CNA Online Classes: Everything You Wanted to Know

CNA Online classes are gaining popularity every day because of the flexibility of time; you can join any of these classes and acquire all the skills and knowledge a nurse aide requires. Those classes are available 24/7 and you can attend them as per your schedule if you are currently working elsewhere.

Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) states that there will be a steep increase in the demand for certified nursing assistants in the coming decade. It has been noticed that Registered Nurses (RN) carry a heavy workload and they need qualified assistants who can carry out simple healthcare tasks under their supervision and the RNs can divert their energies towards core medical responsibilities.

Online classes are helpful to those people who are currently employed and want to meet their financial commitments but still want to start a nursing career. Additionally, the internet has become a great source for e-learning and many others chose online classes over traditional campus training.

Features of The Classes

The online classes have the same course content that the campus classes have. The subjects covered include Physiology and Anatomy, Infection Control, Communication, Resident Rights, Personal care, and Body Mechanics.

The main advantage is that unlike the on-campus programs you don’t have to devote a fixed time each day because of the 24/7 feature that online programs have.

The classes, discussions, debates, and quizzes can be accessed by a login Id and password through the computer-internet interface which is possible because of the course management system.

  • As a student, you are responsible to schedule your classes and set deadlines for all the related activities
  • You can interact with professional experts from all over the country and participate in online debates and discussion through web-based applications or internet chatting
  • The online videos will ensure that you learn all the skills required by a nurse aide. The videos show all the skills of nursing assistants who are performed by experts, so it is as good as attending traditional classes
  • In a traditional setting, the scope for getting study material is less as compared to online classes because unlimited information is accessible through the Internet
  • To judge your preparation for the certification exam you will have easy access to the online practice tests
  • All the requirements of the CNA program can be fulfilled online except for the obligatory clinical training hours. You will have to spare time from your busy schedule to attend these classes and gain hands-on experience in clinical skills.

Traditional classes provide for intensive clinical training as many times this training is provided on the job, however, for online classes, you will have to search for a facility that provides clinical training.

In most cases, this facility is made available by the online classes but for some programs, you may have to search for it on your own. You will be given a letter by your online school that you are enrolled in one such program and need mandatory training; such a scenario may occur only if you have enrolled in cheap CNA classes.

Time limit

If you want to enroll in online you have to be self-disciplined to attend the classes regularly and hence you must make your schedule keeping this in mind. You cannot take forever to complete the training because there is a fixed time limit within which you have to complete it.

The time allotted is sufficient as is fixed, keeping in mind that the person enrolling in such online classes has other commitments; so if you fail to complete the classes within the stipulated time, you will be disqualified for the certification test.

Choosing The Classes

While choosing the classes you must research and select a program that is accredited by the health department of your state or is recognized by the National League for Nursing Accreditation Commission, the body responsible for authorizing nursing programs.

The course contents must fulfill all the training requirements and must be of the duration which meets the mandatory requirements of the number of hours set by your state health department.

The classes should also take care of the clinical training needs because you may find it difficult to hunt for a facility that provides such training. There are some free CNA classes online, read the terms and conditions carefully before you enroll in.

Online classes are a great option in today’s world of computers and the internet as they come with a prime feature of time flexibility and all the course requirements are available on the internet.

However, there are a few queries that must be sorted out before enrolling in an online program.

Tips to Manage Your Online CNA Classes

The Internet has helped millions in many ways. It has provided good source of income earning, and has made taking distant education possible as well. Many training programs are now reachable through online. If you ever wanted to be a nursing assistant, but cannot pursue being busy with your work and other obligations, you can join online CNA training program. It will not only cost low, but also help you pass the exam.

However, there are some advantages and disadvantages in taking online classes. In the traditional classes, you will have your instructor in front of you who can attend to your problems immediately. This will not happen when you are learning from the comfort of your home.

Moreover, there will be lots of distractions at home. One member of your family will be busy watching his favorite music shows, the sound of which can disturb you, while another member may disturb you with some mischievous activities.

Focusing on online classes will be sometime impossible for you. Whether you are doing traditional class or online class, the key to success is to be attentive. You must be able to grab information in both the cases to understand it better. If you are determined and committed in completing your online CNA class, you can surely achieve success.

Here are some tips that will help you in managing your online class for success.

1. Get An Approved Online Course

First, you need to know if your state nursing board accepts application for CNA certification exam for students completing online training. Two or three states out of 51 do not allow taking the exam if you have done the training online. Find out to ensure your state is not one among the few. You can have all the information on your monitor if you type it on the search engine on the internet.

2. Is The Institute Reputed Enough?

Having confirmed about the acceptance of the online training, the next thing you should do is to find out a reputed institute. Given the popularity of nursing assistant, and the growth of the healthcare industry, institute offering online training’s are in abundance.

The training quality and their reputation will greatly influence your success in the medical field. You must know how long they have been imparting online training to students, and how many students have benefited by taking training from them.

3. Proper Use Of Study Material

When you are doing online classes, lots of study materials are available on a particular place on the website of the training provider. You need to download them since they are meant for your reference.

Going through those study materials is important if you want success in the CNA exam. Everything that is covered in the traditional classes is provided on their website. Making full use of those study material is the only way to pass the exam.

4. Verify Your Training Program

It is also important to verify the online CNA training program. Accreditation from the local nursing board is a must to ensure your application for the CNA exam does not get rejected. A good training institute will provide you with information required according to one’s state. If you do not meet pre-requisite, then there is no use in spending money after the online program.

5. Properly Manage Your Time

If you want to succeed in online training, you should know how to manage your time. The most obvious reason behind opting for online training program is being preoccupied during the daytime.

When you are at home from work, you are already low at energy level from the day schedule. This will force you to skip the class, which will further stretch the training. Therefore, allow some time to your body to get its energy back so that you can concentrate in your study. You must take out minimum two hours a day for the class. Fix a time when you are completely relaxed, and your mind and body is ready for the class.

6. Connect With Other Students

Most of the online training programs provide study materials with assignments for a week. Completing those assignments in the given time is necessary to be with the pace. You can take help from your online training instructor & other students.

In additional, you can also participate in the discussion with different people through chat. Sharing knowledge with each other will solve most of your problems.

7. Avoid Distractions

The most important thing for succeeding in online class is avoiding distraction and scheduling your time. You must switch off your phone, TV and put away other commitments. Inform about your schedule to your friends, and relatives so that they do not disturb you by dropping in when you are busy in the class.

If you follow these tips, you will manage to succeed in your online class.


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