How Hard is CNA Training?

With the job of that of a certified nursing assistant turning out to be a lucrative career option in modern times, with more and more job opportunities being created in this filed, more and more aspirants are seen to step into this particular field of health care.

Modern men do have a lot of money with the concept of globalization being into practice like never before; however what is lacked by today’s men is the proper amount of time to give to their sick relatives, which is also a reason for us going away from the concept of family closeness. We cannot but be a victim of this. Especially, during those times when someone in our family is ill, then that person cannot but wish to be more cared for and loved by us.

In such a situation, if we lack time to devote, the next best possible thing to be done on our part is to take the person to a health care facility which boasts of having the services of caring certified nursing assistants, which do not let the sick person feel the absence of their near and dear ones. After the required training of that of a nursing assistant has been taken, the aspirant in the field next needs to go through the process of the certification test- becoming a certified nursing assistant.

Why Do We Need CNA?

The important job of the certified nursing assistant is to make sure that lacking the capacity to perform all the daily work of life, the certified nursing assistant lends a helping hand in the patients performing them. Some of these daily chores include bathing the patients, assisting them in dressing and feeding, and at times assisting them to perform their essential functions such as visiting the washroom.

Apart from a few of these chores which are very palpable, and are known to help the patient, what often seems to be ignored in acknowledging the great responsibility of the certified nursing assistant is the tremendous amount of emotional and social support that is given to the patient from the side of the certified nursing assistant since s/he are the ones who are there with the patients at most of the time, throughout the day and that is the reason behind the patients revealing important information to them at times.

These are also reasons why the certified nursing assistants are relied so much upon passing on some important information to the registered nurses or the licensed professional nurses about the physical conditions of the patients, as well as their mental state.

Apart from all this, the certified nursing assistants are needed to be there with the licensed professional nurse or the registered nurses, popularly referred to as the LPNs or the RNs respectively, and assist them while they are performing a few tasks by holding the instruments related to the treatment process, and at times also checking the vital signs of the sick persons.

In order to become a certified nursing assistant, the basic qualification that is required is to have a high school diploma at least or a GED. If a person has the requisite qualification, he or she can go for taking up the training to become a certified nursing assistant.

What is CNA ( Certified Nursing Assistant ) Training?

This training is basically for a period of 6 to 12 weeks of CNA certification program in either a community college or a health care facility. Of course, the entire course of CNA training can be completed very fast provided all the classes have been properly attended.

The training that is required to be gone through by the nursing assistants in order to be qualified to serve as CNA s at times becomes very rigorous. These training classes need to be attended in those institutes which have been approved by the state of origin of the aspirant.

This whole process of training has to be done for a time frame of as much as 75 hours, with as much as 51 hours to be devoted in the classroom for the purpose of training, and 24 hours of real training as regards the care that has to be provided to the patients in the health care facility.

After the due completion of the required training in order to serve in the capacity of a certified nursing assistant, the next step that needs to be done is to go through the tests that are further divided into two sections – the written as well as the practical or the skills test, which is conducted by the State Board of Nursing in the state.

Though there might be differences in the manner of conducting the tests, most of the states require that the candidate has to pass through the CNA certification test, which is conducted to assess whether the nursing assistant has sufficient knowledge and skills or not.

In fact, the process of going through this test might be a process of real worry for some nursing students, but that is also the reason precisely why the nursing assistant needs to be thoroughly prepared by attending all the classes properly, as well as preparing for the test well.

At times, the certified nursing assistants are referred to by different names, such as home health aides, nurses’ aides, orderlies as well as patient care technicians, whatever suits best as per the health care facility. Some of the most common places where these certified nursing assistants work are the community care facilities which are specially meant for the elderly people, the hospitals, the nursing care facilities and so on.

The Skill Test

The classroom teachings in the process of undergoing the training for the CNA certification involve knowledge as regards the basic skills of nursing, a bit of knowledge regarding the anatomy and the physiology of the human body, a little bit regarding the facts of providing nutrition to the patients, as well as how to maintain the proper hygienic methods while on duty in the health care facility.

While in the process of training practically or in the internship, the candidates acquire a lot of knowledge regarding the practical aspects associated with looking after the sick persons. It is advisable to keep waiting for the notification regarding the test’s time as well as location, which will be made known by either a mail, or a letter at the mailing address of the candidate.

While going for appearing in the exam, it should be kept in mind that there has to be a pencil that needs to be taken, as well as the ID card, and a second-hand watch, which might be required to check the blood pressure or the respiration.

The Written Test

The written test mainly consists of 100 multiple-choice questions. After the candidate completes this, he/she will be called for the practical section of the test, also referred to as the skills test, wherein the practical ability of the candidates would be tested.

The basic things that are seen in this practical part of the exam are how well versed the student is in performing the practical part of nursing responsibilities, as well as in observing the rules of behavior with the sick person and in maintaining the hygiene methods.

The certification test – becoming a certified nursing assistant is just a method to assess how best the nursing assistant has acquired the knowledge and skills related to nursing, but at the end of the day what matters is the zeal to serve the patients in their times of need. These days the job offers for the certified nursing assistants are on the rise, with a salary of an average of $28,592, and all you aspirants wanting to get into the field, what is holding you back?


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