Oklahoma Certified Nursing Assistant Certification

Qualified professionals are always a welcome in any industry. When you get CNA certification in Oklahoma, you become eligible to work in hospitals, nursing homes and various hospice care facilities.

As a nurse aide you will be responsible to take the vital signs of the patients, and assist them with their daily activities like feeding, brushing, walking, toileting, supporting, exercising and other activities.

Most of the professionals find a lot of job satisfaction dealing with patients and working with doctors and nurses.

How to achieve CNA certification in Oklahoma

If you wish to get certified as a nurse aide, you should start searching for schools that provide training to you and are also accredited by the state.

Many of these schools would like to check if you have a clear background with no criminal record or report of substance abuse.

Some might ask you to get reports of your physical examination from a doctor stating that you do not have any communicable disease like TB and that you are fit to do physical work. Some of them might conduct a personal interview to shortlist students.

After you get accepted into a training program, you should be able to complete it successfully to qualify to take the competency exam. You will be allowed to take this test for three times to clear it; otherwise you will have to retake the whole program before being allowed to appear for the exams once again.

This test comprises of two parts, the written and skills test. The written test consists of several multiple choice questions that should be completed within a stipulated time.

You should be very thorough with what you were taught in the classroom to clear this test. For the skills test, any five questions will be asked randomly from the various skills taught to you during your hands-on experience.

You should be able to perform at least the main steps in the given procedures, else marks will be reduced. In order to get certified as a nurse aide, you should pass both the tests. If you fail in one, you will have to retake that test and also pay the fee for it.

Requirements for CNA certification – Oklahoma

When you plan to become a CNA in the state of Oklahoma, you should shortlist only those schools that have state approved training programs which provide you with at least 120 hours of training.

Out of this, at least 16 hours should be spent in clinical training and the remaining time should be kept for classroom training. After your training is over, you should take the competency test and clear it to be certified as a nurse aide.

Get the application using this link:

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Cost of CNA training program in Oklahoma

The cost of training programs in the state starts from $570 and can go up to about $1500.

However, some training programs in the state do not include the associated cost like the cost of the training materials, text books, and supplies.

When you shortlist the programs according to your budget, make sure that you calculate the total cost of the program.

If you do have enough money to afford the cost of training, you can either get in touch with a community college. They offer training programs at cheaper rates than regular schools.

The community colleges also offer programs at lower rates or they can guide you to look for various long care facilities in your county where you can work as trainee.

You might have to sign a bond with them to work for them for a period of time mentioned in the bond. You can even apply for grants or loans if you belong to low income group; and qualify to get financial aid.

Renewal of CNA certification in Oklahoma

After you are qualified to practice as a nurse aide, your certification will remain valid for the next 24 months.

In order to qualify for renewal, you should have worked for at least 8 hours for pay in the past 24 months. Volunteer work will not be accepted for renewing certification. Your employer should provide written proof of your work experience.

A renewal mail will be sent to you 2 to 3 months prior to the expiry of your license. You should complete the form and have your certification renewed well before it expires.

If you fail to have your certification renewed and it expires, then you will have to retake the competency test and pay the fee for it.

If you have CNA certification in Ohio or any other state and want to relocate to Oklahoma, then you should get in touch with the Nurse Aide Registry of your state and apply for reciprocity in your current state.

Oklahoma does accept your reciprocity, provided your certification is active in your current state and in good standing. This means that you should not have been charged of felony or theft or not have been accused of patient abuse or neglect.

You should submit a copy of your

  • Driving license
  • Social security number
  • Proof of your education and certification
  • Background check and a letter from your current or latest employer

If your certification has expired in your current state, then you may have to take the competency exam to get certified as a nurse aide in Oklahoma.

To download the renewal application click the link below:

The demand for qualified nursing assistants in the healthcare industry in Oklahoma has been increasing in the past few years, and this demand is expected to grow in the years to come.

So if you get CNA certification in Oklahoma, you will increase your chances of getting hired as a nurse aide in various patient care settings. The salary of a nurse in the state is about $22,000 and is expected to grow significantly.


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