What Does a CNA do? Easy to Understand Guide

A CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) is the most important bridge between the doctor and the patients. They are responsible for taking care of the patients admitted to the hospitals. Certified nursing assistants are required in private clinics, residential centers, and nursing homes in order to serve different patients. Their job also differs from one place to another. Now, you might be thinking what does a CNA do and what are the duties and responsibilities that a nursing assistant has to perform while working in medical organizations.

The answer to the most important query of every job aspirants i.e. what does a CNA do is provided below. Apart from the duties and responsibilities mentioned here, the certified nursing aides have to perform various other tasks depending upon the medical condition of the patients.

Checking Vital Signs
  • Measuring blood pressure
  • Measuring body temperature
  • Measuring pulse rate
  • Measuring weight and height
Proper Dietary Care
  • Provide nutrients and supplements
  • Provide liquid diet and healthy drinks
  • Make sure that the meals are provided at the proper time
  • Prepare meals as per the instruction of the dietitian
Medication and Drugs
  • Administer medicine from time to time
  • Provide proper dose of medicine as prescribed by the doctor
  • Provide enema to the patients
Personal and Oral Hygiene
  • Take care of oral hygiene of the patients
  • Make sure that hair and nails are cut on time and kept clean
  • Provide a sponge bath to the patient everyday
  • Prevent bed sores by applying certain ointments
Collection of Sample
  • Collect blood sample for laboratory tests
  • The urine sample is also taken for performing certain tests in the lab
Environmental Cleanliness
  • Maintain cleanliness of the surrounding areas
  • Make sure that the visitors clean their hands with sanitizers while coming in contact with the patients
  • Make sure that the clothes of the patients are washed in antiseptic liquid
Toilet Needs
  • Empty the catheter bags
  • Provide bedpan, urinal, and commode
  • Check the toilet needs of the patients and make sure that bedpan or urinal is kept in a proper position
  • Make sure that the toilet is clean
  • Help the patients in visiting the toilet
Exercising and Mobility
  • Move the patients from one place to another
  • Help the patients in performing exercises as prescribed by the doctor
  • Repositioning the patient from a wheelchair to bed and vice versa
Patients Comforts and Relief
  • Prepare a bed for patients
  • Check the comfort of the patient from time to time
  • Answer the call of the patients immediately
  • Listen to the problem faced by the patients and try to rectify them as soon as possible
  • Keep the calling bell within the reach of the patients
  • Build a rapport with patients to develop a healthy relationship
  • Provide mental and emotional support to the elderly patients
Monitoring the Activities of Patients
  • Note down the changes that may arise
  • Report to the registered nurse or doctor about those changes
  • Prepare a chart for the patient’s development and keep it updated
  • Organize the files and records of the patients
Dressing Wounds
  • Clean the wounded area properly and apply ointment to it
  • Redress the wound from time to time
  • Be careful while dressing the wound and make sure that you follow all the precautionary measures so that infection is not caused
Assist in Daily Activities
  • Help the patients in brushing teeth, combing hair, shaving etc
  • Change the bed linens
  • Assist the patient in changing the clothes
  • Feed the bed-ridden patients
Maintaining Tools and Equipment
  • Taking care of the tools and equipment that are used during surgery
  • Sterilized the equipment after usage
  • Assist the doctors with equipment like ventilator, heart monitor or ECG (Electrocardiogram) monitor etc
Safety Measures
  • Ensure the safety precautions for the patients
  • Visit the patients from time to time to check if the oxygen cylinder, heartbeat monitor, etc are working properly or not
Assist the Doctor
  • Certified nursing assistants organize the operation table with needed equipment to help the doctors for performing an operation

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