Interview With The Yoga Nurse™ Annette Tersigni RN

The Yoga Nurse™ Annette Tersigni RN is the #1 Amazon Best Selling Author of ‘The Richest Woman In Babylon & Manhattan’ and founder of a movement called Yoga Nursing™.

Her advice to nurse entrepreneurs is “Be not afraid of competition. There is none, because there is only one YOU. ”

Tell me about your business.

My name is Annette Tersigni. (Ter-See-Knee).

Top secret alias = The Yoga Nurse™, a passionate rebel and founder of Yoga Nursing™, an innovative, accredited, fresh brand of nursing education. Yoga Nursing unites ancient yoga with modern nursing.

I serve and deliver a fresh, proven problem-solving Rx, and inspire nurses and their patients to take action with experiential, fun, feel good solutions.
I listen. I speak. I teach. I care. I write about…
yoga, nursing, enlightenment, entrepreneurship.

What inspired you to start this business?

Traditional nursing broke my heart and my body because of the impossible workload and all the bureaucratic challenges I could not change…but I DID change myself. I adored the patient care but working short most of the time tore me up and sucked out my soul.

By amazing grace, I found a new path. I had a vision of uniting my yoga practice with nursing and how that could truly serve nursing education, nurses and their patients. I trademarked the name Yoga Nurse and Yoga Nursing and the rest is history.

My passion and mission is to share the fruits of what I learned with nurses who are intrigued by the idea of uniting nursing with yoga to make a difference for them selves, for their patients and get paid what they’re worth.

How do you market your business?

Social Media, like twitter and Facebook. My website “” I also have a newsletter that nurses can subscribe to on my website.

Are most of your business clients a result of web marketing or are they local?

 A combo of both. I have a local practice here in North Carolina. I teach Yoga Nursing at my local hospital, public classes and also have a private one on one practice. Then there is the web marketing of my books, products and both my live training in various venues in the USA, plus my innovative, online training for nurses.

Do you frequently run special promotions and do they help stimulate business?

My ‘thing’ is nursing education through my books and trainings. My trainings are approved for nursing credits by national nursing organizations, so I keep a set price in place. The promos offer a discount if nurses register early, which is common practice. My books are also at a set price. I am going to use special promotions in the future for new product launches. We all love a good promotion and savings.

Do you have any advice to nurses that are just starting their business?

 #1 define what you LOVE and what you know the most about in your nursing specialty. Then give it your own spin. Be not afraid of competition. There is none, because there is only one YOU.

#2 Invest in learning how to take the steps with people you trust. Ideally other nurse entrepreneurs and coaches who are further ahead of you. I invested and still invest in learning how to achieve success with integrity, honesty and offering something of value.

#3 Study other successful nurse entrepreneurs who have an online presence and consider career coaching with the nurses who you feel aligned with.

Start with a simple website, blog. Practice. Figure out through good ole’ trial and error, what your ‘niche’ is. A website and blog are living documents that are always changing. Get your finances in order so you can invest in your business.

My best selling, inspirational book for nurses, The Richest Woman In Babylon and Manhattan, helps nurses with remedies for their money and their soul worries. My one on one consulting practice –  plus my soon to launch Online programs – offer a tangible game plan to get your holistic nursing vision out there.

Nurses are the most trusted profession. We have the skill sets to set up as INDEPENDENT practitioners. It takes effort, patience, training, and time to build.

It takes a burning desire to get your voice and message out there. Light your fire, nurse entrepreneur. xo

Annette Tersigni RN—The Yoga Nurse® 

Founder of Yoga Nursing®
‘Expanding Consciousness In Health Care’
Author, Key Note Speaker, Stress Relief Expert

#1 Amazon Best Selling Author
‘The Richest Woman In Babylon & Manhattan’
How to ‘Nurse’ a Lean Purse—Wealth Care + Self Care