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Top 6 Best Clogs for Nurses In 2020

If there’s one thing a nurse needs to be able to rely on to get her through her day, it’s her footwear. A nurse’s shoes need to be supportive and durable. They need to be reliable enough to keep her from slipping.

Most of all, they need to be comfortable enough to see her through even the longest and most grueling shifts. That’s exactly why today’s best clogs for nurses are in such high demand.

Best nursing clogs do so much more than simply provide some of the world’s hardest workers with the comfort and no-nonsense support they really need. Thanks to the wealth of different styles that are available these days, they provide comfy ways to look great as well.

Who says that the only option in footwear for medical professionals has to be boring?

Best Nursing Clogs In The Market

1. Natural Uniforms Lightweight Nursing Clogs

Women’s Lightweight Comfortable Nurse Nursing ClogsIf you’re looking for terrific options in clogs for nurses that will really be able to get you through the day, but without breaking the bank, then look no further than these ultra-lightweight and totally attractive clogs from Natural Uniforms. Natural Uniforms has been in the business of helping medical personnel do their very best work in comfort for a long time running, so it’s no surprise that these clogs are as popular as they are.

They’re constructed from lightweight, durable, and flexible non-slip manmade material that you can trust even under the grittiest conditions. They’re available in a variety of colors as well!

2. Cherokee Uniforms Harmony Women’s Step In

Cherokee Uniforms Harmony Women’s Step InFor professionals in search of clogs for nurses that strike a good balance between clog and shoe, this option from the footwear experts at Cherokee Uniforms is just what the doctor ordered. They’re not just lightweight, flexible, and completely comfortable no matter how much time you need to spend on your feet.

They’re also slip resistant for safety’s sake, as well as resistant to stains – definitely a bonus when you work in the medical profession. These clogs are wonderfully breathable as well thanks to their 100% cotton lining.

They’re affordable enough to fit comfortably into even the most modest budgets, too!

3. Medline Ultra-Lite Nurse’s Clog

Medline Ultra-Lite Nurse’s ClogMedline has been in the business of manufacturing some of the best clogs for nurses under the sun for a long time running, so it’s no surprise that this lightweight nurse’s clog is one of the medical shoe world’s hottest sellers.

An adjustable heel strap makes it simple to customize the fit of your clog to suit your sensibilities.

High quality, breathable materials and premium cushion support ensure that your feet will be as comfortable as possible, even during the longest days. An attractive blue and white design blends in perfectly with any uniform for a professional look.

Going with clogs over the standard uniform shoe or tennis shoe is becoming an increasingly more popular option with many of today’s modern nurses.

Not only are clogs more comfortable for many people, but they’re great looking as well. Explore the possibilities for yourself today!

Hand Painted Clogs

If there’s one part of our wardrobe that says the most about our personal style and philosophy of life than any other, it’s going to be our footwear.

However, not all of us are willing to choose between style and comfort when it comes to what we put on our feet. We want the best of both worlds and that’s exactly why footwear options like today’s best hand painted clogs are becoming the go-to choice.

Hand painted clogs are more than just funky, attractive ways to express yourself and add a nice element of “pow” to your outfits. They’re also undeniably comfortable – perfect for every activity from running errands, to walking, to working on your feet.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular picks out there.

4. Spring Step Sherbet Clogs

Spring Step Sherbet ClogsThese gorgeous hand painted clogs from Spring Step represent a terrific way to add flare to all of your favorite outfits without sacrificing a thing when it comes to comfort. Supple and flexible leather uppers feature exquisite hand painted French designs, as well as funky, bold stitching for a unique look that goes well with jeans, skirts, dresses, and shorts.

A handy hook-and-loop closure allows you to enjoy a snug fit while still being able to take your clogs on and off with ease. They’re available in a variety of different multi-color combinations as well!

5. Spring Step Sugar Cane

Spring Step Sugar CaneFor people who love the look and feel of clogs, but also enjoy the security and comfort of a nice Mary Jane, there’s the Spring Step Sugar Cane – the ultimate in stylish hand painted clogs. Gorgeous hand-painted designs meet delightfully artistic metal accent pieces for a whimsical look that goes well with just about any outfit.

These are more than just a great way to add flare to your casual outfits as well.

They’re well-made and shock-absorbent enough to wear even at jobs that require you to work all day on your feet – a terrific choice for salespeople, nurses, and more!

6. Dansko Professional Clogs

Dansko Professional Limited Edition ClogsDansko is incredibly well known for their ability to produce comfortable, durable, and reliable clog-style shoes that suit a variety of different purposes.

These whimsical hand painted clogs give free spirits a terrific way to add some flash and style to their signature looks. The clogs themselves are made of high quality leather and feature solid rubber soles that help prevent slipping. The insides of the clogs are generously padded and shock-absorbent, making these a great choice even for people who spend a lot of time on their feet.

As far as the wonderful hand painted designs, this is just one of many options that are sure to please even the most discriminating souls.


Footwear options like these prove that the best nursing shoes don’t make you choose between style and comfort.

Start exploring the wonderful world of artistically decorated clogs like these today! You’ll wind up wondering why you didn’t do it sooner when you see how amazing they can be.

Top Rated Nursing Clogs

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