Complete Guide to Get a CNA License in Alaska

To be eligible to work as a CNA in the state of Alaska, one needs to have an Alaska CNA license. Whether you belong to a state other than Alaska, then also you can carry on with your work if you are equipped with an Alaska CNA license. This makes your status legal to continue working for your employer in the state of Alaska.

CNA License Requirements in Alaska

However, before you set out to work as a CNA, you have to cross many hurdles. The first thing that you should do is appear in a GED or ABLE test. A high school degree is not required to be a CNA in the state of Alaska. You may also go for a CNA course after your associate degree or bachelor’s degree; however, a high school degree is a minimum qualification that is needed for you to be eligible to take the CNA training course. Some many colleges and universities offer the training course. For those who can’t attend the regular training course can make use of the online courses offered by many institutions.

The CNA training course may stretch from a few weeks and go up to 6 months. The training involves both theoretical and practical sessions. After the candidate has undergone training, he/she has to appear for the CNA test, which again comprises a theoretical and practical test. The theoretical test is usually a set of 100 multiple questions that are required to be completed within the time allowed.

The practical test on the other hand, tests a candidate’s understanding of the subject and his ability to handle tricky real-life situations. The practical test is conducted before the state examiners and hence you are expected to be nervous and panicky as you perform the tasks on a live model. However, this is your chance to prove that you have it in you to be a good CNA and present your temperament and skills to the best you can.

The candidate is required to have completed a minimum 60 hours of classroom study and 80 hours of supervised clinical experience in labs and clinics to become a certified nursing assistant. The student must pass both the exams to be declared as pass and awarded the CNA license. However, if one fails the exam, he can still appear for the test once again, but one has to check with state rules as to the number of attempts that a student is allowed per year.

The candidate upon passing the exam is also given a CNA license to continue their work. However, one needs to take care of a few things to ensure a smooth working condition. They are as given below:

License Renewal in Alaska

The Alaska Board of Nursing governs the certified nursing assistant license. A candidate needs to pay $339 to appear for the CNA test in an attempt to become a certified nursing assistant. The candidate has to make sure that he renews his CNA license every two years.

The Alaska Board of Nursing states that the candidate should have completed at least 12 hours of continuing education in the first two years and at least 24 hours in the subsequent years. The candidate must also have completed a minimum of 160 hours of paid employment with a health care facility. Voluntary work doesn’t count here.

License Transfer from Another State

This is helpful if you have landed an attractive job in Alaska while you belong to another state. To get a CNA certificate in CNA, you will have to comply with all regulations and satisfy the requirements.

You will have to prove that you have completed the CNA training program in your state. The concerned department in the state of Alaska verifies all facts that you have mentioned and passed the exam in your previous state.

The state of Alaska will also do a background checking as to whether you have any criminal past or have been guilty of any offense in your former state. Once this confirms that you have a clean record, your application will be processed and you will be issued CNA certification in Alaska.

You need to make sure that,

  1. you have filled the requisite application form
  2. Attached a money order of the amount mentioned in your form or receipt. Sometimes your employer may pay the amount for you or reimburse the same.
  3. Attach passport size photograph duly signed
  4. Attach a filled fingerprint card
  5. You have two fill up and submit two forms which are, verification of credentials for Nurse Aide Registry Form and verification of training for Nurse Aide Registry in Alaska.

You will have to meet every requirement that allows you to work in the state of Alaska. If you fail to meet any of them, you will be required to undergo the CNA training and the test all over again to gain the Alaska CNA license.

A CNA has opportunities galore and can get employment in various health care facilities such as Government public health centers, nursing homes, clinics, universities, hospitals, acute care centers, rehabilitation centers, laboratories and even private homes of the patients. A CNA doesn’t have a fixed time of job and may also be called on duty on leaves or holidays. The schedule may be tight, but if you have the motivation and zeal to bring a difference in someone’s life, you will not regret your decision to have chosen this profession.


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