Interview With The Yoga Nurse™ Annette Tersigni RN

The Yoga Nurse™ Annette Tersigni RN is the #1 Amazon Best Selling Author of ‘The Richest Woman In Babylon & Manhattan’ and founder of a movement called Yoga Nursing™. Her advice to nurse entrepreneurs is “Be not afraid of competition. There is none, because there is only one YOU. ” Tell me about your business. My name is Annette … Read more

Interview with The Essential Nurse: Joyce Harrell RN

Compassion Fatigue or Nurse Burnout has become a hot topic among nurses and the public. As nurses, we now realize that taking care of others at the expense of our own health can contribute to Nurse Burnout. The public wonders if Nurse Burnout is affecting the quality of patient care. Indeed, Medicare now ties their … Read more

Interview With Phyllis Quinlan, RN-Bc, PhD

Phyllis Quinlan, RN-Bc, PhD, is a nurse entrepreneur that has survived the often volatile market by utilizing two qualities that nurses know best: adaption to change and the ability to multi-task. She has combined these qualities with her business expertise, and the knowledge that business survival depends upon looking to future for trends. This has resulted in almost two decades … Read more

Interview With The Gypsy Nurse

Often, before people start their own business, they build their brand by blogging. Having a well known blog enables an entrepreneurial minded person to have a  ready made audience to market their business to. Some people begin blogging without any intention of starting their own business. However, as their blog grows in popularity, a few … Read more

How to Become a Self Employed CNA

Certified nursing assistants, or CNAs for short, can enjoy a rewarding career in the field of healthcare and even go on to become independent nurses. As self-employed people who provide private caregiving services by taking clients but scheduling their own hours as they see fit, CNAs get to work when it’s convenient for them while … Read more