CNA Certification Requirements in Louisiana State

After you get CNA certification in Louisiana, you can get a job as a nurse aide in a hospital, long term care facility, nursing home, adult health care facility and even provide home services to patients.

The demand for CNAs in this state is expected to grow at a faster pace in the next five years.

There is currently a shortage of nurse aides in the state and if you want to take up this as a career, then you will have good opportunities to work and grow in this profession.

How to achieve CNA certification in Louisiana

If you plan to get certified as a nurse aide, start looking for programs that offer this kind of training. These days, many schools, colleges, vocational training schools and long term facilities offer this program to people.

You have the option to take up a course on the weekdays, weekends, and evening classes. You can even enroll yourself in an online course, but before you enroll into one, find out how they plan to conduct practical sessions.

After you complete your course, you should take up competency test and pass it. This test consists of written and clinical skills test. The written exam has multiple choice questions.

For the skill test, you should be able to perform three skills out of the five skills that were taught to you in the class. You should be able to show all the steps in their correct order, otherwise marks will be cut.

You are allowed three chances to clear the competency test, after which you need to retake the test and then clear your exam.

Requirements for CNA certification Louisiana

Those who wish to get certified in the state should be at least 18 years of age and should get trained from a program that has been accredited by the state.

The minimum number of hours that this program should provide training is 175 hours; 75 hours of training should be imparted in the classrooms and the remaining 100 hours should be imparted in the clinical setting.

All the candidates are required to undergo a background check to make sure that they have not been charged of felony or theft or have been accused of consuming drugs. They should also have a high school diploma or a GED. An Associate degree or a Bachelors degree would place you in a better position later on.

You should also submit cards with your fingerprints on it. Another document that is mandatory to get CNA certification in the state is medical document to prove that you do not have tuberculosis.

Step 1 – Download the “Louisiana Reciprocity Form” using the following link:

Step 2 – Submit your application to the following address

Louisiana Nurse Aide Registry
5647 Superior Drive
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70816

Cost of CNA training program in Louisiana

The cost of training programs in the state ranges from $700 to $1650. You should get in touch with the coordinator of the program before you decide to enroll into one.

Check if the fee they have mentioned includes the supplies like uniform, shoes, scrubs, stethoscope, watch, text books and so on. Compare the cost of two training programs by considering the time and the reputation of the college.

If you do not have enough funds to cover the cost of the training program, then you can either apply for a loan or a waiver in fee; some schools also offer scholarships to deserving students.

Another option for those who do not have fee for their course is to search for vacancy in long term care facility. The facilities provide training to candidates for free and they have to work for some minimum period of time, say six months or a year in their facility. They also provide the training material and the textbooks.

Renewal for CNA certification in Louisiana

After you get your certification as a nurse aide in the state of Louisiana, it remains valid for another 2 years.

You need to renew it after that by submitting proof of documents that you have performed nursing or nurse related duties for a minimum of 8 hours in the past two years. You should have worked in a nurse related settings like hospital, nursing home, hospice care facility, adult health care program and so on.

If you fail to renew your license before it expires and you do not have the work history to prove that you have worked for the past 8 hours, then you have to retake the Nursing Aide Training Program in order to get your certification again.

However, if you fail to renew your license but have the required work history, then it can be renewed if your employer sends a notarized letter in which the proof of the date from which the nurse aide has been working in that facility is mentioned along with the details of the salary and duties of the aide.

In case you have done private duty work, you should have documents to prove that it was done for mercenary propose and was not a volunteer work. Your employer should provide a notarized letter for the same.

If you want to transfer your certification, say your CNA certification in Kentucky, to this state, then you should have your certification active in Kentucky. Otherwise you will have to retake the competency exam and pass it.

The salaries of nurse aides in the state range from $22,000 to $29,000. It will vary from one city to another and will also depend on your years of experience and your qualification.

You can choose to take on some more certifications to make your future prospects bright in this field. You can also take up course to become a RN or a registered nurse.


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