CNA license in Arkansas: Complete Guide

Are you looking forward to making a CNA career in Arkansas? Then you are on the right track! You will find plenty of colleges in Arkansas that provide approved certified nursing assistant courses. Let me make one thing very clear, no matter from which college or facility you complete your CNA course in Arkansas, you must pursue an Arkansas Office of Long-Term Care approved certified nursing assistant course only. If you do so, you can appear Arkansas State CNA certification exam within the 2-year eligibility period.

You need not worry about the duration of this course, as it lasts for around 7-12 weeks. It includes a minimum of 175 hours of training, split between 100 hours of classroom training and 75 hours of clinical training exercises. This training focuses on covering all nursing related aspects including patient care, restorative care, vital signs, CPR training, medical terminology, safety and emergency procedures, encouraging patients’ rights, documentation and reporting.

The CNA has to get the Arkansas CNA license to be able to continue with his job in the state of Arkansas. This is important as this does your job and stays in the state legally and safely. However, the CNA has to fulfill all legal requirements needed in the state to get the Arkansas CNA license.

CNA License Requriment in Arkansas

The candidate needs to have completed his high school degree. That is the minimum qualification required for a student to get admission in the CNA training program. The CNA training can be stretched for a period of 8 to 13 months and covers 75 hours of theoretical class and 100 hours of practical learning. There are many CNA training schools and institutes that offer CNA training.

For those who aren’t in a position to attend the regular training schedule can opt for the online training program offered by various colleges and universities. Only you have to make sure that you complete the required hours of training. After you have completed the training, you need to appear for CNA test which comprises both written and practical exams. The written test is in place to check the student’s grasp and understanding of the subject and primary health care services and skills. The written test usually is a set of 100 multiple choice questions that need to be answered within a stipulated period.

On the other hand, the practical test aims to check your skills and how well you have understood the subject to be able to handle complex medical situations. The practical exam is conducted on a live model in the presence of state examiners and requires you to demonstrate your skills in a given case. It’s putting your theoretical knowledge into practice. You will be expected to be nervous and fumble but you have to make sure that you keep your cool and present your talent in a manner that convinces the examiners that you have the capability and the maturity to carry off your duties even in the tricky situations.

State Certification Exam

You can apply for state certification exam thrice within 2 years from the date you completed the course. This includes a written test and clinical skills evaluation test. In the written test, you will require to solve 60 multiple choice questions within 90 minutes, which will judge your understanding related to nursing concepts. On the other hand, you can take a written test as an oral test too. The administrator will provide you a CD/cassette player with an earphone.

Each question is repeated once and you can replay it as per need. You will mark the answers on the same sheet, used for the written test. A candidate will require performing any 3 skills (randomly chosen and allotted by an evaluator) in addition to hand washing and indirect care during the skills test.

An evaluator supervises and rates your performance in each skill. No matter how you perform, you must pass in each skill as well as in the written test to qualify. If you can achieve this, you will receive a CNA license from the Arkansas Nurse Aide Registry. With this license, it will be easier for you to find work as a certified nurse aide in the State of Arkansas. By chance, if you fail in the first attempt, do not get disheartened. Just relax, as you can give this exam two more times. Make sure you do not fail in the third attempt, as retaking the entire course will be required.

The candidate needs to clear both the exams to be declared pass. Once you have passed the CNA test, you will be awarded CNA certification, which allows you to start working. However, if you fail the exam, you will have to appear the same exam again but before that you need to check with your state rules as to the number of attempts allowed per academic year.

Along with the CNA certification, one is also given a CNA license that allows you to work in any state of the USA, provided you renew it as and when required. Certain things need to be taken care of as far as the CNA license is concerned. They are as given below:

License Renewal in Arkansas

A candidate to renew his CNA license should have completed a minimum of 75 hours of course work and 100 hours of clinical rotation to be eligible for license renewal. The candidate should have worked as a paid CNA with some health care service providers within two years from the date of having passed the exam. However, volunteering work is not counted as work experience.

This license expires in 2 years. To validate it, you need to renew your license every two years. For this, you require to prove that you have worked as a CNA for at least 8 hours in any authorized nursing facility over the past 2 years in Arkansas State.

Transfer of License

  • Transfer of CNA license helps if you have landed an attractive job in the state of Arkansas but belong to some other state. Transfer of license makes your work permit to be legal and valid. Some things need to be taken care of like, as mentioned below:
  • You need to present proof as to whether you have passed your high school degree or GED
  • A thorough background check is conducted to check for any criminal past or offenses that you may have been guilty of in the prior state
  • Attach two fingerprint cards
  • Photo ID proof
  • Two passport size photographs
  • A negative TB test conducted and proof of immunization

The concerned state health department thoroughly checks the documents mentioned above before they allow you to transfer your CNA license. However, in case you fail to authenticate any of your claims, you will need to appear for the CNA test once again as per the rule of the state of Arkansas. Following successful completion, you will be allowed to have the Arkansas CNA license so that you take up the job with the health care service providers.

The CNA has a lot of job opportunities can find jobs in various health care facilities like hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, acute care centers, adult care centers, Government public health centers, community health center, military hospitals, universities, laboratories and even private homes of the patients.

CNA Salary in Arkansas

You need not worry about salary, as CNAs in the Arkansas State earn a decent wage. As per reports, you can easily make anywhere between $19,500 and $22,000 per annum on an average.

Reports also claim that the State of Arkansas expects to see a rise of 23% in the certified nursing assistant position over the next 4-5 years. This is not only good but also much higher than the national average.

Thus there is no point in giving a second thought to whether pursuing CNA education in Arkansas will be good or not, as mentioned figures show that the demand for Certified Nurse Aides is on the rise and seems to be never-ending.


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