Can You Be Self Employed as a CNA?

A licensed Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) usually works as part of a healthcare team in a hospital or long-term care facility. Also, they may work in the home health setting. They are required to attend a training program consisting of clinical/ theoretical coursework and pass an exam to obtain a license.

CNA’s duties may vary depending upon the setting they are employed in. But in general, CNA’s duties usually include:

  • Obtaining, recording, and reporting the patient’s vital signs.
  • Performing or assisting with the patient’s daily care routine
  • Ambulating or assisting with the patient’s need for physical movement
  • Frequently turning and positioning patients.
  • Assisting with patients that need help eating and drinking
  • Performing Private Duty in patient’s homes

While most job opportunities for CNAs occur within the healthcare setting, the increase in the aging population has created a demand for qualified caregivers to assist with the elderly or disabled. This need will increase in the future due to the growing number of people caring for their elderly family members at home.

Some CNAs choose to market their services as a self-employed person while practicing within the scope of their license. Check with the Nurses Services Organization (NSO) to purchase liability insurance as a self-employed CNA.

Common duties that self-employed CNAs perform are:

  • Assisting with activities of daily living in a patient’s home
  • Driving the patient to the store and doctor’s office
  • Attending doctor’s appointments
  • Light housekeeping duties
  • Light Cooking duties

Many CNAs choose to use their experience as a stepping stone to pursue other careers within the healthcare profession. For example, some people obtain a Certified Nursing Assistant License before applying to nurse school. A few reasons to seek a CNA License are:

  • To fulfill a requirement in order to apply to a nursing program
  • To explore the healthcare field before choosing to invest in nursing school
  • To obtain a job in the healthcare field while in nursing school
  • To score additional points in a nursing school application process

Whatever the reason for pursuing a CNA license, Top Nurse Info is an excellent resource for exploring CNA information.

For example, you can search for CNA training programs by clicking on Search by State tab on our website’s menu bar. This allows you to choose your state to find only the information you need that concerns your state’s training programs. Under the Resources menu tab, you can access information about the CNA test and find a practice test with answers.

Furthermore, their website has blog articles covering important topics concerning CNA related issues. Their latest article States that allow CNAs to administer medications lists participating states.

Over half of the states in the United States have extended certifications for increasing CNA’s scope of practice. Is your state one of the those offering extending certifications? Feel free to explore our website and follow them on Twitter, and Facebook.

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