CNA Certification in District of Columbia

If you are located in the District of Columbia and want to become a CNA, then you need to join a course that is approved by the state. In order to get CNA certification in District of Columbia, you have to take the certification exam and clear the exam.

Although the economy of the state is growing, the demand for the nurse aides is also growing.

So if you plan to start your career as a certified nursing assistant in this state, then you will get a good chance of getting a job and a salary as you get experience.

How to achieve CNA certification in District of Columbia

If you want to get a CNA certification in the District of Columbia, then the first thing that you should do is to search for classes that are approved by the state.

You can enroll as a regular student or join online classes. If you cannot afford to leave your job and do this course, then joining online class is the best option for you.

These programs are available in various schools, colleges, technical institutes, long term care facilities, hospitals, and nursing homes.

If you join an online course, then you should check if they provide some clinical training or hands-on experience that would help you to pass your clinical skills test.

Requirements of CNA certification District of Columbia

In order to get CNA certification in Columbia, you should complete a course that has state approval and it should provide you with 120 hours of training.

Out of this, 45 hours should be imparted as classroom training; 30 hours should be dedicated to skills training, and 45 hours should be part of hands-on experience and the students should learn how to provide care to patients.

This ensures that the students learn how to interact with the patients and their families, other members of the care facility, nurses; they would also learn how to address the needs of the health of the patients or residents and make reports of the patients.

After the completion of this course, you should take the certification test and then pass the test. This test will comprise of two parts, the first part is a written test exam in which you will get to answer multiple choice questions.

You will be taught several skills. You will be asked to demonstrate three skills out of five. So you should be very well prepared with this part of the exam. If you want to get certification, then you should clear both the skills and the written test. Only then you will get certified as a CNA.

The state will need to check if you have any criminal background. Most of the schools do this checking before they enroll a student into a program. They take your finger print and send it for verification.

Step 1 – To download the application click the link below:

Step 2 – Submit your application to the following address

  • If you are using US Mail service, mail to:American Red Cross
    PO Box 5875
    Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17110
  • If you are using an overnight courier service, send to:American Red Cross
    1804 North Sixth Street
    Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17102

Cost of CNA training program in District of Columbia

The cost of a CNA training program in Columbia can range from $400 to $1000. When you check for the cost of a training program, make sure that you ask your school if the cost they have quoted for the training program is inclusive of the supplies like scrubs, uniform, shoes, stethoscope, books and so on.

Ask them if they have any other associated cost, other than what they have mentioned in their brochure. Some of them may not include the cost of supplies in their training program. The CNA refresher course in DC costs approximately from $100 to $200.

There are many training schools that offer financial assistance to students. You can apply for a scholarship or financial aid for your training. Several community agencies also provide help to students who lack funds for training.

Another way of saving the cost of training program is to enroll in a hospice care facility like a nursing home, hospital or a long term care facility that offers this program. These facilities usually do not charge any fee for the training program.

However, you might be asked to sign a bond to work with them for some specific period of time after the training is over. Also make sure that the training that they offer is accredited by the state.

Renewal of CNA certification in DC

If you want to get your license as a CNA, then you should take the test within 24 months of completing the program. This license is valid for the next 24 months.

Within this period, you should have had training of a minimum of 24 hours. The renewal fee for license is about $12. You will be mailed a renewal form two to three months prior to date from which your license will expire.

Fill up this form and mail it back as soon as possible along with the renewal fee and proof of continuing education.

If your license lapses and you fail to renew it, you will have to take the certification test once again. You should also not have been charged of felony, abuse or neglect of the residents or patients during that time.

Step 1 – To download the application click the link below:

Step 2 – Submit your application to the following address

Pearson VUE / DCNA Registry
PO Box 13785
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19101-3785

District of Columbia is a very good state to start your career as a certified nursing assistant. This is because CNAs get more salary in this state than compared to other states.

On an average, the starting salary can range from $24,500 to $28,000 per annum. The process of CNA certification in District of Columbia is different as compared to CNA in Delaware or any other state.


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