CNA Books – To Guide You in Order to Pass CNA Written Exam

CNA books are a vital component of the certified nursing assistant’s baggage of knowledge.

Apart from the information that a student receives during the certified medical assistant courses, one also needs to explore other sources for a complete exposure to a subject.

There are several books that offer important information regarding the nursing assistants job description, responsibilities, skills, or information about the certified nurse assistant final exam. Here are some books which are very useful for a Nursing Assistant.

However, the first thing that a medical assistant aspirant should do is prepare well for the certified nurse assistant certification test. The test consists of two parts namely, theoretical and practical papers. These are described below:

What Are The Tips for Finding CNA Books

Along with the CNA training from an accredited training institute, it is also advisable to go through the study materials that contain information about all the aspects of a certified nursing assistant.

They contain all the general and in-depth information about every essential topic in nursing. Since books are written by subject experts and scholars, they are more reliable than any other source.

CNA training comprises of all the medical terminologies that may sound new and strange to hear. It includes different medical procedures, diseases and several prevention methods to avoid the occurrence of diseases.

Though the instructors at the training institute explain these concepts and demonstrate few of them in the practical sessions, it is always good to be acquainted with additional information that is only available in the CNA books.

Useful Tips on CNA Books

An accredited course program comprises of a course work involving the classroom learning as well as clinical skills practice.

The course content is set by the national nursing authorities and contains both the aspects of nursing viz. theory and practical. The course material can be in any form such as text books or handouts.

The text books are available in a large number, but the students have to search for the best ones which would cover all the desired topics in the best illustrated manner.

Good reference books definitely facilitate learning and help one in the best way for the exam preparation. They provide with all the related concepts in nursing that can be reviewed in a short time just before the exam. Here are a few tips for how to find CNA books –


  • One must check the name of the author of the text book, as there are many books available in the market. The author should be renowned in the field of nursing.
  • The students must search for the top 10 authors’ list or books’ list from the facility that offers the classes for CNA.
  • These recommended books should be bought, as it is a critical requirement for the examination.

Illustrative Content

  • One must go through the books to find out if the content given in the book is illustrative enough or not.
  • All the topics included in the course syllabus must be covered in the book. The description should be thorough and not superficial.
  • The theoretical aspects of each and every practice in nursing should be explained in the book.

Diagrammatic Representation

  • A diagram is worth thousand words! As this is very true in case of educational concepts, the books must include as many diagrams as possible for the explanation of the line of treatment in the health care settings, hierarchy of the tasks of a CNA during job duties, clinical skills representation, etc.
  • Even the flow charts can describe a concept easily which is rather difficult to explain through an entire paragraph.

Pictures or Photo Plates

  • Pictures are the most interesting part of the books. Even while studying the nursing concepts for becoming a certified nurse aide, use of pictures or photographic plates in the text book prove to be very much useful for the students.
  • They enable the students to visualize the clinical skills or manual tasks without going to a living health care setting.
  • Sometimes, a task seems to be very easy while reading, but it is relatively complicated to actually perform it. Thus, instead of just reading; a picture or a photograph in which a nurse aide is shown to be performing the same task can prove to be useful to get an idea about how to perform it.
  • In short, the students should look for a book in which such pictorial representations are available so that they can visualize whatever is being read and taught.

Important Topics and Skills

  • It is always better if special guidance on the most important technical topics and clinical skills is provided within the last few chapters in the book.
  • This kind of guidance helps the students to focus on major topics from the exam point of view and then implement the same skills during their professional practice.
  • Summary of the chapters after completion of every lesson is also a good way to highlight the essential points

How to Search the Best CNA Book

  • Ask your instructor at the training institute to provide the list of books that prove to be useful to prepare for the CNA exams
  • Internet is also a good source for gaining information
  • Ask your friends or senior nursing assistants working in medical organizations
  • Visit the libraries at your local area or at the community college that provides you training
  • Purchase of a CNA book will provide you reference lists for other books along with the publisher and author name at the end of it and it will prove to be a great source of information.

These CNA books are not only useful during the training and certification examination, but also throughout the career. It can prove to be an excellent foundation for further studies and career growth.

CNA Training Books

The Need for CNA Training Books

  • Books provide brief description about every medical terminology. This clears several doubts and queries that may arise in the minds of students while learning.
  • They contain a summary after every chapter that provides a gist of the lesson. These summaries prove to be beneficial during the final revision for the examination.
  • Every chapter is followed by an exercise that needs to be solved by the candidates. Solving these questions will help them to realize how much they have understood and the mistakes they have committed.
  • They are the best source that acts as a useful tip to pass the examinations. Some books contain question paper pattern that gives an idea about the type of questions that are likely to be asked in the examination. This helps to build the confidence level of the students when they appear for the final certification exams. It also helps them to answer the tricky questions.
  • Some books contain activities that have to be performed during the training. Performing such activities will help to enjoy while learning. Fun along with learning is memorable and helps the candidates to remember the things throughout their life.
  • The examples illustrated in the books helps to clear many concepts and assists the students to understand things clearly

How to Choose the Best CNA Book

  • Ask your instructor at the training institute about reputed books and authors. They are the best ones who can suggest you the most recommendable one.
  • Books are written by subject matter experts. Therefore, find out information about them that can help you to judge their knowledge and the quality of the content written by them.
  • Check if the textbooks contain summaries, exercises and question paper patterns
  • Highlighting the important points is one of the signs depicting their good quality
  • Pictorial representation is also an important thing that needs to be present
  • Do find out their cost; some are expensive and some are cheap. Decide your budget and then purchase them. If not interested in purchasing from the market, then many books are available online as well. These e-books can be downloaded and they too possess good quality information.
  • If nothing is available within your budget, then you can opt for free nursing assistant training books. Most of them are available online.
  • Some books are also available at sale. You have to search from the internet to find out places where such sales are available. The benefit of purchasing books through sales are that you get books written by excellent authors at cheaper rates.

Role of CNA Training Books in Exam Preparation

It proves to be extremely useful during your last day of revision for the certification exam.

Going through the gist of every chapter, sub topics or the highlighted content and the question papers will help you to recollect all the important concepts.

This ultimately helps you to give appropriate answers to all the questions, no matter how tricky they may sound.

CNA Books- An Additional Knowledge

It is always good to know about things that can be useful to you. Having additional information about certain things is of no harm or loss to anyone.

Although these books contain everything required for a certified nursing aide, it also includes additional information about several nursing concepts.

Though these may not be useful from the point of view of CNA examination, but can be useful in future as and when you aspire for career growth.

Importance of CNA Training Books for Further Career Growth

These books are not only important for excelling in the examinations but also from the career aspect.

Every candidate desiring to become a certified nursing aide has an ambition to prosper further and acquire other higher positions in the nursing field. In order to qualify for these higher postings, you should possess certain experience and excellent knowledge about every nursing aspect required for that designation.

If you have good nursing aide training books, then you can revise the essential things that may prove to be a base for higher certifications. This will help you to excel in the licensure examinations that you may have to appear in the future.

Thus, CNA training books act as a strong foundation for all the beginners of certified nursing assistants. It not only increases their nursing aide knowledge, but also provides additional information that increases their general knowledge.

Online CNA Books

CNA courses are very popular among individuals who aspire to make it big in the nursing and health care sector.

Once you have enrolled for the training program, it is important to choose the right study material to prepare for the exam well, as it is considered to be a tough one to crack.

There are many CNA books available for sale over the internet as well as in book shops. Some of them are free of cost, while other needs to be paid for.

The online medium of internet has been preferred to buy study material than buying them from book stores as the former one is cheaper and a wide option of reference material by different authors are available in number of websites.

This is the reason for the popularity of CNA books online. If you cannot afford costly study material, then there are many options available over the internet.

You can either go for CNA books for sale available on few websites that you can buy at very cheap prices or you can download certain online study material available.

It is not necessary that the study materials that are available at cheaper prices are of poor quality. You can very well find genuine sites where high quality reference booklets are available at cheaper rates.

There are also some websites which give you an opportunity to bid for the study material and whoever bids a price closest to the actual price gets to buy the book.

There is also scope to download some good e-books from internet and you can make the most of it by printing these documents and preparing for the exam.

It is always better to take a hard copy of the study material, which you have downloaded so that you can read from a book and it is generally accepted that reading from a book helps to clear the concepts better than reading from the computer screen.

CNA Books for Sale

Though you are looking for CNA books for sale, you should be careful about the quality of the study material that you are purchasing.

If they are not of a good quality and do not cover the important concepts in a holistic manner then the study material are of no use and you may not be able to clear the exam successfully. The quality is determined by various factors such as:

  • The authors who have compiled or written the book
  • The subjects or topics covered in that book
  • The quality of pictures and the words used
  • The sentences used should be simple and be clearly understood
  • Availability of practice papers that are included in the book

The more you solve these practice papers available in the manuals, the better will be our confidence level while appearing for the final exam.

The exam has a pattern and it is important to understand and get used to the pattern before you attempt the questions that appear in the final examination.

Practice will give you confidence to tackle any kind of questions that may be asked in the exam.

CNA courses are very popular among individuals who aspire to make it big in the nursing and healthcare sector.

Once you have enrolled for the training program, it is important to choose the right study material to prepare for the exam well before time as it is considered to be tough to crack.

There are many CNA books for sale over the internet as well as in book shops through which you can buy study material at cheaper prices and you will find the best of the reference material prescribed here which will help you to prepare well for the exam.

You can buy these CNA training books from the internet or from the various shops in your locality.

Special sales are arranged from time to time in bigger as well as medium sized book stores where you can buy study material written by famous authors and those prescribed by your instructors or eminent professionals from the same field.

You can get them at discounted rates which make it easy on your pockets and you can also sell these reference manuals after your exam through the same websites and book shops.

High-quality Books for Exam Preparation

Though you are looking for CNA books for sale, you should be careful about the quality of the study material that you are purchasing.

If they are not of good quality and do not cover the important concepts in a holistic manner then the study material are of no use to you and you may not be able to clear the exam successfully.

So, buying reference material at discounted or cheaper rates is one thing but the quality should never be compromised.

The quality is determined by many factors; some of these are the authors who has compiled or written the book, the subjects covered, the quality of pictures, wording, practice papers, etc.

These are the important factors which determine the quality of the study manuals and you will have to be doubly sure of these factors before going ahead and purchasing these reference booklets.

The syllabus changes from one state to the other as the requirements are different in different states because the role of certified nursing assistants changes.

You can also explore options in CNA books online category where you can find some good CNA study material to buy as well as download. You can download these study material for free from few websites and you can maintain a hard copy of all these and use them for your preparation.

You can also download several practice papers from internet and practice these multiple choice questions based on the several concepts of the role of a certified nursing aide.

The more you solve these practice papers in the manuals as well as individual ones, the more confident you will get to face the main exam.

The exam has a pattern and it is important to understand and get used to the pattern before you attempt the questions which appear in the main exam. Practice will give you confidence to tackle any kind of questions which may be asked in the exam.

Apart from the written test, you will have to prepare for the skills test which is considered to be tougher than the written test. The skills test is about testing your skills related to the responsibilities of a certified nursing assistant.

You will be assigned a few tasks to be performed with a patient and there would be an examiner who would evaluate you on the spot. The examiner would be present with you and will give you scores depending upon several factors like cleanliness, knowledge, and ease with the patient.

Washing hands thoroughly before beginning any procedure, introducing oneself to the patient in the beginning and executing the procedures methodically ensures a high score.

You will have to take care of even the minute details and there may be a few questions asked about the procedure you executed or any additional concept.

You must be prepared for all kinds of questions and that is the reason why the skills test is considered to be tougher than the written test as the questions cannot be predicted.

CNA books for sale is one of the best ways to buy study material at discounted prices and you can find high quality reference material which cover the required subjects.

It is important to invest some time in research to pick up the best study material, which will help you clear the written test as well as the skills test.

CNA Certified Nursing Assistant Exam Cram

“CNA Certified Nursing Assistant Exam Cram” by Linda Whitenton and Marty Walker covers all the information that the applicant needs to know about the license exam and how to prepare for the exam. The book also contains the roles and responsibilities of the nursing assistant and the communication and interpersonal skills needed for an effective practice.

The book is divided into topics in a logical way and each chapter discusses a specific subject with all details. It has a chapter on promotion of health and safety and presents the role of the certified medical assistant to prevent the spread of diseases, resident care equipment for a certified nursing aide and diseases and their effect on health.

One Chapter refers to the promotion of function and health of residents, presenting the personal care skills, psychosocial care skills and restorative skills of a certified nurse.

Specialized care is discussed in another chapter of the book and refers to physical and cardiovascular psychological problems of the patients.

Some other chapter refers to clinical skills, performance checklists and presents the basic skills of a certified nurse assistant, i.e. measuring temperature, blood pressure and respiration and collecting specimens in addition to moving the patient, bathing, hand washing and feeding.

This book also contains approximately 150 sample test questions for the license exam. It is a book written by experts and is a perfect guide to score well in the exam; it is the book most referred to for the nurse exam. The cost of this book is USD 25.

Nursing Assistant/ Nurse Aide Exam

“Nursing Assistant/ Nurse Aide Exam”, offers the students information about the CNA exam, including a guide for the test with strategies and tips to prepare for the final exam. The new edition includes five practice exams based on national nurse aide program standards (NNAAP).

The five practice tests have 70 multiple-choice questions along with answers and explanations, keeping in mind the certified nurse aide certification test format.

It also offers information regarding the state’s requirements to become a certified nurse with a list of state certified nursing assistant Registries and information about the certified nurse assistant’s duties and responsibilities along with practical skill assessment. It even has information pertaining to strategic approach towards the exam and physical and mental preparedness for the day of the test. The cost of this book is USD 12.

Mosby’s Textbooks for Nursing Assistants

Another useful book for a certified nursing aides is “Mosby’s Textbooks for Nursing Assistants”. This book is considered a trusted resource and offers a comprehensive coverage for a Certified Medical Assistant. The book’s contents includes the presentation of the certified nurse, the body structure and function, nutrition and fluids, preventing infection, measuring vital signs, admission and discharges procedures, mental health problems and basic emergency care or assisting with physical examination.

The key is that this book has a complete coverage of certified nurse assistant in a simple language, but that is just one feature. It has 100 plus procedures for nursing assistants, NNAAP exam skills are highlighted, and team skills of a nursing group are preached. It talks about the age-specific nursing care distinguishing between child and old age care, key abbreviations and terms and has chapter wise review questions.

It comes in a kit which has a companion CD consisting of videos on various nursing aide skills and a workbook which helps learning varied skills, exercises and activities challenging you to recall what you have learnt and it has a checklist of over a 100 procedures in the textbook. It is a comprehensive package for your preparation for the certified nurse assistant exam. The cost of this textbook is USD 60.

Nursing Diagnosis Handbooks: An Evidence-Based Guide to Planning Care

This is another important book for a medical assistant written by Betty J. Ackley and Gail B. Ladwig. This book presents how to create customized care plans with a three-step process i.e. information and assessment, diagnosis based on the assessment and plan care as per the desired result. It includes the diagnoses for over 1300 patient symptoms, diagnostic procedures and medical and psychiatric diagnoses.

The book is divided in three parts, the first part refers to the nursing process, nursing diagnosis and evidence-based nursing, the second part includes a guide to nursing diagnoses and the third is a guide to planning care.

The book’s prime constituents are the case studies. With such a variety of cases, this is one book which you would refer to repeatedly not just for exam preparation, but throughout your practice life. The cost of the nursing diagnosis handbook is USD 40.

These were some of the CNA books for helping all the students who are interested in becoming a certified nurse. These books will definitely help you clear your certified nursing aide license exam and make you a certified nursing assistant.

Given below is the table that represents the prices of few CNA books:

CNA Books and their Prices

Free CNA Books

Free study materials help to acquire the best knowledge and information at the least prices and make you more competitive during the exam. It is important that you use these study material that are based on the syllabus approved by your respective state. For this, you need to instill the habit of making notes simultaneously while studying prior to the exam.

You can get free CNA books from the internet, as there are number of reference booklets which can be downloaded from the internet and used for the preparation of the exam. There are many certified nurse assistant study material online that can be bought at cheaper price as compared to buying them directly from book shops.

You will have to ensure that the quality of the reference manuals is good enough; otherwise there is no point of using the free books for your preparation. One thing you can rely upon is the recommendation of your instructors and other renowned professionals.

Thus, the method of online books is one of the best ways to buy study material at discounted prices.

You can find high quality reference materials that cover the required subjects. It is important to invest some time in research to pick up the best study material that would help you to clear the written test as well as the skills test effectively.

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