Black Friday Deals for Nurses & CNAs 2024

Nurses are one of the most important people for patient care. They’re always there when you need them, but they don’t get paid enough to make ends meet. Here are some Black Friday deals that will help nurses save money on items they may not have budgeted for or even know about!


Nursing shoes – A good pair of shoes is essential to a nurse’s health and well-being. But with all the walking around hospitals, it can be tough to find a comfortable pair that doesn’t hurt your feet in three hours or less. Luckily, this Black Friday, Skechers has 40% off select styles in their store! All these options will provide more cushioning and support than traditional nursing shoes while still giving you great style at an affordable price.

Socks – Sometimes, nurses also need to move between floors far away from the elevators. Having a good pair of socks that are comfortable barefoot is crucial for this reason. Thankfully, an awesome deal on socks will be available at some stores on Black Friday. Hanes has select styles on sale for $5!

Nursing scrubs – Nurses are known for their colorful signature uniform scrubs. But when you’re on a budget, it can seem impossible to get these cute outfits without paying upwards of $40 per top or bottom at your local medical supply store! Luckily, this Black Friday has some great deals on scrubs. For example, both Landau and Cherokee are having sales where you can get two scrub tops for just $30!

T-shirts — If you’re not feeling like wearing a whole outfit for your shift, or want to show support for your team through the season, this next sale is perfect for you. Landau will be having Black Friday specials on t-shirts where you can get two for $20!

Earrings – For those who work in the cardiac unit and need to protect their ears constantly, this next deal is perfect for you. Rene Rofe has select stud earrings on sale for only $7!

Purse – A good purse can be difficult to find when you’re on a budget and need it to hold everything from your nursing supplies to your lunch. Luckily, some stores will have some great purse deals this Black Friday. For example, both Macy’s and Target are advertising select purses $5 or less.

Face mask – A face mask is another must-have for nurses. A person with a contagious disease shouldn’t be touching the same surfaces as other patients, and nurses need to protect themselves from spreading anything dangerous! This deal gets you 10 face masks for just $5.

Blouse – A simple white blouse is a part of most nursing uniforms, so if you need to stock up on them, you should check some stores for deals. Target will have select styles $5 or less, while Macy’s is advertising some at 40% off.

Disposable underwear – These are an absolute necessity when it comes to certain procedures, but who wants to spend money on something you’re just going to throw away? Amazon has a two-pack of underwear for only $13.99, and free shipping with an order over $25! If you’ve got a long shift ahead of you, these will be a lifesaver when it comes time to change out of your uniform. They give you enough coverage to stay comfortable throughout the day, and help you avoid any embarrassing moments in front of patients.

Nursing pads – Leaking during the day is one thing, but after a long shift at work? You’ve got to change those nursing pads immediately! This Black Friday deal will help you out with that; save $13 on this pack of 96 Ultra Thin Disposable Nursing Pads! The pack includes 48 of each size, so you can keep your patients comfortable from start to finish.

Nurse hats – Nurses are known for their signature hats, so it can be tough to find cute ones at an affordable price. Luckily, this Black Friday deal will help nurses save money on headwear while still looking fashionable! For example, both Cherokee and Landau are offering $20 off select nurse’s caps.

Nurse tote bags – Nurses often have so many things they need to carry with them throughout their day. To help them organize all their essentials, this Black Friday deal will let nurses get a tote bag for just $15! It comes with three separate pockets and is larger than most bags of the same price, which makes it great for holding everything from books and tablets to snacks!

Backpack – If there is one thing nurses know about, it’s carrying things. To make life easier (and more stylish!), this Black Friday deal will get you a Vibrelli Nurse Bag for just $60! With so many compartments and pockets, you’ll always be able to find what you need when it’s time to clock out.

Lunch bag – Who says you can’t bring your lunch with you on the job? This Black Friday deal will get you a Coleman 30 Can Chiller for just $15! Keep your food and drinks cold all day long, and never worry again about those nasty spills that happen in transport!


Stethoscope – You’ll need a stethoscope to help you listen to your patients’ heartbeats, lungs, and other vitals throughout their stay. This Black Friday deal will get you an Omron Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope with Tunable Diaphragms for just $15! You can’t beat that price – especially because this device can be used for all ages, not just adults.

Sphygmomanometer – A sphygmomanometer is another essential tool for nurses. It’s used to get accurate blood pressure readings, which are crucial in diagnosing and treating patient conditions. Plus, it’ll help you monitor your own vitals throughout the day! The Omron Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor will be just $25 this Black Friday – that’s 50% off the regular price!

Pill reminder – No matter how much you trust your patients, it’s always a good idea to have an automated reminder system. This device is perfect for nurses working in busy hospitals or clinics where they may not be able to give their full attention to every patient at all times. You can get one of these devices for 50% off this Black Friday!

Blood pressure cuffs – Monitoring your patient’s blood pressure is an important part of healthcare. You can get a great deal on Amazon this Black Friday with the Omron Blood Pressure Monitor for just $30! This model includes everything you need to take accurate measurements, including batteries and an easy-to-read display.

Pulse oximeter – A pulse oximeter is an essential tool for any nurse. This device measures just how much oxygen each of your patient’s blood cells can hold – which can be affected by everything from low oxygen levels to heart rate and other problems. Right now, you could buy a Contec CMS50D Pulse Oximeter Monitor on Amazon for $40! That’s a savings of $90 from the retail price!

Thermometer – Nursing can be stressful, but not taking accurate temperature readings of your patients is never an option. With this Black Friday deal by Braun, you could get a digital thermometer for just $15! That’s half the price it retails for! The device will take oral, rectal or underarm measurements to give you peace of mind that it’ll deliver accurate and reliable results.

Tourniquets – You never know when you’re going to need a tourniquet. This Black Friday deal will get you an entire box of 25 for just $12! That’s enough to last through even the longest shift, and they come in handy if any emergencies arise!

Emergency kit – Nurses also need to be prepared in the event of any emergency that may arise. This Black Friday deal will help nurses keep their cool whether they’re at work or home! The First Aid Only All-purpose First Aid Essentials Kit is on sale for $20, and it comes with everything nurses need to treat minor injuries like cuts, burns (including sunburns), and bruises. It even has an eye wash that can help flush out chemicals or other objects if needed!

OTC medicine – Nurses are always on the go, so it can be tough to find time to stop and get over-the-counter medicine. To help them save money while still being able to treat minor ailments, this Black Friday deal will offer 25% off select OTC medications at Rite Aid!

Nurse call lights – These are used in hospitals so patients can call for help at any time. Amazon is offering this Nurse Call System with Four Stations and Two Transmitters for just $30! This system will allow you to communicate with your patients over four different rooms – perfect if you’re an on-call nurse working overnight!

Personal productive item

Smartphone – Your smartphone is a great tool to have on hand in case of emergencies, but it can also be used as an actual stethoscope when paired with the right app! This Black Friday deal will get you two apps for one: both iSteth and Heart Palp. Plus, since they’re available through Apple’s app store, there are no pesky downloads or viruses to worry about.

Nursing laptops – Nurses are often required to document patient history or update their own personal notes throughout the day. To help them save time, this Black Friday deal will let nurses get a Dell Chromebook laptop for just $229! That’s an amazing price considering that these devices are typically marketed towards students and educators. If you’re looking for something more powerful, though, check out Target’s sale on the HP Stream Laptop. You’ll get a full-size laptop with Windows for just $129!

Writing pens – You’ll want pens for all those charts and forms that need to be filled out. This Black Friday deal will get you a Sharpie Highlighter Set of 12 for just $12! These bright colors are hard to miss, so there’s no worry about missing important details in your paperwork!

Journal notebooks – It’s important to keep track of everything you do as a nurse, but jotting it all down on paper isn’t always possible. Instead, try out these Black Friday deals with this pack of 100 Nurse Journal Notebooks! You can write your daily entries or just take notes during patient care – then easily tear the pages apart when they’re full.

Nurse watches – Nursing can be stressful, but with the right watch you don’t have to worry about constantly checking your phone or tapping on the screen of your tablet. These deals make it easy – get a Nurse Watch for just $12! That’s 60% off of its standard retail price!

Nurse’s notepad – Nurses often need lots of space for note-taking during patient examinations. That’s why this Black Friday, you can get a 24 pack of Mead Spiral Notebooks for just $12! This is an amazing deal considering that these are typically sold in packs of 48 or 72 at most office supply stores!

Medical reference book/drug guide – Nurses are responsible for keeping up to date with the latest medical information, but they don’t always have time to read through all of it. Fortunately, this Black Friday deal will provide nurses an easy way to save money! Chegg is offering 50% off select Medical Reference Books and Drug Guides.

Water bottle – This may seem like an odd stocking stuffer, but trust us on this one! This Black Friday deal will get you a 24-pack of Crystal Light Pure for just $15! You can fill these bottles with hot or cold water, so they’re great for all seasons. Plus, the individual packets are super lightweight and easy to transport in your pocket!

Coffee mug – To get you through your next overnight shift, this Black Friday deal will get you a Superior Stainless Steel Coffee Mug for just $12! The double-insulated design keeps your coffee hot and the outside of the mug cool – perfect if you need to carry it with any frequency.

Home item

Robot vacuum – With all that time spent on your feet, it can be tough to make sure your house is as clean as you’d like it. This Black Friday deal will get you a robot vacuum for just $79! The iRobot Roomba 650 Vacuum Cleaning Robot can automatically clean floors and carpets, so there’s no need to worry about lifting a finger!

Slow cooker – It can be tough to find time in your busy schedule to cook a healthy meal for yourself or others. This Black Friday deal will help nurses save money and make tasty dishes at the same time! Hamilton Beach is offering 20% off select slow cooker models, so you’ll have plenty of room to put together some amazing soups, stews, and chili!

Juicer – Nurses eat a lot of fruits and veggies throughout the day, but it can be tough to find time to prepare them. For those who want to save money or just have better access to healthy food options, this Black Friday you’ll get 40% off select Breville Juice Extractors at Williams Sonoma.

If you’re really serious about finding some awesome deals on nurses’ supplies for Black Friday, then get your list out and check it twice! This article just scratches the surface of all the things that you can get at a discount this Friday. Some other great deals found online include those from brands such as Bealls, Hollister, and Charlotte Russe.

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