CNA Evening Classes Guide

The demand for certified nursing assistants is all-time high and as per the latest predictions; by the end of 2017 America will need 400,000 more nursing assistants. Considering this and the fact that the healthcare profession call for a steady job many people are inclined towards entering this healthcare allied profession.

But it is not possible for everyone who aspires to attend the regular training classes as they have prior commitments or are working full time. For such aspiring nurse aides, CNA evening classes or part-time classes are a very good option to consider along with the weekend or CNA night classes.

By enrolling in these classes you can continue working and yet ensure that you get the required training to become a professional nursing assistant.

Evening Class Schedule

Evening or part-time classes are conducted during the evening hours and usually last for three hours, three or four days a week which makes it nine to twelve hours a week; such classes last for two to three months within which the minimum hours of training is completed.

Some other part-time classes run through the week including the weekend or either on Saturday or Sunday; such classes are completed within a month and a half after which you are ready for the certification exam.

Features of Evening Classes

Following are some of the important features of CNA evening classes:

  • These classes are conducted in evenings usually between 1830 and 2130 hours, three or four days a week; some evening or part-time classes are conducted right through the week. This part-time feature is the most important one as it allows you to continue with your current employment or any other commitments like full-time education for some other field
  • Such classes last for two to three months depending on the number of days a week and number of hours a day. Those that run throughout the week last for one and a half month; the duration depends on the mandatory hours of a training set by your state
  • Some part-time classes that are not held in the evening offer flexible timings that can suit the needs of various individuals and they can enroll in classes as per their schedule. This feature of part-time CNA classes is specifically helpful to single parents as they can take training as per the timings of the schools of their kids and not miss out on precious family time
  • Just like the weekend CNA classes, these classes encourage students to opt for additional training hours to develop their clinical skills and a pre-test is conducted for evaluation before the certification exam
  • Most of the evening and part-time classes are offered by paying in instalments which are interest-free. You can pay for the admission fee first to reserve a seat; pay for the tuition fee in two instalments on commencement of the classes and midway through the classes and the examination fees can be paid on completion of the classes.
  • The online training classes for nurse aide training are also considered as evening classes as most students attend these classes on the computer interface during the evening after the day’s work. These online classes are conducted by recorded videos performed by experts which include both the theory as well as the clinical training; however, you have to take time out for the obligatory clinical training hours

Is there any Alternative of CNA Evening Class?

Another option for those who have time constraints and want to become a certified nursing assistant is the CNA classes online where all the topics are taught through a computer-internet interface and you can study as per your time schedule. If you like to know more about CNA online classes our this post may help you.

Considerations for Evening Classes

If you have decided to enroll in evening CNA classes or part-time classes it is essential that you take some aspects into consideration like these:

  • Like all nurse aide programs, you must ensure that the evening classes you join are recognized by the state health department or state nursing board because such programs will meet all the obligatory requirements of training as set by your state and you will have no problems in qualifying for the certification exams
  • You have to attend the classes after a hectic day of work so it may take a toll on both your mind as well as on your body. Ensure that you keep up with the energy requirements and not miss out on any of the classes, especially the clinical training hours.
  • You are expected to complete all your daily self-study activities in a timely manner and you cannot use your busy schedule as an excuse for not completing the task at the expected time. If you fall behind you may have to complete the tasks over the weekend and one of the prime reasons why you would join the evening or part-time classes because you don’t want to compromise on the family time at weekends.

For all those who have time constraints due to any reason and don’t want to study during the weekends can join the CNA evening classes or other part-time classes to complete your aspirations of entering a nursing profession, but to attend this evening classes you must be self-disciplined.


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