CNA Certification Requirements in New Hampshire State

Although nurse aides get a good salary, it is a very physically and emotionally demanding job. However, most of the CNAs say that they don’t mind these challenges as long as they enjoy what they are doing.

As a nurse aide, you will have to work under the direct supervision of a nurse and interact with patients having various emotional and health problems. You will also have to frequently interact with their families.

If you live in New Hampshire and want to enter this noble and challenging profession, then you will have to get CNA certification in New Hampshire before you can apply for a job.

How to achieve CNA certification in New Hampshire

If you wish to become a CNA in this state, then you should start looking for various training programs that will train you to become a CNA in the future and also prepare you to deal with the various challenges.

Most of the training programs will ask you to get proof that you do not have a communicable disease like TB and you do not hold a previous criminal record.

The training program should make you understand the subject and the skills to pass the National Nurse Aide Assessment program or NNAAP. This competency exam has two parts that is the written test and the skills test.

You should pass both of them to get certified as a nurse aide. You will get three chances to clear this test, otherwise you will have to retake the entire course and pay for the fees for both the course and the exam.

The written test consists of 70 multiple choice questions, which should be completed within 2 hours.

You can opt to take oral exam, if you have problem reading English. The oral exam will have 70 questions. Out of these 60 will be multiple choice questions and the remaining 10 will be reading comprehension questions to check if you are aware of the various words related to long term care facility.

For the skills test, you will have to be aware of the various steps involved. Out of the 25 skills taught to you during your training, you will be asked to demonstrate three out of five skills.

If you miss out the main steps to do a particular procedure, your marks will be cut and you will fail the test. Someone from your class will be asked to volunteer as your ‘patient’ and you will have to work for that client to show how a procedure is done.

Requirements for CNA certification New Hampshire

A very important criterion to get certified as a nurse aide in this state is to get trained from a program that is accredited by the state and that provides you with a minimum of 100 hours of training, out of which 40 hours should be reserved for training imparted in the classroom and the remaining 60 hours should be imparted as hands-on training.

You should also be at least 18 years old and should have a high school diploma or an equivalent GED. The state would require you to submit your fingerprint cards to verify that you do not have any criminal background.

Step 1 – To download the application click the link below:

Step 2 – Submit your application to the following address

State of New Hampshire
New Hampshire Board of Nursing
121 South Fruit Street
Concord, New Hampshire – 03301

Cost of CNA training program in New Hampshire

The cost of training programs in this state ranges from $350 – $1250. You can select a program that suits your budget and timings. Some evening or weekend programs are more expensive as compared to the regular programs.

If you get enrolled into an online training program, it might be slightly cheaper.

Another option for CNA aspirants looking for low cost programs is to check if their community colleges offer this course. These colleges will have lower rates as compared to other private institutes.

Some nursing assistants are also selected as trainees in various long term care facilities and offered free training. The entire cost is covered by the employer, but you will have to work for them for a minimum period of time.

Renewal of CNA certification in New Hampshire

Your certification in New Hampshire will remain valid for 2 years and you should renew it before it lapses.

You should have worked for at least 200 hours in the past 2 years to renew your certification and should have received 12 hours of continuing education; which is much more as compared to other states.

If you fail to renew your certification and if it lapses, then you will have to retake the competency test and clear it before you are placed on the Registry again.

If you have CNA certification in Nevada or any other state and wish to relocate to New Hampshire, then you should have your certification ‘active’ in your current state and in good standing.

This means that you should not have a criminal record or have charged of patient neglect, abuse, or misappropriating the property of the patient.

To Get the renewal application contact the board office using following method

Those who have CNA certification in New Hampshire, can take advanced courses beyond the basic level, and get an opportunity to work for better pay as well as position.

The average salary of a CNA in this state is about $30,000 or $14 per hour. After you get your certificate as a nursing assistant, you will get several job opportunities that will help you have a steady job. Most of the professionals get immense job satisfaction from this job.


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