CNA Classes in California

Finding CNA Training Classes in California can be a daunting task. As the regulations and requirements for certification vary from state to state, it is important to find out what is required in your area before you start looking at any schools. This blog post will help you get started on researching training programs that are available in California.

Approved CNA Training in California

Thankfully for California residents, there are a variety of CNA training options available, so you’re sure to find the type that fits your specific needs. Luckily, some training programs offer both online and offline courses-and not just weekend classes but evening ones as well. Plus, many providers also offer accelerated courses with within six months-which makes it all the more easy to decide on what works best for you!

Here is a list of state-approved CNA program in California:

Nursing Homes Address Phone No.
Ararat Convalescent Hospital 2373 Colorado Boulevard, Eagle Rock, CA 90041 (323) 256-8012
Covenant Care 27071 Aliso Creek Drive, Suite 100, Aliso Viejo, California 92656 (800) 861- 0086
Edgewater Skilled Nursing Center 2625 East 4th Street, Long Beach, CA 90814 (562) 434-0974
Friends House 684 Benicia DriveSanta Rosa, CA 95409 (707) 538-0152
Jewish Home 302 Silver Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94112 (415) 334-2500
Sherwood Healthcare Center 4700 Elvas Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95819 (916) 454-4700
Woodlands Healthcare Center 14966 Terreno De Flores, Los Gatos, CA 95032 (408) 356-8136
Vienna Nursing and Rehabilitation Center 800 South Ham Lane Lodi, CA 95242 (209) 368-7141
Park Central Care & Rehabilitation Center 2100 Parkside Drive, Fremont, CA 94536 (510) 797-5300
Oroville Hospital 2767 Olive Highway, Oroville, CA 95966-6185 (530) 533-8500
Bethany Home 930 West Main Street, Ripon, CA 95366 (209) 599-4221
Sherman Oaks Hospital 4929 Van Nuys Boulevard, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403 (818) 981-7111

How to Become a CNA in California?

The first step to becoming a certified nursing assistant is going through the CNA program, meeting prerequisites such as passing CPR classes and completing training. After this, you’ll take an exam for certification which can be challenging but rewarding!

Here are the steps to become a CNA In California:

  1. Select a state-approved CNA training program
  2. Meet all the prerequisites
  3. Complete the required training to be certified
  4. Take and pass the California CNA state exam

Prerequisites for the CNA Courses in California

  • Having a high school diploma
  • To be at least 16 years old
  • Have to pass a background check
  • Having Current immunization records
  • Having a negative two-step TB test
  • Having a physical exam report

Where Can you Get Free CNA Training in California?

There are some facilities that offer free classes for those with low economic backgrounds, but they also require the students to sign an agreement pledging after their education is complete, they will work at a specified facility.

What will you learn During the Training?

In class, the time between lecture and clinical was limited to 60 hours. Lectures covered all theory related topics in nursing such as health care delivery systems or public policy issues;

While hands-on sessions allowed students to practice every task that a nurse assistant has during job duties like feeding patients with diabetes who need insulin injections before meals, assisting senior RNs (registered nurses) by preparing simple dressings for wounds after they’ve been cleaned using sterile equipment then taped onto the wound securely enough so it won’t fall off until fully healed on top of other tasks like obtaining vital signs from elderly people whose blood pressure is low when at rest due to their age–and much more.

How Long Does It Take To Become a CNA in California?

California’s CNA program is by far the most comprehensive in this country. The state health department has mandated 160 hours of training for CNAs, rather than 75 like what federal regulations require; moreover 100 out of these 160 are dedicated to clinical time and a vast majority go on to pass their certification exam.

Classroom Session 60 hours
Clinical Session 100 hours
Total 160 hours

Procedure for the California CNA State Exam

Once you complete your CNA course from California, the State Nursing Assistant Certification Examination will be available to take at any one of the recognized testing sites. This exam involves both written and skills tests that need to be passed in order for certification and jobs applications.

A candidate for a nursing assistant certification exam can take the test orally if he does not have an acceptable level of English writing skills. The applicant will be given 70 multiple choice questions in their written exam, and at Top Nurse Info we provide detailed instructions on how to prepare with our free CNA practice tests online. To get started today go here!

The clinical skills exam is a test that assesses the applicant’s ability in five different areas. It tests for things like bathing and dressing, feeding patients, assisting with ambulation- basically anything you might have to do if you work on an acute care floor or medical ward of a hospital! If you’d like a list of such skills, please visit our clinical skill training post.

Exam Type Question Type Given Time
Written Test 70 Multiple Choice 120 Minutes
Practical Test 5 Random Selected Skill 25 Minutes

California CNA exam costs are as follows:

Written and Skills exam $90
Oral & skills exam $105
Written retake $35
Oral retake $50
Skills retake $55

How Much Does CNA Training Cost in California?

The cost of CNA training varies depending on the type of training center. The most expensive centers offer a more intensive and in-depth curriculum for $2,400. The average cost is about $600. You can find cheaper programs if you’re willing to take the hybrid online course option or if you are located in rural California where there are fewer available jobs as a CNAs.

Is Financial Aid Available for CNA Program in California?

Yes. The Nursing Board of California has a program through which students can receive scholarships for the cost of the CNA course. The Governors Grant is also an option, but only if you’re living in one of the rural counties that qualify (in other words, not applicable to most people reading this).

Community colleges are always an affordable option as they typically offer tuition rates based on resident status. There are also many hospitals around Southern California that offer tuition assistance and some include reimbursement for textbooks as well.

How Much Does a CNA Make in California?

CNA’s in California earn an average of $17.61 an hour and $36,630 a year. However, the more experience they have and the higher their education level is, the more they can earn at their job.

Refer to the list mentioned below to find out the salaries of nursing aides working in different industries for certified nurse aides.

Designation Average Annual Pay
Home Health Aide (HHA) USD 21,000
Hospice CNA USD 35,000
Pediatric Care Nurse Aides USD 38,000
Psychiatric Aides in Mental Wards of Hospital USD 40,000

We hope this blog post has been helpful in getting you started on researching training programs available in California. If you would like to learn more about any of these options or have questions, please contact us and we will be happy to provide assistance.