Nursing Agency: Details Startup Guide

Nursing Agency Startup Guide

The demand for nurses is still growing, so if you are considering opening up a small business to earn extra money, then why don’t you consider the idea of launching a nursing agency? A nursing agency will have a way to get to the demand for a general shortage of nurses. Fundamental of Starting a … Read more

Nurse Entrepreneurship: A Option For The Aging Nurse

Veterinary Nurse Training

According to the Health Resources and Services Administration Bureau of Health Professions (2013) “… about one-third of the nursing workforce is older than 50”. So, as the need for nurses increase, a large portion of the nursing workforce will be retiring or seeking jobs away from the bedside. Reasons for aging nurses to leave the … Read more

Nurse Entrepreneurs, Are You Using This Free Resource?

CNA Schools in New Jersey

People enter nursing school with varied experiences, skill sets, and career backgrounds. Traditional nursing programs do not encourage nor include business education in their curriculum. They churn out nursing students equipped with basic nursing skills and the knowledge to pass their NCLEX (theoretically). So, in many instances nurses are hesitant to pursue nurse entrepreneurship due … Read more

10 Ways to Tick Off your Nursing School Instructors

10 Easy Ways to Tick Off Your Nursing School Instructors

While in nursing school, you quickly learn it is survival of the fittest, and you enter the mad race to be the best nursing student possible. You also learn that everyone is not destined to be a nurse. If you decide early on in the program that you have made the wrong choice of majors, … Read more

3 Tips to Help You Prepare for NCLEX

Tips to Help You Prepare for NCLEX

Most nursing students are bombarded with advice on how to study and pass the NCLEX-RN. You might find that your friends are using different books, study tips, and programs to study. Are you overwhelmed by all the study possibilities? Take a deep breath, and focus on the three tips to keep it simple. Try these … Read more