CNA Registry in California

Who maintains the CNA registry in California?

Department of Public Health Licensing & Certification Program CNA/HHA/CHT Certification Unit
P.O. Box 997416, MS 3301 Sacramento, CA 95899-7416 Phone: 916.327.2445
Fax: 916.552.8785

Who investigates complaints in your state?

Department of Public Health Licensing & Certification Program
Professional Certification Branch/Investigation Section
P.O. Box 997416, MS 3303 Sacramento, CA 95899-7416
Abuse Hotline: 916.492.8232
Main Phone: 916.445.4423

California is a good state to take your career as a certified nursing assistant forward. The state has opportunities galore and recognizes the value of certified nursing assistants. The average salary for the CNA in the state of California is around $32,000 per year. But for that, you should have completed a training program and apply for the California CNA license to work in the state of California.

CNA License Requirements in California

The candidate first has to at least have a high school diploma and must have completed the age of 16. The candidate aspiring to become a nurse aide must get enrolled in the state-approved training course that imparts both theoretical and practical knowledge to the students.

The candidate must have finished training of 160 credit hours, out of which 60 hours must have been devoted to theoretical courses while 100 credit hours should be earned from clinical skill training. Add to that at least 6 hours out of the 160 credit hours must have been spent on the needs of the patients suffering from mental disorders such as dementia, cerebral palsy, and mental retardation. Finding a quality CNA program is important, for that visit our this post.

Those who can’t go for the regular course may opt for online training programs offered by many universities and colleges. This is a convenient way to learn the technicalities involved with the nursing assistant job. After you have completed the training, you need to appear for the certification test that again consists of a written and a practical test.

The written test is usually a set of 100 multiple choice questions that are to be answered within a given time frame while the practical test is conducted on a live model before the state examiners. The practical test is basically putting your theoretical knowledge into action. For free CNA practice test online visit our this post.

This also provides you with an opportunity to showcase your temperament and talent to handle real-life situations. Don’t panic as that will draw you negative remarks, just be sure about whatever you are doing and you will do good.

The candidate is required to clear both the tests so as to be declared as pass. However, in case you have failed you can reappear the exam but for that, you need to check with your state rules as to the number of attempts you are allowed per academic session.

As you pass the exam you are conferred with CNA certification and also license. This license allows you to take up a job in any of the states in the USA. This is particularly helpful if you want to pursue your nurse aide career in the state of California while you come from a different state.

However, the point to be noted here is that aspirants have to take the approval of their parents if they want to work in California. You have to take care below mentioned things while applying for a California CNA license.

How to Verify your CNA License in California

California Public Healthcare Department allows you to verify your CNA license online. To verify your license go to the link below and follow steps:

California CNA License Verification

How to Renew your CNA license in California

A candidate must have completed 48 hours of continuing education through state-approved training. The candidate should have worked as a paid professional with any health care service provider within the two years from the date of getting the certification and work license.

Renewal Requirements 48 hours of continuing education.


Worked as a paid professional within 24 months.

Validation 24 Months
Time Required Two to Three Weeks

California CNA License Renewal Form

How to Transfer your CNA License in California

This helps you take up job offers from the state of California even if you hail from a different state. However, the candidate will be required to undergo verifications such as the ones given below:

  • The candidate applying for California CNA license has to undergo a health check-up
  • There would be thorough scrutiny conducted to ensure you don’t have a criminal past or have any offense to your name in the prior state
  • Provide your fingerprints
  • Two passport size photographs
  • Photo ID proof
  • Immunization test conducted within the last 6 months so as to ascertain that you are in a good health condition and don’t pose a threat to the people will be dealing with a nurse aide

All the above documents and claims will be verified by the concerned state health department and upon successful verification, you will be awarded a California CNA license. If you fail to satisfy any of the eligibility criteria you will have to sit for the test conducted by the state of California and pass it to be allowed to work in California.

California CNA License Reciprocity

The nurse aide’s job is hectic and sometimes there is no fixed working hour as well. As the CNA might be required to be on duty to attend to emergency duties, however, if one is driven by the commitment and passion to serve the ailing, they will never regret their decision to have chosen nursing assistants as their profession.

The nurse aides are always in demand and proportionate to the demand in improved health care facilities. It is very difficult for the health care industry to carry on with their work without the services of the CNA. The certified nursing assistant might stand fairly low as far as the hierarchy of the medical professionals is concerned but that doesn’t mean their responsibility is less or they are not important.


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