Top 10 Best Clogs for Nurses – Tested & Reviewed

If there’s one thing a nurse needs to be able to rely on to get her through her day, it’s her footwear. A nurse’s shoes need to be supportive and durable. They need to be reliable enough to keep her from slipping. Most of all, they need to be comfortable enough to see her through even the longest and most grueling shifts. That’s exactly why today’s clogs for nurses are in such high demand.

Top-quality nursing clogs do so much more than simply provide some of the world’s hardest workers with the comfort and no-nonsense support they really need. Thanks to the wealth of different styles that are available these days, they provide comfy ways to look great as well.

Who says that the only option in footwear for medical professionals has to be boring?

Best Clogs for Nurses

Footwear options like these prove that nursing shoes don’t make you choose between style and comfort. Start exploring the wonderful world of artistically decorated clogs like these today! You’ll wind up wondering why you didn’t do it sooner when you see how amazing they can be. Below is a list of the top 10 best nursing clogs that will help you dress for success and still be comfortable at the same time.

1. Dansko Women’s Professional Clog – Best Dansko Clogs for Nurse

Dansko Women's Professional ClogDansko is incredibly well known for its ability to produce comfortable, durable, and reliable clog-style shoes that suit a variety of different purposes.

These whimsical hand-painted clogs give free spirits a terrific way to add some flash and style to their signature looks. The clogs themselves are made of high-quality leather and feature solid rubber soles that help prevent slipping. The insides of the clogs are generously padded and shock-absorbent, making these a great choice even for people who spend a lot of time on their feet.

As far as the wonderful hand-painted designs, this is just one of many options that are sure to please even the most discriminating souls.

This is an ideal shoe for nurses of both sexes. The back heel section is designed to offer heel support.

The toe box area has adequate space for the feet and the inner shoe has a soft lining. The rubber sole is heeled and the insole cushioned for extra comfort.

Available in three colors, the shoe is made from a leather upper that gives you a custom fit since it moulds according to the shape of your feet. The manmade sole has additional cushioning and perforations that make it easier for air circulation and keeps your feet cool and dry. It also comes with a PU outsole that is great for durability and a higher shock absorption feature.

This was, is, and continues to be a staple of every nursing wardrobe and considered as one of the best nursing shoes for women. You cannot choose a nursing shoe without having Dansko Clogs on your options list. They are strong, comfortable and the most stylish piece of footwear that can keep you steady even after a 12-hour shift. Here are some of its features in detail:

  • Excellent material – They come in leather/fabric which molds according to your feet shape, which ensures perfect fit and comfort. You will have no problem at all while wearing them.
  • Manmade Sole – It has a perforated footbed that keeps up the air circulation and a classic rubber sole that is internationally approved for slip resistance.
  • Slip-on style – makes it extremely convenient to wear and remove.
  • Great heels – it has an approximate 1.5 inches heel and 0.75 inches platform that gives you great height and does not put stress on your back.

2. Alegria Women’s Classic Clog –  Best Nursing Clog for Wide Feet

Alegria Women's Classic ClogThis adorable shoe is just as comfortable on the inside as it is stylish on the outside. The stunning floral upper is made with stain-proof leather, which helps maintain the look of your shoe. The clogs include a T-strap buckle that is adjustable, allowing you to find the perfect fit.

The extremely soft memory foam fobbed caters to your specific foot to maximize your comfort level. It also includes a removal insole making it easy to replace with custom-made orthotics if necessary. The built-in arch support and the unique Rocker engineering helps to alleviate pressure on the heels while improving your posture.

The Donna was specifically designed for health care workers and has all the same features as the Paloma.

It is identical in design to the classical slip-on clog, but a smooth leather upper with a white buckle or sliver buckle strap adds a nice finishing touch.

The rocker sole is slighter lower, and the footbed is comprised of a combination of latex and cork to form an anatomically correct fit. It can additionally accommodate custom-made orthotics.

3. Klogs Women’s Naples – Best High Heel Nursing Clog

Klogs Women’s NAPLESAvailable in more than 34 colors and patterns, this is a must-have in every nurse’s wardrobe. The clogs are known for their leather upper material that gives a perfectly customizable fit and a rubber sole that is sturdy and reliable.

The heel comes with approximately 3 inches and a platform of 1 inch. This gives the perfect height without any stress. It has a deep heel cup for additional stability, a removable PU insole for people who need a customizable insole, and a slip-resistant PU outsole to walk on any wet surface confidently. Its microfiber footbed is an excellent feature for flatfoot and great comfort.

These nursing shoes for women offer fantastic designs that make it look like ‘real’ shoes and not specially made nurse shoes. They come in fantastic patterns and colors.

  • Material – They come in mostly leather that molds to the shape of your feet and gives you a perfect fit. The colors make them look ravishing.
  • Slip-on style – makes it quite convenient to wear and remove without any support.
  • WOW comfort – as the brand advertises, they have an amazing perforated footbed with additional padding that makes you feel like walking on clouds. The perforation gives good air circulation.
  • Heel – Just like Dansko, they have an approximate 1.5 inches heel with a platform feature to keep you comfortable with the height.

4. Alegria Women’s debra Slip-On – Best Nursing Clog for Flat Feet

Alegria Women's debra Slip-OnThese clogs are available in more than 22 colors with amazing bold prints and designs to choose from. It has a leather upper with a man-made sole for higher durability.

It comes with an approximately 1.5 inches heel and 1-inch platform to give you a fantastic height with great support. The contrast stitching edges along the outsole is the unique characteristics of the shoes, but they are roomy enough for your long hours of duty time.

  • Style – These nursing shoes for women offer fantastic vibrant designs and patterns for you to match with your clothing and a slip-on feature to remove and wear easily.
  • Sole – It has removable latex, memory foam, and cork footbed which makes it easier for people who have feet problems. Its outsole has been given an anti-slip design.
  • Heel – measures approximately 1.5 inches and is great for height without any pressure on the back.

5. Nurse Mates Women’s Bryar Slip-On Clog

Nurse Mates Bryar Slip-On ClogYet another extremely stylish shoe for those who need to flaunt a little. Available in five colors, the shoe has everything that a lady needs to keep up her looks. The shoe has a leather upper with a stain-resistant finish.

The pillow top footed makes your feet highly comfortable and gives enough room for movement. It comes with slip-resistant rubber inserts for greater convenience and comfort. The shoe has 2 1/4 inch heel, for those who need some extra height.

If standard white nursing shoes are more your style, Nurse Mates’ Bryar nursing shoes are among the cutest and most comfortable. The shoes are designed with slip-resistant soles with shock-resistant polyurethane.

This helps to not only protect your feet but to minimize the pressure felt in your leg and knee joints. The shoes are made with classic patent leather uppers that completely stain resistant to increase the life of your shoes. These slip-on shoes include plenty of protection for your feet with extra padding for support and Pillowtop foam for the footbed. Your feet will love these shoes as much as you do.

6. CHEROKEE Women’s Harmony

CHEROKEE Women's HarmonyFor professionals in search of clogs for nurses that strike a good balance between clog and shoe, this option from the footwear experts at Cherokee Uniforms is just what the doctor ordered. They’re not just lightweight, flexible, and completely comfortable no matter how much time you need to spend on your feet.

They’re also slip-resistant for safety’s sake, as well as resistant to stains – definitely a bonus when you work in the medical profession. These clogs are wonderfully breathable as well thanks to their 100% cotton lining.

They’re affordable enough to fit comfortably into even the most modest budgets, too!

The shoe is comfortable, stylish, and available in two colors. This slip-on feature of the nursing shoe makes it quite convenient to wear and remove without any external support. The leather upper moulds according to the shape of your feet which gives you a customized fit. It has a moisture absorbing lining which takes away the sweat from your feet and keeps it cool and dry, making your feet bacteria-free. The molded outsole is not only sturdy and reliable but gives great support.

7. Sanita Women’s Professional Celina Clogs – Best White Nursing Clog

Sanita Women's Professional Celina ClogsAvailable in 14 colors, everybody has a pattern and color to choose from. It has a leather upper with a manmade sole for more reliability. The heel measures 1.75 inches with a platform of 0.75 inches.

All its materials are tested and certified by ASTM, so you do not have to worry about the shoes giving you the perfect comfort. It has an anatomically shaped footbed that gives you the perfect customizable fit with all slip-resistant, while resistant outsole. The outsole also has antishock and antistatic properties. These shoes are accepted by the AMPA for its durability and quality.

  • Style – Just like Dansko, these nursing shoes for women have the same styling, but come with fantastic styles and patterns with attention to detail.
  • Great cushioning- It has an insole with extra padding that keeps your feet comfortable and cozy. The perforation on the insole will keep up the air circulation. The outsole is also slip-resistant. They come at a price range of approximately $150.

8. Dansko Women’s Volley Clog

Dansko Women's Volley ClogOne such model of shoe is the “Volley” clog. While the majority of Dansko shoes retail for well over $100 depending on the materials used to create them, the “Volley” delivers everything you love about this brand of shoes, but in a package which will leave you with money in the bank and peace of mind through your workday.

These cheap Dansko nursing shoes feel anything but! Just like their more expensive leather clog styles, the Volley features a comfortable construction that is both safe and extremely breathable. The slight heel and posture-aligning hard insole of the shoe allow the shoe to do most of the work.

These shoes may be less expensive to purchase, but they are backed by the same commitment to quality, safe footwear that has made Dansko a trusted name for years.

9. Dansko Women’s Phoebe Clog

Dansko Women's Phoebe ClogAnother excellent choice for cheap Dansko nursing shoes is the “Phoebe” clog.

Available for as little as $60 depending on style and size, these shoes feature a leather upper that is safe around the many hazards on the nursing floor, and provides busy nurses with a comfortable, easy-to-clean shoe with features you may not expect to find in a less expensive footwear option.

These shoes are utilitarian in nature – and unlike the rest of the lineup of Dansko shoe patterns, the Phoebe is available in one of two colors. These shoes garner excellent ratings for both comfort and value.

While they do not have the leather construction of some of the pricier clogs, they are a solid choice for the budget-minded nursing professional who wants to keep her feet happy, her wallet full, and her day in step with the many challenges of life in the medical field.

If you are looking for a pair of cheap Dansko nursing shoes but are afraid you may get priced out of the market on these lovely shoes, you’ll be happy to know that there are great options available to you.

With the right price and proper fit, there is no reason not to enjoy the comfort and reliability that comes along with owning some of the world’s most comfortable and relied-upon shoes.

10. Landau Revive Comfort Unisex Clog

Landau Revive Comfort Unisex ClogAnother slip-on with great convenience and extreme comfort. The shoe is lightweight with a slip-resistant rubber outsole, which makes it easy to walk even on wet surfaces. The moisture-absorbing poliyou sock liner keeps your feet dry and cool, making it bacteria-free. The extra thick insole protects your feet and gives great stability in any movement.

This is a unique pair of clogs with a closed back. The EVA sole is designed to offer traction and the body made of durable leather. The shoe is lined using a soft material and the insole padded for shock absorption.

For a relatively cheap nursing shoe, Landua’s has one major draw point.

They absorb shock like they’re trying to compete in the professional range, and the sole provides an almost bouncy sensation when walking. In addition to the cushiony footbed, the slip-resistant non-marking outsole will prevent scuffing.

Take note, however; do not purchase a pair of whites, as they have been reported to stain really easy.

Hand Painted Clogs

When it comes to our footwear, saying we have the lion’s share of choices at our disposal these days is the understatement of the century. It seems as if there are literally hundreds of options out there these days. There are shoes for active people, working people, stylish people, and people who simply like to be comfortable. However, it’s important to note that there are also fantastically creative options out there that can cover a number of bases at once – like hand-painted clogs.

Anyone who ever said clogs had to be boring and plain has clearly never seen some of the options clog-makers are turning out these days. Today’s best options in hand-painted clogs are a wonderful way to express yourself and keep your feet comfortable at the same time. Let’s take a closer look at why you should consider picking up a pair of your own.

Fashionable, Stylish Footwear

Many people like to go out of their way to choose footwear that’s different and exists outside the box. The right pair of shoes can take an otherwise boring or average outfit and turn it into a signature look in a flash. The idea is to choose something good-looking and stylish, without being overly trendy. After all, no one wants to go out looking like they tried too hard!

Hand-painted clogs are the type of item that hints at a laid back, free-spirited personality. They show an attention to detail, but also show that the wearer considers comfort to be important and isn’t overly fussy. Plus, individualized items are hot right now!

No Two Pairs Alike

As we move further ahead into the 21st century, more and more people are looking for unique footwear options that aren’t just like everything else out there. Clogs are already coming back into fashion for the way they’re so versatile and comfortable. A little hand-painted detailing helps turn an already desirable item into a work of art that’s truly one of a kind.

Plus, hand-painted clogs are easy to customize. Many manufacturers that specialize in this type of shoe are open to taking custom orders, making it possible to design your own pair to your unique liking.

Versatile and Practical

Most people have trouble deciding whether it’s more important to them that their shoes be comfortable or nice-looking. Hand-painted clogs offer you the best of both worlds. They represent a frugal, practical choice as well. Clogs go well with everything from jeans to dresses, to skirts. If you work in a field like nursing, you may even be able to wear clogs to work. Choosing a pair that has been decorated with a cheerful design is a great way to add flare to your uniform and brighten people’s days.

If you’ve been looking for a shoe option that is literally everything you could possibly want in one convenient package, then give this fresh new option a try for yourself today. You’re sure to be glad you did.

Are Clogs for Nurses the Right Choice?

There are people that work on their feet… and then there are nurses. More than any other type of worker, a nurse needs to be able to count on her footwear to be comfortable and to stand up to wear and tear. They need to be supportive and capable of protecting her feet against hazards caused by sharps or spills as well. However, not every nurse is interested in traditional nursing shoes or athletic shoes. Today’s best clogs represent a terrific alternative. Let’s take a closer look at this popular new option for modern nurses and their associated benefits.

Are Nurse Clogs Comfortable?

While some nurses are more comfortable wearing something more traditional, like an athletic shoe or a standard nursing shoe, some people prefer something that offers the same support and comfort without the need for laces. Clogs for nurses come attached to all the same benefits as the other options but without the hassle of laces.

Nurses should look for snug options that hug the foot and stay in place with or without socks. If you’re not comfortable wearing backless clogs, then consider looking into options that feature straps or low backs. This helps eliminate worries that the clog will simply fly off your foot at the worst possible time.

Are Nurses Clogs Durable Enough?

Today’s best options in clogs for nurses don’t cut any corners when it comes to a hard-working nurse’s footwear priorities. Many manufacturers – like Nurse Mates or Dansko – specialize in producing shoes especially for those working in the medical field. Such options will feature superior arch support (a must for working long hours on your feet), as well as tough soles that are both slip-proof and puncture-resistant. It’s important to make sure that the shoes you choose were made to stand the test of time as well, especially if you choose a clog that wasn’t specifically created with nurses in mind. Go for flexible leathers, breathable inners, and high-quality construction that can stand up to the pressures of a nurse’s grueling workday.

Are Nurses Clogs Flexible for Daily Uses?

If you’re on a tight budget – and who isn’t these days – you’ll be happy to know that clogs for nurses are flexible to boot. You can count on them to get you through even the most stressful double shift… but you can wear them on your off days with a pair of jeans or casual slacks as well.

Most of today’s top manufacturers provide consumers with clog choices that include a variety of colors and styles. Plus, you’ll know right out of the gate that the shoes you’re wearing will successfully get you through a long day at the amusement park with your kids or a marathon shopping session at the mall if they can get you through your workday in one piece.

Clogs for nurses are a fun, fashionable, and functional footwear option that is as versatile and trendy as it is functional. Explore the options for yourself today for some of the best nursing clogs we handpicked for you based on the attributes state above!

How to Choose the Best Nursing Clogs

Here are some of the things you should consider when buying nursing clogs:

Low Heeled

Low heeledIt is a common notion that flat-soled shoes are best for long periods of standing, but this is not true. If your clogs are completely flat, you will feel tired after a while.

Instead, try and wear clogs that have very low and comfortable heels. When your heels are slightly elevated, you will certainly feel more comfortable.

Bigger Toe Space

toe spaceShoes that are narrow from the front means that your toes are cramped up all day long. This can be really uncomfortable. When you are standing upright all day long, or are running around due to your work pressures, your toes tend to swell up.

This means that the front of your shoes will be cramped up even more. If they are already narrow, it can lead to a lot of pain and discomfort. So purchase a pair that is roomy around your toes.

Good Grip

Good gripSince nurses have to keep walking all through the day, it is important to have clogs that have a good grip. Additionally, the shoes should not slip when you are walking.

Often, you may find yourself to be in a great hurry. In such a situation, a clog that slips can land you into a painful accident.

You don’t want to fall and injure yourself when you are running around, so ensure that your shoes are comfortable and grip your feet correctly. Lace-up clogs and clogs with velcro straps work the best in such situations.

Proper Arch Support

Proper arch support

Nurses are required to rush from one room to another, and from one department to another. They are always on call and therefore their feet deserve the best comfort. Select shoes that have adequate cushioning on the soles and provide proper arch support.

If you are going to be standing for a long time, consider buying shoes that are comfortable for both walking and standing. Try the clog on at the store and walk around for a while to ensure they do not pinch and are comfortable when you are making any kind of stride.

A lot of shoe stores have specialty clogs available with them. When you know what you want, you can simply go to the store and share your preferences with the salesman. You can then take a look at all the models they have available, finally select one that fits you.


As a nurse, you certainly understand how long workdays can put a lot of pressure on your feet. It is so important that you select proper nursing shoes that provide your feet with the added protection they need. That does not mean that your shoes cannot be cute, you never have to compromise style for comfort. Today’s market offers a variety of stylish nursing clogs that are also very comfortable. This allows you to still dress in style but not pay for it with sore feet when you get home.

Also, We have compiled a comprehensive guide to choose the best nursing shoes, don’t forget to check it out.

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