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Top 5 Best Stethoscope for Doctors In 2020

Whether you’re a medical student, doctor, nurse, or a parent who wants to take the best care of their children as possible, choosing the a good stethoscope can be a challenge.

As all doctors are very proud of his craftsmanship so in order to give the best care to their patients, a doctor must use the best stethoscope. Because of its unparalleled acoustic performance, the Littmann Master Cardiology Stethoscope has been declared to be the best stethoscope for doctors over a prolonged period of time.

Prices on stethoscopes range from just a few dollars to hundreds of dollars, and there are varying levels of quality, sensitivity and features available.

Best Stethoscope for Doctors Comparison Chart

1. Littmann Cardiology iii Stethoscope

The Littmann Cardiology iii is the only dual head Littmann stethoscope that provides accurate auscultation of both pediatric and adult patients. Featuring both Bell and Diaphragm technology, it allows detection of both high and low frequencies. The tunable diaphragms adjust easily using pressure, so there is no need to remove the chest piece from the patient.

The diaphragm on the small side removes easily and converts to a conventional open bell. All of the sleeves are non-chill, ensuring maximum patient comfort. The tubes contain parallel sound reducing channels to eliminate noise artifacts.

The Littmann Cardiology iii is perfect for any medical professional that requires outstanding auditory capability in a versatile stethoscope that can be used on a variety of patients. The premium Littmann Cardiology iii is commonly used by medical students, cardiologists, pediatric specialists, nurses, emergency medical technicians, emergency room doctors, and more.


  • Tunable, dual diaphragms switch between high and low frequency sounds using pressure, eliminating the need to flip the chest piece.
  • Suitable for cardiology pediatric usage, as well as adult patients
  • 3M’s patented Snap Tight soft earpiece technology
  • Converts to traditional bell with included attachment
  • Littmann’s five year warranty
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Stainless steel chest piece
  • Latex Free

The Littmann Cardiology iii was chosen by FORUSDOCS researchers as providing the best acoustics among other cardiology stethoscopes tested. Loudness and clarity were excellent. Both subjective and objective criteria were used, making the study highly comprehensive.

Weighing in at just 180 grams, the flexible 27 inch tube folds easily to fit into scrub pockets. Littmann cardiology diagnostic stethoscopes come with the longest warranty available in the industry. In addition to providing free repair or replacement, routine cleaning is also available.

2. Littmann Cardiology S.T.C. (Soft-Touch Chestpiece) Stethoscope

The Littmann Cardiology S.T.C. (Soft-Touch Chestpiece) Littmann Cardiology STC StethoscopeStethoscope is a high performance stethoscope designed for assessing heart, lung, and bowel sounds on adult or pediatric patients. What differentiates the STC from other top-of-the-line cardiology stethoscopes is the unique comfort grip chestpiece, allowing for easy movement to multiple auscultation sites.

The tunable diaphragm adjusts to allow for listening to both high and low frequencies. Instead of lifting the chestpiece and indexing the stem, the user simply applies gentle pressure to hear lower frequencies normally detected by a bell, and increased pressure to listen to higher frequencies in diaphragm mode. Amplitude is slightly increased in the lower frequency range.

On the Littmann rating scale, the performance scores a 9 out of 10. The ergonomic headset and dual lumen tube technology provide superior acoustics even in noisy environments. As a premium model in the Littmann stethoscope line, much of the Littmann Cardiology S.T.C. (Soft-Touch Chestpiece) Stethoscope is hand assembled and carries a six year warranty.

The Littmann Cardiology S.T.C. (Soft-Touch Chestpiece) Stethoscope tunable diaphragm uses pressure aided adjustments Dual lumen tube design Single sided non chill chest piece 6 year warranty 3M Snap-Tight Soft Seal ear pieces Latex free Multiple color choices Best suited for any medical professional that needs more acoustic performance from a stethoscope, it is excellent for maneuvering on various sized patients.


Anesthesiologists, Cardiologists, Cardiology Pediatric Specialists, Family Practitioners, Internists, Medical Students, Nurses, Respiratory Specialists, and Emergency Medical Technicians will appreciate the comfort and effectiveness that the Littmann Cardiology S.T.C. (Soft-Touch Chestpiece) Stethoscope offers.

3. Littmann Master Cardiology Stethoscope

In keeping with the Littmann Cardiology tradition of manufacturing high Littmann Master Cardiologyperformance stethoscopes, the Littmann Master Cardiology delivers outstanding acoustics in a simple, distinctive style. Marking it as special edition, chest-pieces are available in black, brass or smoke finishes. The compact version is 22.7 inches long, allowing for easy pocket storage. Weighing a mere 175 g, it is lightweight and flexible.

This Littmann Master Cardiology stethoscope is also available in a longer 27 inch model. Using a tunable diaphragm, the single head chest-piece accentuates sounds below 100 Hz and attenuates frequencies above 200 Hz. Superior clarity is achieved by ensuring good coupling between the diaphragm and the user’s ears. The 1.75 inch chest-piece lies flat against the patients skin, eliminating any air gaps that may reduce sound quality. Dual lumen tube technology eliminate friction and rubbing noises. The patented 3M Snap Tight earpieces are soft, comfortable and create an excellent seal against external interference.


  • Tunable diaphragm
  • Non chill rim
  • A variety of tube colors and distinctive chest-piece finishes
  • Includes adapter for neonatal and pediatric auscultation
  • Double lumen tube design
  • Soft seal ear tips
  • Rugged, latex free

The Littmann Master Cardiology is a level 10 acoustical model, the highest quality rating possible among cardiology stethoscopes. Its durable design is backed by Littman’s seven year warranty.

While cardiologists appreciate the superior acoustical capabilities, this Littmann stethoscope is also favored by pediatricians, EMT / EMS due to its ability to drown out environmental noise. It is also an excellent choice for ER personnel, such as nurses and physicians.

4. Littmann Electronic Stethoscope

The Littmann Electronic Stethoscope provides superiorLittmann Electronic Stethoscope auditory capability with an easy to use interface for wireless transmission of data to a personal computer. This permits real time analysis of heart sounds, enabling the user to listen, record and playback audio files. Differing from a traditional analog stethoscope, the Littmann Electronic Stethoscope model picks up a wide range of frequencies using a single chest piece.

Instead of tuning by pressure, variable diaphragms are selected using a button on the head. The same amount of contact is maintained on the patient’s skin. The first setting detects frequencies in the 20 to 200 Hz range, mimicking a bell. The second setting is for higher range sounds, while the third one allows for simultaneous osculation of all spectrums.

A digital readout displays the patient’s heart rate. The sound levels can be adjusted, and the audio filtering technology ensures clear, undistorted sounds. This Littmann stethoscope can eliminate an impressive 85 percent of noise artifacts.

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  • Best sound quality available, amplifying sound 24 times above normal levels and reducing artifacts by 85 percent.
  • Easy to use interface is conveniently located on chest piece
  • Durable and rugged design will withstand accidental drops and impacts.
  • Records and stores cardiac sounds from individual patients
  • Blue tooth technology for transmitting to a computer.


The Littmann Electronic Stethoscope model is rated as a +10 cardiology stethoscope, meaning that it is superior for detecting abnormal heart and lung sounds. Anesthesiologists, Cardiologists, Family Practitioners, Internists, Nurses, Pediatricians, and Respiratory Therapists are among just a few of the medical professionals that benefit from this brilliant device. It is suitable for adult, infant or pediatric patients.

5. Littmann Pediatric Stethoscope

The Littmann Pediatric is high quality, moderately Littmann Pediatric Stethoscopepriced stethoscope with excellent acoustics and smaller diaphragm designed for pediatric use. Incorporating all of the great features that Littmann cardiology scopes are famous for in a conventional two-sided model, this design is convenient to carry and comfortable to wear. The dual sided chest-piece is made from stainless steel and weighs 40g, making it an optimal weight for infants and young children. One side is a traditional bell, useful for detecting lower pitched sounds.

A standard floating diagram is located on the other side. The smaller, 1.31 inch chest-piece on the Littmann Pediatric stethoscope allows for better direct skin contact at the auscultation site than adult models.

Another patented concept, Littmann has added the floating diaphragm, which further improves acoustics. By changing the method of placement inside the chest-piece, tension is spread evenly across the surface of the diaphragm increasing frequency response and clarity.


  • Two sided chest-piece includes a bell and a diaphragm
  • Floating diaphragm design
  • Performance level 9 Duel lumen tubes 3M
  • Snap Tight Soft Seal ear pieces
  • Non chill rim
  • Variety of color choices

Like many top rated cardiology stethoscopes, the Littmann Pediatric features a dual lumen tube. The design works to remove artifact noise from two tubes rubbing together. Acoustic coupling is achieved by an anatomically correct headset and tight fitting ear tips. Preferred by pediatricians, dermatologists, and NICU nurses, this high performance stethoscope is a must have for anyone who performs physical assessments on infants and children.

How Do You Choose The Best Doctor Stethoscope?

With all of these options, it takes a good amount of research and patience to make sure that you choose the stethoscope that is best suited for your own personal needs.

Here are some tips and considerations for you to consider before making your purchase.

  • The ideal length for the tubing on your stethoscope is 18 to 27 inches, any more than that and the more the sound will deteriorate.
  • Buy a stethoscope with both a bell and a diaphragm, you’re gonna want both.
  • Heavier chest pieces tent to have a better sound
  • Cardiologists need the best stethoscope out there, for most people and uses a min-range stethoscope will do just fine and save you a lot of money.
  • Stethoscopes tend to “disappear” often and get left places. When you need to replace your stethoscope, you won’t feel as bad or be out as much money if you stick with the mid-range ones.
  • It’s a good idea to use a stethoscope cover as it will extend the life of the tubing.
  • There are a few different types of ear pieces for stethoscopes, so if one style doesn’t feel comfortable, make sure to try another one.
  • If the ear pieces do not feel quite right or a little bit “off” in your ears, you can gently bend the tubing up or down to make them more comfortable.

Our Best Recommendation for Best Stethoscope for Doctors

As we said earlier the Littmann Master Cardiology Stethoscope is our recommendation.

This stethoscope easily gets the top score on all the points as it has not faced any sort of complaints as of date. Out of 5, websites like Amazon have rated 4.8 on this stethoscope. It’s hard to point out anything negative about this stethoscope, be it its tunable diaphragm, affordability, acoustic performance or even talking about its amazing craftsmanship. As per the reviewers the Littmann Master Cardiology Stethoscope is strongly recommended as the best stethoscope for the doctors and so several reviews have given this stethoscope a very high rating.

Why we believe that the Littmann Master Cardiology Stethoscope is the best stethoscope for doctors?

Read on.

3M Littmann Master Cardiology Stethoscope, Black Tube, 27 inch, 2160

Littmann Master CardiologyThe Littmann Master Cardiology Stethoscope is considered to be a stethoscope that provides a very high performance. It is the best choice for the medical professionals such as respiratory specialists, cardiologists, anesthesiologists or even the emergency physicians working amidst medically critical circumstances.

The one sided chest piece of this Littmann Master Cardiology Stethoscope has got a very contemporary looking design. It has got a finishing touch of the polished stainless steel and the low and high frequency sounds can be heard very distinctly with this device. Because of the “two-tubes-in-one-design” expertise, the Littmann Master Cardiology Stethoscope can stop any outside noises or even noises which are there inside the hospital premises. This characteristic of this stethoscope ensures that there can be no disturbances because of the ambient sounds while using this stethoscope.

Littmann Master Cardiology stethoscope has got an extremely comfortable headset and is truly very light in its weight. The Littmann Master Cardiology stethoscope even has an adaptor for pediatric auscultation or for taking care of any sort of special procedures.

The Littmann Master Cardiology stethoscope has got an original soft-sealing ear tips which is present in the entire package and has also got an extra pair for any replacement.

Littmann is taken as the best stethoscope manufactured and also because of its high quality these stethoscopes are backed with a very long warranty period of 7 years while one purchases this product from the market.

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