Top 10 Most Comfortable Nursing Shoes To Stand In All Day

Nurses work long hour shifts, dealing with many highly stressful situations throughout the day and as such, they need to be comfortable to be able to perform optimally. Typical Nurse’s attire consists of a lab coat, a pair of scrubs (top and bottom), and a pair of comfortable shoes. Being comfortable is essential to the profession. Sore, achy tired feet do not make for cheerful nursing which in turn affects the quality of service being rendered to patients.

The scrubs and lab coat need to be loose fitting made from cotton and “breathe” to allow for cooling and sweat absorption. The shoes need to be extremely comfortable. Comfortable shoes are an absolute necessity because nurses stand for incredibly long hours and are carrying the full weight of the individual.

They need to be of the following characteristics –

  • Have enough space at the front of the shoe for the toes (called the toe box)
  • Have an insole – the inside padding of the shoe
  • Have an outsole – the part of the shoe that makes contact with the ground
  • Have a soft sole which absorbs shock, very important detail
  • Have a low heel which does not put any pressure on the front of the foot
  • Must be soft breathable material with laces or Velcro to fasten the shoe
  • Very important that the sole (underside) of the shoe be slip-proof.

Our Top 10 Recommendation

Choosing the right shoe for you can sometimes be easier imagined than accomplished. However, you can rest assured that one of the best ways to get your hands on the most comfortable shoes out there is to focus on brands and styles that have a great track record for getting even the hardest working nurses through their days. After days of research, We came up with 10 cosy shoes for nurses available on the market right now.

1. Dansko Women’s Professional Mule


The Dansko Professional has garnered a lot of reputation as one of the most comfortable shoes for nurses. The Dansko Women’s Professional Mule is a Slip-on sneaker that’s made of Faux Leather and breathable Mesh Fabric (really awesome).

Created to make you feel comfortable as a nurse should feel, the Dansko Mule has a flex groove sole and a rubber sole. It also has a memory foam insole that delivers optimal cushioning and support, not to forget its Bungee-style laces that make for easy wear, with its flex groove outsole allows you to have a full range of motion.

The Dansko Women’s Professional Mule comes in a variety of colors such as the Hot Pink, Silver, Coral, Blue, and My favorite of them all, the Mint color. One thing the Dansko Women’s Professional Mule is sure to guarantee you is maximum all-day support.

It has a padded instep collar, with a wide heel strike for greater stability. The maker of these shoes offers a wide heel strike. So, walking in these shoes for a very long time is made possible, especially due to its great arch support. The footbed is very breathable and conditions the temperature within, which keeps your feet dry.

The Dansko Women’s Professional Mule comes with a rocker bottom which allows you to propel your foot forward and provide you with amazing shock absorption. It also has an inner frame which reduces torque and provides stability.

The Heel measures approximately 2″ and come with a Platform that measures approximately 0.75 inches.

The Mule was designed with Comfort being its major priority, nursing clogs that features a roomy reinforced toe box for your protection.

You can easily clean the shoes, with just a soapy and damp sponge to remove all the dirt. According to the maker, they warned not to saturate the leather.

Sincerely, this shoe is expensive, at least one of the expensive shoes you will find in this article. But not to worry, unlike some cheap ones, this shoe is worth its price, you literarily get the quality you are paying for.

The final verdict on this shoe is that it is the nursing shoes most comfortable.

  • Bungee-style laces.
  • Slip-on.
  • Flex Grooves.
  • Breathable Mesh Poor arch.
  • The roomy reinforced toe box.
  • Polyurethane outsole.
  • Exposes one to accidental slips.
  • Wears out easily.
  • Slip Rubber Outsole.

2. Skechers Synergy – Loving Life


Well, this shouldn’t come as a surprise, Skechers is known for producing comfortable/stylish shoes. The shoe fits all sorts of categories and that, of course, includes nursing – the reason why I added it to this list.

This shoe is great for those that are always on their feet while at work. A slip-on sneaker made of Faux Leather and Breathable mesh kind of fabric. Designed to cater to your comfort, the Skechers Sneaker has a Memory Foam insole and because it has a non-rubber outsole that will prevent any accidental slips while you are no motion, this guarantees your safety while you are at work.

It also has a Bungy-Style lace – this means that ones were worn, you are assured of full security and also makes it easy for you to put on.

More, it comes with a Built-in flex groove which allows for a full range of motion and a breathable mesh that provides you with total air circulatory to make sure your feet stay dry – that’s good especially for those who have smelly feet.

The secret behind this shoe’s comfort is hidden in its light-weight design and its insole.

The amazing part of this product is its availability, this price is affordable. Relatively cheap, it is affordable. On one hand, the Skechers are great for casual wear or full work attire.

One more reason why this shoe is on this list is that of its ability to protect one’s feet for a very long period, the Memory foam makes gives you comfort when standing for very long hours, the number of hours you spent at work so, it’s advisable to get this kind of shoe.

So, if what you are looking for is long-lasting durability with fine design, then Skechers Sport would be a great idea. If not for anything, its sturdy and great design and its sturdy looks. I must say, the shoe was greatly built.

  • Rubber Outsole.
  • Flex Grooves.
  • Slip-on.
  • Bungee-Style Laces.
  • Small Size defects.

3. Nurse Mates Women’s Dove Oxford


Probably the brand’s most selling shoe comes with lightweight construction, no lace, rather, what you will get is a slip-on style, great to have a pair in your closet. This shoe was made to cater to the needs of every nurse – yes, every nurse. Every shoe mentioned in this article has its uniqueness and this one is no exception, the shoe has a stain-resistant feature which guarantees you of clean and spotless moments throughout your shift/hours, so, stains on your shoe is one less thing to worry about. I mean, we all want to look clean, don’t we?

The leather (floater leather) and the marking rubber outsoles will make you look sharp.

As you’ve noticed, one thing we sure do know about this shoe is its design that was made to cater to your comfort. its extreme comfortability makes it on our list. You have nothing to worry about as the brand that produces this shoe is known for its quality. Heel’s height is 1.5 inches.

The shoe comes with an EVA bottom, a shoe that has an ultra-lightweight in the outer soles with rubber inserts that protects you from slipping while walking/working. A shoe that passed the Slip resistance test, (as I’ve said before) makes for a comfortable movement and makes you feel at ease.

Built for Athleticism, the Strobel design makes for much flexibility.

Just like many other shoes listed here, the shoe also comes with a breathable and protective leather at the upper part of the shoe, allowing you to feel safe and sharp at all times while at work.

The shoe is great for people who have foot issues, this is made possible due to its elastic leather. And you need not worry about getting soaked in the rain too, as the body easily dries off after getting soaked.

Arguably one of the most lightweight shoes you can ever find out there, making you feel sharp while working/walking.

Speaking of Cost and Values, this particular shoe is in between, meaning, price-wise, I’d say it in between, not too expensive, and not too cheap neither – If you know what I mean.

  • Removable footbed.
  • EVA Midsole.
  • Removable Footbed.
  • Rubber Outsole.
  • Relatively Expensive.
  • One-color product (as the name implies).

4. Alegria Women’s Keli Professional


Judging by what I’ve seen, this shoe is an epitome of comfort and style, the Alegria was designed for comfort. And this has always been the case with this brand (Alegria), known for this for over two decades.

This shoe was specially designed for the nurses out there who crave for comfort. It has a slip-resistant polyurethane outsole which was engineered to provide a natural rocker walking motion, which for me is one of the things that stands the Alegria out and makes it unique.

The Alegria was structured outsole-wise to promote perfect posture which reduces the chances of having strained muscles and joints.

Next is it’s removable/replaceable insoles which are made of cork memory foam and latex which makes it highly slip-resistant and a squeak-free feeling. Also, that makes it good for smooth motion.

This amazing shoe also features a lab-rated, slip-resistant outsole and stain-resistant, leather coating.

The footbed gives you balance. But in case you have your customized footbed, you can easily remove it and place it in your footbed. Durability is 100%, they will last you a very long time. The only problem I have with this shoe is that they often come in small sizes.

You will also love the little patterns by the side of the outsoles, a great design I tell you.

Price-wise, they are not expensive, but as you know, quality-wise you get what you pay for.

In summary, this is one shoe that’s worth it.

  • Varying colors.
  • Comfortable.
  • Stylish A bit pricy.
  • Good for those suffering from plantar fasciitis.
  • Often in small sizes.
  • The toe box is pretty strict and tight.

5. Skechers D’Lites – Biggest Fan


As a lover of nurse sneakers, myself, you can be sure I know what I’m saying when I tell you that this shoe screams amazing comfort, with its smooth leather and satin blended fabric, lace-up sporty look. Air-cooled memory foam insole.

It also has a stitching accent, embroidered detailing with a glaring “s” logo (The Skechers logo) at the side.

A padded collar and tongue with soft fabric shoe lining. Major things that stand the Skechers out are its Super lightweight shock absorbing athletic midsole, light and flexible traction for fast, smooth movement, air-cooled memory foam with its comfort insole. Not too high (Not high at all) about 1 ¼ inch heel, which for me is good for your heels if you want them to still stay intact with no pains.

It comes with good traction; the outsole gives you the perfect support you need while at work. I must say the whole essence of this is to article is, knowing the kind of work nurses do; standing for hours, it will only make sense for you to get a shoe that gives you comfort, a shoe that won’t leave your tendons aching, and that’s why this shoe is on this list, the shoe gives support to your feet to make sure your tendons are not left strained. Ankle support? Yeah, and that’s on a high level. You move in it knowing that the midsole is thick enough to absorb the shock very well.

It comes in different sizes, so, if you are wondering “will they have my size?” of course, they also come in different colors.

If everything I’ve written so far doesn’t concern you because apart from comfort, you are conscious of how you look, you are also not left out. This sleek-designed shoe is just what you need. Color-wise, you have different varieties, imagine putting on these shoes while you are on your nursing uniform/cloth.

Price-wise, it’s worth it, even if some part of the shoe is made with leather (not all of it), it’s still worth the price. The sad part is the shoe is not cheap, really not cheap. But know this, the shoe is worth every penny you spend on it.

For me, this is one of the comfortable medical shoes you will ever find.

  • Protects from unnecessary injuries.
  • Comfort.
  • Durability.
  • Great for its price.
  • Very high-quality shoes.
  • Variety of sizes.
  • Breathability can be better.
  • Arch support is not up there.

6. Dansko Women’s Pro XP Clog


The Dansko brand is also one of the few shoes making company known for making comfy, quality shoes. And the Pro XP Clog is one of the best few comfortable clogs shoes you can find out there.

So, as a professional nurse, you know you have to be energetic, as your professions demand that you should this shoe fit the picture perfectly well. So, this Clog is a suitable choice for every energetic nurse out there.

The shoe features a light-weight construction, with an outsole that passed the slip-resistant because the midsole was made with PU rubber, which means you need not worry about unnecessary slipping. It has a rubber sole. The shoe shaft measures perfectly. The heel of the shoe measures a full 1.5”.

The platform of the shoe measures over 0.75”. it has a padded instep collar that adds extra comfort to your feet.

The shoe also features a huge reinforced toe box, big enough to hold your legs comfortably with plenty of space for your toe to move around comfortably.

Built for comfort and simplicity, the shoe has a removable, leather-lined, dual-density PU ([PU] stands for Poly Synthetic leather) footbed with memory foam which gives it full arch support and cushioning.

The outsole, on the other hand, is perfect for dry, wet and also, for oily/wet surfaces. The shoe’s outsole comes with a long-term mechanical feature, that makes it water-resistant. This type of shoes is often referred to as safety shoes.

Also worthy of note, is its Anti-fatigue rocker bottom that places your feet in a forward motion, this creates a shock absorption and energy return. The shoe was designed with a Motion Enhanced feature which allows your heel to move on an up and down motion.

The shoe comes in varieties of color, for example, there is the Black Patent, Ebony, White, Navy Floral Patent, Burgundy Cabrio, Iridescent Leopard, Multi/Crisscross, Blue Hibiscus, Grey Cabrio, Espresso, Lilac Moray, and lastly the Navy oiled, all you have to do is choosing the color you love.

The shoe is suitable for any kind of foot size/type.

  • Comfort.
  • Roomy reinforced toe box.
  • Optimal Arch Support.
  • Varieties of colors to choose from.
  • Slightly expensive.

7. Skechers Work Sure Track


This is a shoe is designed using leather on the body, it also a slip-on shoe that is very, very comfortable, the outsole was designed using a PU rubber which makes it able to prevent any unnecessary slips awesomely.

In short, the shoe’s features are meant to fulfill/quench your thirst for comfort. Won’t cost you anything to add a pair to your workwear. The features on these shoes are amazing, features like shock absorption and support for your feet makes it deserving of mention on our list.

This shoe has a stretch top panel for a perfect fit. A mild cushioning type of insole is removable, with a heel pull-on loop. The heel is measured 1” which makes for full comfort.

Unlike some other slip-on shoes, this one requires little or no effort to put on. It also has a rubber sole which is light and abrasion-resistant and its flexibility means there is an increase in the fitness of the shoe generally.

Also comes with Electrical Hazard (EH) safe design, it was passed fit for safety.

The only problem I have with this shoe is the fact that it comes in only two variant colors, black or white.

Believe me, this shoe fits it, the insole adapts to the structure of your feet, make it look as if you customized it, and the insole is also removable.

Speaking of the price, the shoe is quite cheap, very cheap for it’s kind of quality, you might want to go grab one today. So, if you are low on cash and working on a tight budget, then getting a shoe of this low price from a brand that is known to make quality shoes is what you need. Know that even after buying the shoe at that low price, you still get maximum comfort.

The construction of the shoe includes:

  • A soft fabric shoe lining
  • Soft fabric collar lining
  • Flatlock stitching detail.
  • Memory Foam topped with a fixed removable sole
  • 1” in a heel
  • Flexible Rubber
  • Stitching Accent
  • Leather upper
  • Memory Foam Variant price.
  • Relatively Cheap.
  • Soft lining.
  • Leather made.
  • Stability.
  • Stylish.
  • Durable.
  • Limited color choices.
  • Wear out quickly.
  • Poor Quality.
  • Poor fit.

8. Merrell Women’s Jungle Moc Slip-On


The Merrell’s Jungle slip-on is a great piece to own, this shoe features a leather made the skin which makes the shoe a waterproof shoe. M select Fresh which for me naturally protects your foot, prevents odor that may emanate from your feet as the shoe starts for fresh smelling feet. The arch is not just an arch, it has a molded nylon arch shank – don’t bother your self on what that means (just know this, the arch shank makes it possible to work comfortably and also adds that feeling of security, so you don’t have to worry). The shoe has a 1” heel in height.

The Merrell air cushion in the heel absorbs shock and adds stability to your legs, so you don’t have to worry about any form of foot ache.

This is one of the slip-on shoes we have on this list. You can go anywhere with this shoe. It also comes with a rubber sole, Aegis antimicrobial treated lining and also, a synthetic upper.

The shoe also features a Merrell Air Cushion heel. Pretty simple, comfy, and good for casual wear too, that means apart from your nurse clothing, the shoe will also fit perfectly with casual wear. The Merrell Cushion heel makes the shoe a perfect fit for your feet, a molded nylon arch shank is fitted to the shoe.

The beauty of this article is that we didn’t just pick any shoe, we made sure they passed both the slip test and the comfortability test. So, both slip resistance and comfortability are what this shoe will offer you, with what I call the Merrell Effect.

Don’t worry, this shoe is also affordable and unlike the Dove, you are not just getting what you paid for, you are getting quality.

This shoe weighs 22 oz, with a Toe Coverage. Good for any terrain.

Ok, in short, let me list out the features of this shoe, maybe that way you will appreciate it.

  • Leather and textile
  • Rubber sole
  • Aegis Antimicrobial (which ensures a fresh and comfortable experience)
  • Suede leather upper
  • Compression-molded EVA foot provides cushioning which gives your feet that comfy feeling it deserves.
  • Aegis Antimicrobial that ensures freshness of your feet.
  • Slip Resistant.
  • Great Arch support.
  • Suede that ensures dryness on the outer part of the shoe.
  • Not that good looking.

9. K-Swiss Women’s Tubes Run 100 Athletic Shoe


Made in Indonesia, K-Swiss is known for its quality. The quality of this shoe is almost the same as the expensive ones, so why not get yourself this cheap shoe knowing you’d probably get the same quality as in the expensive ones.

I don’t know why the brand is not that popular, I mean, for such quality, it probably should rank with the Skechers and Denskos of this world.

The shoe comfortability is unimaginable. The shoe’s tongue is padded for your comfort. And the variety of colors, yea we see that too, we all love to look good and more importantly feel comfortable.

The shoe is made of leather which means durability won’t be a problem, I own a shoe made of leather, so, I know what I’m saying.

It also has this wavy, sporty design which makes it one of the shoe lover’s favorite.

The Eva compressed midsole means there is full support for your feet, a great feature that ensures that standing for hours won’t be a major problem.

This one also has a Mesh upper, which means the shoe’s air circulation in and out makes your feet experience the full pleasure and makes it feel dry even after putting on the shoe for several hours.

What they tried to do with this shoe is to make sure the support and comfort are enhanced. And I must warn you, the shoe is very light – just kidding, but seriously, the shoe is light, that’s one thing you will love about this shoe, because when a shoe is light, it makes you feel comfortable, gives you that feeling of not having a load on your feet. You don’t want that.

The bottom of the shoes is made of plastic, with no rubber at the bottom. The shoe did not pass the Slip-Resistant test. Why then is it on your list? That’s because you will hardly get a shoe of this quality for that price.

Ok, agreed, they are not that durable, but, I mean, even if they are not one of the most durable shoes around, you can sure still make do with one knowing the price won’t dig a hole in your pocket. So grab yourself a K-Swiss today.

  • Affordable.
  • Comfort/stability through enough Cushioning.
  • Available in different colors.
  • Suede that ensures dryness on the outer part of the shoe.
  • Durability is poor.
  • No slip-resistant.

10. Gravity Defyer Proven Pain Relief Women’s G-Defy Mighty Walk

Gravity Defyer Proven Pain Relief Women's G-Defy Mighty Walk

You didn’t see that coming, did you? Anyways, this shoe like the K-swiss great but not that known.

You spend several hours standing, running, walking about, trying to attend to that patient, I mean, this can lead to a serious backache, and heel problem.

The Gravity Defyer has an incredible outsole that makes your standing and walking about possible without giving you any strain and ache on your heel of the foot.

The Gravity Defier also comes with a VeroShock Technology, what Gravity Defyer tried to achieve with this technology is that the sole of the shoe absorbs the shock from the steps you take and transforms them into energy which keeps you moving (talk about innovation).

It has a removable insole that can easily be removed and replaced with your insole. A lightweight shoe that offers comfort all day long, and you will never get tired of wearing this shoe or even get tired of walking in this shoe.

The upper part of the shoe is made of mesh that like the other shoes on this list makes breathability possible. With this, you can say bye-bye to smelly foot.

The outsole of the shoe is made using a synthetic material that ensures the durability of the shoe.

With this shoe, you have the option of choosing an insole of your choice that gives you the support you crave and make the shoe last for a very long time.

There is an extra benefit that comes with buying this type of shoe. Why won’t you want to get one? Gravity ensures that they give their loyal customer the care and attention they deserve.

The shoe has an in-built G-Comfort Orthotic Support, an Ultra-Soft, cushioned EVA style, a soft padded collar, and a low heel-to-heel Ratio.

The shoe is not just good for the workplace, it is also perfect if you have to go to your gym class.

  • The presence of the meshed upper ensures air circulation around your foot.
  • The Comfort of the shoe depends on what you want (amazing).
  • Great for anyone doing a long hour standing job.
  • The Outsole wears and tears easily.

How to Select the Right Shoes For Nurses

most comfortable shoes for nursing

There are hundreds of varieties and styles of shoes for nurses currently available on the market today; making an informed decision about the type of shoe your body needs is critical in preventing injuries or discomfort.

Thankfully, the nursing industry has recognized that every foot is different and accommodating the wide array of feet on the market isn’t just available in specialty stores – you’ll find options regardless of where you go. Choosing the most comfortable shoes starts with understanding how your feet work and the type of foot you have.

Generally speaking, there are three types of feet. The flat-foot is a foot that suffers from minimal to no arch within the foot. Those suffering from flat-feet are also chronic sufferers of over-extension of the foot, causing an inward rolling sensation that can lead to multiple injuries or ailments.

Finding a shoe that offers support and cushioning, but does not put pressure on the arch is important. Many times people purchase shoes with a predetermined arch, causing excessive pressure to be placed where the natural arch would have been. This can cause pain, discomfort, or worsening physical problems with continued use.

Know your foot

The second type of foot is the neutral foot. This foot is the most biomechanically sound foot, offering stability and function at a higher rate than the other two options. These feet adapt well to shoes offering arch support that is pliable and well-cushioned.

Finally, the final type of foot is a high-arch. This is an overly-compensated arch that is the polar opposite of the flat-foot. The high-arch often creates an overly rigid foot, making proper mobility nearly impossible without the proper support. These feet generally respond well to a higher arch shoe; accommodating the higher structure of the feet.

Regardless of the foot type, it’s important to consider all aspects of your feet when purchasing your shoes. Considering the toes, heel, arch, ankle, arch and sides of the feet are all equally important.

That’s why you should have a shoe with a pliable but sturdy sole; allowing fluid movement and impact points; proper, the top of the shoe for wicking away moisture and sweat; adequate spacing for the toes, and a supportive, secure ankle to keep the foot in place while moving around.


The importance of getting a comfortable shoe for a nurse can never be overemphasized. The kind of job you do requires standing and walking for hours, this at a point will take its toll on you, that is why the number thing to look out for when getting that next shoe is “Comfort”.

A nurse or any health care worker stands for hours, and so many long shifts, this requires you to be on your feet always. And, truth be told, we don’t need our nurses getting fatigued, imagine what the world would be without our health care workers. Therefore, these people must be giving the uttermost comfort they deserve.

One area the comfort in shoes play a major role in how you feel when you put one on, do you feel like taking it off immediately, It is no breaking news the role a comfortable shoe plays in fighting off fatigue. Now that we’ve established how important your comfort is, let us look at what makes a shoe comfortable:


The footbed of a shoe is the internal part of the shoe that is found under the bottom of the foot – That part you feel underneath your foot when it’s inside a shoe. In this article, we referred to it as the insole, remember? Ok, so point is, see it as the cushioning system that gives your foot the comfort it deserves. A comfortable shoe will have its insole designed in such a way that it will spread any pressure/energy generated by your feet over the surface area of your foot, that way any pressure point build-up is suppressed.


The Lining of a shoe, on the other hand, is the material used for the making walls of the shoe, the one that’s wrapped around your foot. If this material is not of good quality, maybe it’s kind of stuff, or not up to the right standard, it can create a kind of discomfort – you feel this sharp, terrible pain. But a good shoe will come with a plush lining, a kind of material that can help you absorb any moisture your foot oozes out, that way your foot remains dry.

Shock Absorption

Lastly, this is key to every nurse trying to get that right shoe, you need to understand that the kind of job you do requires a huge walking mileage, the comfortable shoes will have the ability to absorb the impact of every step you take is very important. A shoe that can do that is a keeper. So, a good shoe will take the edge of your step, that tip of your foot that hits the ground first and minimizes the impact. How cool is that?


A great shoe should have the ability to withstand wear, pressure, or damage. In summary, durability comes from the type of material used to make a shoe, I’d advise you to go for a shoe that is leather made. There are no doubts, Nurse need durable shoes for these reasons:

Right Materials

A quality shoe needs the right material, this will enable you to enter any terrain, a quality shoe made with the right material ensures that the shoe remains flexible, but remain very strong enough to hold the everyday walking mileage of a nurse.

Financial Issues

Seriously, you don’t want to be spending half of your annual budget on shoes, come on, who wants to do that, so while you are looking for a shoe that suits your taste, make sure it’s one that will stand the test of time. Spending money on a stylish but still durable shoe will prevent buying shoes regularly. I mean, you’ve got other things you want to use your money for. So, in the end, know this, always spend money (MORE OF IT) on quality rather than a cheap pair of shoes.

Proper Protection

One thing you will notice while reading this article from the top is that most (if not all) of the brand focus more on practicality and at the same time made sure the style is not compromised. A shoe should give you the right protection, you can only get that when you put on a shoe that is made with the right material. For instance, a leather-made shoe will shield your leg from any unwanted guest. And yet, keep your feet intact inside.


Why do you think everyone prefers nurse sneakers while running, when going to that gym class, it’s simple, a lightweight shoe is the epitome of quality, You should know that the kind of work you do requires your feet moving every hour, you don’t want to be carrying an extra load while walking, so when next you want to get that next shoe, look out for a lightweight shoe.

Remember, your shoes will be worn for excessive periods of time throughout the day, keeping them comfortable is the easiest and safest method of avoiding injuries or discomfort throughout the day. A well-fitting pair of shoes should feel like an extension of the feet – not like a heavy brick attached to the bottom of your feet.

While shoes might not seem like a vital portion of your uniform, staying in comfortable shoes is important to all components of your career. It affects your body, mind, and even your performance. After all, staying focused and attentive is important for your job; if your body is aching and sore, you’re not as agile as you should be. Remember, you only have one pair of feet – help them endure the daily impact of your job.

What are the most comfortable shoes for male nurses?

Men’s feet are not as small and as women’s, so they need looser-fitting shoes with enough room to still be able to easily walk in them. You can try slip-on work boots, specifically designed nurse shoes, or even just regular running sneakers (but make sure they have a low heel).

There are a number of brands designed specifically for men that could satisfy your footwear needs while you work and enjoy some casual time off! Some recommended brands are New Balance Men’s running shoe, Adidas Core 15 shoe, Hartwell M-Shoe. Also, We have a detailed post on finding nursing shoes for men here.

What If you can’t find the perfect pair of shoes?

Although there are millions of popular and unpopular brands, you may not find what actually works for you. In such a case, you may have to leave all these shoes and look for a local custom shoemaker. The shoemaker can measure your feet and design fitting shoes according to your measurements so that it will fit all your needs.

Moreover, if you already tried some kinds of nursing shoes, but you still suffer from any pain in your feet, ankles, or back, or you have any other medical conditions, then you are recommended to consult a podiatrist.

A podiatrist can exam your body and diagnose any medical issues. Then he can suggest a good pair of nursing shoes that can properly fit your feet, support you, improve your posture and help you get rid of the pain which you may be feeling as a result of wearing mismatched shoes. However, some pains may need consulting a certified chiropractor or a back-pain specialist who may be the best one to help you deal with such conditions.

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