Focus on Evidence Based Nursing Practice in Orientation

The purpose of evidence a based nursing practice is to improve patient outcomes while reducing healthcare costs. If it is not utilized, the patient will suffer and healthcare costs will soar. In fact, the quality of patient outcomes is the new measurement by which healthcare providers are being reimbursed. The Problem In the United States, healthcare … Read more

HCAHPS Score Focus From Day One

The Patient Experience Has Changed Healthcare Delivery. Medical facilities are being held to increased quality standards by federal oversight as well as the general public. Despite the fact that the patient experience should be a primary factor in the delivery of healthcare, the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) is one survey … Read more

Chantale Trouillot: Nurse Inventor That is Humanizing Healthcare

Many people complain that one of the most dehumanizing aspects of a hospital stay is wearing a standard open back patient gown. Then there is the lovely paper gown provided by some clinics that somehow makes the dehumanizing open back material gown seem modest. These types of problems in healthcare often inspire nurses to become … Read more

How Diane Yeager Used Her Expertise To Start Her Company

Love them or hate them, computers and Electronic Health Records (EHRs) are now part of the job description for most nurses. Nurse entrepreneur Diane Yeager brings EHRs into the nursing classroom in an effort to prepare nursing students for the real world of nursing. Her advice to other nurse entrepreneurs is “Surround yourself with positive … Read more

How to Find Free CNA Training Programs

After all, in this money-conscious world, getting something for free is quite unheard of. But, in case of free CNA training, well, this is fairly possible thanks to the availability of the free programs. Now, provided that you are really interested in pursuing a nursing career, then I would like to get you acquainted with … Read more