Nurse Aide Registry in Arizona

Who maintains the CNA registry in Arizona?

Joey Ridenour
RN, MN, FAAN Executive Director
Arizona State Board of Nursing
1740 W Adams Street, Suite 2000
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone: 602.771.7801

Who investigates complaints in your state?

Arizona State Board of Nursing
1740 W Adams Street, Suite 2000
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone: 602.771.7827

The Arizona State Board of Nursing oversees the regulatory and disciplinary activities of the CNA registry in Arizona. The board created an online database system called the Optimal Regulatory Board System (ORBS) to help optimize their existing system and make it more efficient.

The ORBS technology allows state-certified CNAs, including both those applying for the first time and current license holders who have yet to renew, to apply for CNA certification through the official ORBS site at any time.

CNA License Requirements in Arizona

To be certified as a CNA in Arizona, you must complete an approved training program and pass the Nurse Aide Competency Exam. Approved programs include both clinical and classroom instruction, and typically last around four to eight weeks. Upon successful completion of an approved program, you will be eligible to take the exam.

The exam is administered by Prometric and consists of a written portion and a practical skills assessment. You must score at least 75% on both portions in order to pass. In addition, you must submit a fingerprint card and pass a background check.

Steps of getting a CNA license in Arizona:

  • Step 1: Find a state-approved CNA training program
  • Step 2: Complete the required training hours
  • Step 3: Pass the Arizona nurse aide board exam
  • Step 4: Apply for the credential

How to Verify CNA License in Arizona?

In order to verify the license of a certified nursing assistant (CNA) in Arizona, you can use the online portal provided by the Arizona State Board of Nursing. By visiting this website, you can lookup the name of the CNA and see their certification status. If you have any questions or concerns about the verification process, you can contact registry directly.

How to Renew CNA License In Arizona?

In Arizona, the CNA license is valid for two years. The renewing process is relatively simple and can be completed online. You are not required to complete any continuing education units (CEUs) in order to renew, but you must provide proof of employment as a CNA. If your license has expired, you may be eligible for a emergency temporary license valid for 48 hours.

Renewal RequirementsProof of employment
Renewal FeeFree
Validation24 Months
Time RequiredTwo to Three Weeks

Arizona CNA License Renewal

Reinstatement CNA License in Arizona

If your Arizona nurse aide certification has expired, voluntarily withdrawn or revoked, you have to take the necessary steps and fill a new application form to renew it. For this you should go online to the web portal of the Arizona State Board of Nursing. The board will review your application following the requirements.

However, before proceeding with reactivating your license, you may need to complete a CNA training program again and retake the competency exam or pay renewal fee for the reactivation.

Reinstatement Application

Transferring a Out of State CNA License to Arizona

If you are already a certified nurse assistant in another state, you may be able to transfer your certification to Arizona. To do so, you must complete an endorsement application and submit it to the Arizona Nurse Aide Registry. Your application will be reviewed and if approved, your certification will be transferred.

Endorsement Application

Contact the registry for more information.