What is the Difference Between CNA and LVN?

The healthcare industry is booming even under adverse conditions. At this time, when other job openings have completely faded, the demand for healthcare professionals has risen quite significantly. Today, the world needs more caregivers and care providers to help the aging and sick population. Lots of free, online and traditional certified nursing assistant training programs are going on in states.

If you need to start your nursing career and have the confidence to make big even with an entry-level position, become a certified nursing assistant. This position will carve out a career path that will lead you to higher positions such as LVN (Licensed Vocational Nurse).

Medical jobs are full of challenges, and it demands perseverance, patience and confidence to excel. They also offer excellent rewards and opportunities to do something new each day. With new technology and breakthroughs, it is possible to fight a war against the most dreaded diseases.

Healthcare facilities are providing the best of care and treatment to their clients. CNAs or nursing aides are contributing extremely in helping clients, making them healthy, and adding additional years to their lives.

Therefore, these caregivers are in high demand in the industry. If you need to step into this profession, becoming a CNA is a good start to make a future.

There are many benefits to pursuing a medical career. First, you will have a source of living. Next, you will provide a meaning to your life since you would be contributing to saving peoples’ lives.

Lastly, you will have medical insurance and retirement benefits. To make something big in your life, you have to start at the low. Thus, there is no disadvantage in entering this medical with an entry-level position.

Getting into a profession, you always dream about will bring many good things to you. It will also carve a path for your future growth. If you choose to be getting into a profession you always dream about will bring many good things to you. It will also carve a path for your future growth.

If you choose to become a certified nursing assistant, you need to have the nursing skills, relative knowledge of the domain and good exposure with you. Moreover, your confidence will touch the sky since you have been working in a job for years.

By choosing the position of a nursing aide, you will be concreting the foundation on which your career is about to stand. You can progress in your career from a CNA to LVN or LPN (LVN and LPN are both the same. It is just referred differently by states).

There is not so much difference between CNA and LVN But, in salary and further career prospects, an LVN can enjoy more benefits than a CNA. Below, we are going to talk about those aspects.

Work Difference

The CNA stands for Certified Nursing Assistant while the LVN means Licensed Vocational Nurse.

Both CNAs and LVNs work under the supervision of registered nurses. But LVN enjoys more benefits and a good salary than CNAs.

The job certified nursing aides do are limited. No major responsibilities are given to them since the potential of their training is limited.

However, by gaining experience and taking nursing education while being in the job will carve the way for a better career opportunity. Since you are answerable to many things, you will apparently earn more.

Duties and Responsibilities

Though the duties and responsibilities of a certified nursing aide and licensed vocational nurse are the same, the latter usually supervise the former.

LVN can schedule duties to CNAs. You can expect a difference of $15,000 in annual salary between these two caregivers. Further, when experience piles up, LVNs can progress to the position of registered nurses.

Educational Difference

The difference in pay between them is obvious by the fact that you can become a CNA within six to eight weeks.

To become an LVN, you have to take a state-approved training and pass the NCLEX-PN exam to earn a license.

Though the education pattern for the LVN course is similar to CNA, the course length is higher.

Training is provided in the classroom setting for theoretical knowledge, and in a hospital or other healthcare facility for clinical practice.

Career Opportunities Difference

The demand for both CNA and LVN is growing since there is an acute shortage throughout the country. Training for both these careers is available with community colleges and vocational training schools.

The initial requirement for the training is different within states. Working in the CNA’s position is the right step towards becoming an LVN.

No doubt, your pay, job title and responsibilities would be higher, but then many opportunities will be open for you once you have reached this position.

Initially, getting involved in the job will feel like breaking a code, but with time, you will see yourself as a confident healthcare professional that the medical team and clients can believe completely. Therefore, if you want to make progress in your nursing career, starting with an entry-level job as a CNA is a decent option. By doing so, you will be building a path that will lead you to a position of LVN.


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