Louisiana Nurse Aide Registry

Who maintains the CNA registry in Louisiana?

Louisiana Department of Health
Health Standards Section
P.O. Box 3767
Baton Rouge, LA 70821 – 3767
Phone: 225.342.0138
Fax: 225.342.4549
Website: https://ldh.la.gov/index.cfm/page/2994

Who investigates complaints in your state?

Louisiana State Department of Health and Hospitals
Health Standards Section Long Term Care Division
P.O. Box 3767
Baton Rouge, LA 70821 – 3767
Phone (Long Term Care Complaint Hotline): 888.810.1819
Fax: 225.342.5073

The Louisiana Department of Health and Prometric manage the reciprocity applications for CNA certification in Louisiana. They are responsible for verifying that all applicants have met the necessary requirements to be listed on the registry. In addition, they are also responsible for overseeing the training and competency evaluation programs for CNAs in the state.

CNA License Requirements in Louisiana

There are a few things you need to do in order to get a CNA license in Louisiana. The first step is to join and complete the necessary training hours. Once you’ve completed your training, you will need to pass the exam with a required score. You can find more information on the requirements and process on the website here.

How to Renew CNA License in Louisiana

Renewing your CNA license in Louisiana is a fairly simple process. Your license will be renewed automatically at midnight on the expiration date if you have submitted your work history. You can find more information on renewal requirements and procedures on the Registry website.

Renewal Requirements

Minimum 8 hours of paid work within 24 months

Renewal Fee



24 Months

Time Required


How to Verify CNA License in Louisiana

There are a few different ways that you can go about verifying a CNA license in Louisiana. The easiest way is to do an online search on the registry here. You can also call the registry or visit the registry office in-person. Whichever method you choose, make sure to have the CNA’s name and license number handy.

Reinstate CNA License in Louisiana

If your CNA license has been inactive for more than 2 years, you can reinstate it by passing a CNA competency exam. If you fail the test in your first try, you will need to retake the entire CNA training program and try again.

Reinstate requirements

Transferring a out of State CNA License to Louisiana

If you are a certified nurse assistant (CNA) in another state and would like to work in Louisiana, you may be able to do so by reciprocity. In order to be eligible for reciprocity, your CNA certification must be in good standing and you must meet all other requirements set by the Prometric 

Transfer Requirements

Active CNA license
Good standing

Reciprocity fee


Time Required

Minimum Two Months

Louisiana Reciprocity Instruction

Contact the Louisiana CNA registry for additional information.