Top 7 Best Nursing Shoes for CNA

Best Nursing Shoes for CNA

CNA’s work long shifts on their feet, moving around hospital floors to attend to patients. They are constantly on the move during their shift, running errands for doctors or nurses, bringing meals to patients; they may be asked to use a mop and bucket at some point in the night too. All of these activities … Read more

Top 10 Best Coffee Mugs for Nurses

Coffee Mugs for Nurses

Nurses and coffee go together like doctors and stethoscopes. Coffee, tea, cocoa or anything else you drink during your shift needs to stay warm so it can be enjoyed when needed. And, of course, If its an insulated mug with a lid – perfect for bringing along iced drinks on hot days! What mug do you … Read more

Black Friday Deals for Nurses & CNAs 2022

black friday deals for nurse

Nurses are one of the most important people for patient care. They’re always there when you need them, but they don’t get paid enough to make ends meet. Here are some Black Friday deals that will help nurses save money on items they may not have budgeted for or even know about! Outfits Nursing shoes … Read more

Meet Nurse Entrepreneur & App Developer Kathryn Boatright RN

Here is a healthy dose of entrepreneur inspiration; combine nursing with the tech world. Meet Kathryn Boatright RN, utilizing her nursing knowledge to educate parents even after they leave the hospital with their little one via her app: Hi Everyone! First off, I think that it is important to ask ~ “How is everyone today?!” Fabulous, … Read more

Interview with Award Winning Blogger Keith Carlson

Keith Carlson is a multi-talented  nurse coach, blogger, and co-host of the RN.FM Radio show. He blogs on his award winning blog Digital Doorway which has a large following that enjoys his entertaining and creative writing skills. Also, his interpersonal and public communication skills are apparent when he co-hosts on the RN.FM Radio show.  His nurse … Read more