Nurse Aide Registry in Ohio

Who maintains the CNA registry in Ohio?

Christine D. Allen
Bureau of Regulatory Operations
Ohio Department of Health
246 North High Street
Columbus, OH 43215-2412
Phone: 800.582.5908

Who investigates complaints in your state?

David Holston
Bureau of Regulatory Operations Office of Ohio Department of Health
246 North High Street
Columbus, OH 43215-2412
Phone: 614.644.6220

Ohio CNA license is your gateway to opportunities that the state of Ohio offers. Ohio has been perceived by land of opportunities aplenty for the right CNA candidates. If you belong to a state other than Ohio, then you don’t have to worry if you are in the possession of an Ohio CNA license, as you can transfer this license and work as a CNA.

Gaining the CNA license of that state. This makes your stays and works in the state valid and keeps you away from any legal trouble. The population is ever-growing and so does the need for high tech medical health care units and hospitals. But Ohio has witnessed a shortage of qualified certified nursing assistants as against the volume required.

Hence, this is perceived by many as a land of good prospect and wants to begin their career from here. Having a valid certified nursing assistant license in Ohio would help you get your dream break in the land of opportunities and also keep you away from any legal issues that may crop up because of your outsider status.

CNA License Requirements in Ohio

If anyone wants to become a certified nursing assistant he should at least have a high school or a GED degree to his name. However, the higher qualified he is the better will be his career prospect. So, if you have the minimum qualification required, you can get enrolled in the state approved CNA training program that is offered by many colleges and Institutes. Visit this post to find a quality CNA program in Ohio.

Those who are willing bit due to some reason can’t make it for the regular course can make the use of online training program available with many Universities. This costs less and is a convenient way of learning. This CNA training program is usually spread over a minimum of 75 hours and includes at least 16 hours each of classroom learning and hands-on clinical instruction.

After the successful completion of the training, the candidate has to appear for a CNA test that again involves a written as well as a practical test. The aspirant has to clear both the exams in order to be declared having passed the exam. In the event that you fail the CNA test, you can still reappear the test. However, you need to check with the Ohio Department of Health as to the number of attempts allowed per academic year. For free CNA practice test before the final exam, visit our this post.

Once you have passed the CNA test you become eligible for the CNA certification and also the CNA license. You can also begin your job search in whichever state in the USA once you have the CNA license. This license allows you to move and take up a job in any state even if you don’t belong to that particular state. However, take care of the following:

How to Verify your CNA License in Ohio

To verify your license in Ohio go to the below URL and follow the required steps.

Ohio Nurse Aide License Verification

How to Renew your CNA License in Ohio

CNA license is important as this lets you continue to enjoy your job. However, remember to get your CNA license renewed every 24 months. Usually, you will receive a notification from the Ohio Department of Health much before the date of your CNA license expiry by mail or post.

You need to fill up this recertification form with the necessary data and send it back along with the required fee. This will let your license renewal process begin.

Before all this though, you need to have worked as a paid CNA for at least 8 hours within the last 24 months with some registered health care provider. Remember that a volunteering association won’t be counted as having work experience.

Renewal Requirements

Minimum 8 hours of work within 24 months

Renewal Fee

The renewal fee will be mentioned in your renewal form


24 Months

Time Required

Two to Three Weeks

Note: Ohio Department of Health will mail you a reminder with a renewal form attached to it. You must fill up the renewal form and mail back to the department.

How to Transfer your CNA License in Ohio

This helps you to migrate from a state to some other state in pursuant to your dream job. Usually, the Ohio Department of Health would initiate an enquiry into your conduct and check your background which must be healthy.

It also requires you to have undergone an immunization test so as to make sure that you have good health and thus don’t pose a threat to the patients you will be attending to and the people you will be dealing with. If you meet the criteria set by the Ohio Department of Health, you are all set to get your CNA license transferred to Ohio.

Note: If you have any question regarding your license renewal, verification or transferring process contact the Ohio registry office or contact us here.

Advantage of Having a CNA License in Ohio

A valid certified nursing assistant license in Ohio would get you jobs with various health care facilities such as,

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Community health centers
  • Acute care centers
  • Adult daycare centers
  • Universities
  • Military hospitals
  • Laboratories
  • Government public health care center
  • Mobile medical unit

Private nursing homes and even the private homes of the patients who need 24 hours of medical and no medical care and attention.

A full time certified nursing assistant in the state of Ohio stands to make about $28,000 a year with some medical service providers even offering their employees benefits like health insurance, paid leave, retirement saving plan and paid holidays. Highly qualified and more experienced certified nursing assistants stand to gain more.

Your valid CNA license helps you carry on with your job without worrying about any legal repercussions. A CNA usually works in a team of doctors and registered nurse and does his duties as the doctor prescribes. He is sensitive, has good interpersonal communication skills and is able to read, write and speak English which enables him to carry out his responsibilities judiciously.

The nature of the job of a CNA may at times interfere with the personal space of the CNA with him requiring to report for duty even when he is on leave or even during holidays but if you have the drive and compassion to see through a person in his difficult times and make him self sufficient once again, you will not regret having chosen CNA as a career.