding vital signs
  • Keeping health charts and records
  • Interpersonal communication

Besides these regular topics, training of handling and operating sophisticated equipments, diagnosis, etc. is also given to the students. It also provides with clinical practice.

This exclusive combination of training imparts the students an appreciable proficiency in all the essential aspects of nursing and allied health care fields.

Registered nurses (RNs) and licensed practical nurses (LPNs) who work as instructors at the Red Cross chapters take care of all the technical and practical skills of their students.

Rules and Regulations in Red Cross CNA Programs

  • 100% attendance is mandatory
  • No student is allowed to miss more than 6 hours of the classes, which also one has to make up later
  • The final exam must be cleared with a minimum score of 80%

Benefits of Red Cross CNA Programs

The CNA training program at a local Red Cross chapter is considered to be excellent and students passing out of here are considered best in the field.

The possibilities of student ending up with jobs in best medical facilities is very high and these nursing assistants have a proven record of a higher growth rate as far as succeeding in the field is concerned.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) the ratio of students success is more than average, hence a CNA from Red Cross draws higher hourly wages as compared to other training programs.

The training conducted by Red Cross is the most cost effective program and to be trained by an organization like the Red Cross sums it up even more.

The organization provides greater exposure to nursing during training which will give you an added advantage at startup and will be a morale booster for you.

  • National recognition
  • Certified nursing assistant programs can be done at Red cross online or offline as per one’s convenience
  • Red Cross chapters’ location and timings are flexible
  • The students can give their exam in their classrooms only
  • The best quality education is obtained at very affordable cost
  • Placement facility after completing the classes
  • Financial support to worthy students coming from low economic background
  • Once the Red Cross certified nurse assistant certification is obtained, one can work anywhere in the country

One of the most important plus point of Red Cross certified nursing aide program is that it assists its students for searching and getting the best possible jobs after they accomplish their classes and exam.

The Red Cross students are considered to be the skilled and talented nursing assistants, as they are trained under registered nurses and they get exposure to the actual clinical environment as well as practice during their clinical hands-on training sessions.

Therefore, becoming a Red Cross certified nurse assistant is a first step towards a bright career in the profession of nursing. Red cross certified nurse aide training gives the students the national recognition and along with the best training in nursing techniques and skills.

Importance of CNA Certification

red cross cna certification

Once you have decided to pursue the CNA certification course, you will have to be prepared to work hard and make the best of the knowledge and skills taught to you. It is very much necessary that you are physically and mentally fit in order to complete the certification successfully.

The examination towards the end of the course has two parts namely the skills test and the written test. You are required to clear both the tests with the required score which may be as high as eighty percentages.

The skills test will evaluate you based on the practical knowledge you have been taught during the clinical sessions and the written test evaluates based on the theoretical knowledge taught in the classes. The main advantage of a Red Cross CNA certification is that you would not have any difficulty in getting a well paying job.

Red Cross CNA is a very valuable certification recognized by all kind of healthcare institutes across the United States.

So, you will not have to bother about the job opportunities available to you after completing the certification. Many employers prefer hiring certified nursing aides who have undergone training from organizations like Red Cross.

The program will make you a thorough professional who is fully capable of providing care for patients who need medical help because of any physical or mental condition.

Time frame for the course

The time required to complete the course depends on the local requirements.

The local chapters of Red Cross have complete responsibility to formulate the course as per the state laws; considering the minimum hours of training required in the particular state.

Some courses are completed in four weeks, while other programs take six to eight weeks.

Training program fees

The program fees depend on various factors. Red Cross CNA training programs vary in time length starting from the mandatory 75 hours to 110 plus hours.

There are some courses where students are not only provided with course material but also with various medical equipment’s for practice.

Some programs even provide for the medical and background check necessary for the certification.

Taking all these factors into consideration, the local chapters decide about the fee structure of various courses. Some chapters provide with services like education finance at very affordable rates.

Tuition fee includes:

  • Training books
  • 2 Uniforms, Stethoscope and Training Supplies
  • Stethoscope & Blood Pressure Equipment
  • State Exam for Certification
  • Charges of Instructors that are approved by the CA Department of Public Health
  • Fees of the Trainers that share their valuable experience and guidance to achieve your goals

However, you can reduce the fees considerably, if you can approach the institutions owned by the government, as they provide grants or scholarships.

There is a criterion for these scholarships. You will have to clear a qualifying examination that would be conducted by the respective Red Cross organization in your state.

You should be prepared for this exam, if you want to apply for the scholarship program.

For more information on Red Cross Nurse Assistant Training Program,
Contact :

American Red Cross Headquarters
E Street, NW
Washington, DC 20006

Free CNA Training Offered by Red Cross

The certified nursing assistant course is a very popular nursing course and aspirants who want to pursue a career in this sector usually prefer to start with the CNA course.

Once you know that you have got what is required to become a certified nursing aide, then it is necessary that you explore opportunities other than the courses offered by nursing schools and colleges.

Red Cross free CNA training is one such option you should explore if you want to pursue a valuable training at lesser course fee.

The American Red Cross CNA training is valued across the United States and you can practice as a CNA in any state across the country after you complete the certification successfully.

If you are not able to afford the course fee, you can apply for the scholarship scheme offered by Red Cross or contact the Red Cross in your area for further details.

The procedure of granting scholarships vary from one state to the other and it is better if you know all the details if you are planning to opt for it.

Free CNA Training

Firstly, you should understand the fact that though you are applying for the Red Cross free CNA training, it may not necessarily be free.

The training does require funding as there are requirements for subject-specific books, other course material and equipment’s required for the practical sessions. You may have to pay a small amount of the fee but the rest will be free as per the scholarship provided by the organization.

There would be a procedure you will have to go through in order to get the scholarship offered by Red Cross. You may have to take a test and clear it with high scores in order to be eligible for the scholarship program offered by the organization.

You can also approach the particular department of the state who would help you with the options available to get grants or scholarships. They can even give you options to get grants from government funded organizations to aspiring students who want to pursue professional courses.

Certified nursing assistant is a very popular course and many will be applying for the same so it is necessary to raise the standards of the scholarship offered.

This is the reason why an examination is conducted for scholarship before enrollment for the Red Cross CNA training classes. You can prepare for the exam with the help of study guides available in the market or you can also avail books which are available in public libraries.

You will have to prepare well enough for the test so as to prove you deserve it more than the other candidates who have applied for the same.

You can also opt for online courses offered by Red Cross which have lesser course fees when compared to regular courses.

The online program offers more flexibility in terms of timing and you can finish the training successfully within a few weeks by attending the video sessions or classes which are held in the morning or evening. It is important to be sincere and attend all these classes because the final state examination will test your concepts learnt from these classes.

It is important for you to understand the subjects well in order to clear the final exam successfully. The attendance for the regular course is compulsory and you will have to attend all the theoretical sessions, clinical sessions and skills lab sessions.

You would be trained on physiology, hygiene management, resident or patient’s rights, infection control, emergency procedures, medication management and daily care.

You will be basically tested on these concepts and questions will be subjective as well as objective. You can take the help of the study guide for preparing for this exam and there are also online sample papers which would give you confidence to face the final examination.

You can also access various study guides available in the library of Red Cross and take the help of instructors who are experience enough to give you some valuable tips.

Red Cross free CNA training provides a platform to begin a successful career for aspirants who want to practice as certified nursing assistants.

The CNA certification is also valued among the employers and you have high chances of doing other certification courses like LPN and eventually become a Registered Nurse.

Red Cross Online CNA Training in USA

Many aspirants who want to make a career in the nursing sector start with a certified nursing assistant course. CNA courses are very popular and the aspirants undergo the stipulated number of hours of training in order to appear for the certification exam approved by the state where you live in.

You can also opt for the option of pursuing the American Red Cross CNA training which is considered to be valuable as this certification is recognized across all states of the country.

Red Cross is a well-known organization that has the primary objective of ensuring well being of the people especially if they are not able to afford the healthcare services.

So, a certification from such a reputed institute will earn you more job opportunities and many employers also give more importance to a Red Cross CNA certification. The best advantage of the course provided by CNA is that you can practice anywhere across the country as a certified nursing assistant.

Red Cross Online CNA Training

The most important thing about the American Red Cross CNA training is that the training is professional and is provided by trained instructors who have immense work experience in the healthcare sector.

Even professional nurses and doctors are invited for lectures during the Red Cross CNA training classes. But, before opting for the training you should be determined and sincere as the training is a tough one and you may have to put in a lot of efforts to complete it successfully.

The duration of the training may extend from three weeks to more than eight weeks and it depends on the state where you are pursuing the course. The standards of the training are also set very high so as to make competitive professionals in the nursing and healthcare sector.

The training consists of classes and clinical sessions which impart knowledge and skills on various aspects like infection control, hygiene management, daily care of patients, physiology, emergency procedures, medication management etc.

Your performance in these classes, skills lab sessions and clinical sessions is evaluated and you would be allowed to appear for the final examination only if your performance is found to be satisfactory.

Your attendance in all these cases, especially clinical sessions is mandatory and you should have attended all the required number of training in the clinical sessions to be allowed to appear for the examination.

The final examination tests your skills through a skills test and theoretical knowledge through a written test. It takes thorough training and preparation to clear these tests and it is very difficult to clear them without any preparation.

After you clear the examination with the required score, you will be listed as a certified nursing assistant in the state registry and there is immense scope for you to get a lucrative job with Red Cross training.

You can also pursue the American Red Cross CNA training online and such online courses train you on the same subjects but through a different medium. Video classes and lectures are arranged for and sometimes there would be direct classes with flexible timings like in the morning, evening or during the weekends.

Most of the people who want to pursue online courses are usually working or attending a full time course in the same or another field. It is a very easy way to finish the required number of training hours mandatory for the program.

You can also try for free CNA courses by Red Cross which help you to pursue the course at comparatively less course fee. You can try for grants or scholarships provided by Red Cross or other government funded organizations.

There is no such thing as free CNA course but you can qualify for the concession or scholarship the institution provides based on your capabilities.

Firstly, there would be a test which finds whether you are capable for the scholarship provided by the institute. So, is you are aiming for this you will have to be prepared for it.

The program is tough overall and you are expected to be determined and sincere to complete the program successfully. You may also have to undertake some assignments and projects which are a part of the curriculum in some schools and colleges.

Many people want to pursue CNA certification program to have a career in nursing and healthcare sector as CNA jobs pay well and offer great scope to grow professionally too.

The certification helps you to get listed in the registry of your state and increases the chances of getting well-paid jobs. Red Cross CNA certification is also much preferred by such aspirants who want to work as certified nursing assistants.

Training programs for CNA are also offered by Red Cross and the important thing in such programs is that you can practice anywhere across the country if you are certified by Red Cross.

Red Cross is a reputed organization which works for the cause of well-being of people and a certification from such an institute will only help you in the long run.

You get professional training and exposure to many aspects in the concerned sector and the training would be valued by employers who want to hire you.

American Red Cross CNA training is considered as the best training provided by as institute that is recognized worldwide, and it also offers number of job opportunities once you complete the training.

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