Tips to Manage Your CNA Practice Test

Passing a CNA certification exam is not an easy task. It is essential for the candidates to possess good knowledge about all the nursing contents taught during the classroom and the practical training sessions. Remembering all these contents and medical terms is a difficult task. Constant practice will help you to remember these medical terminologies.

This is provided by the CNA certification practice test. These tests help the candidates to evaluate themselves and perform their best in the state competency tests.

10 Tips to Manage Your Practice Test

You must obtain CNA license from your state to work as a certified nursing assistant and a certification exam must be cleared for the same. One of the two papers for the certification is the clinical test and to perfect the craft you must take as many CNA skills practice test as possible.

In order to clear the exam you must clear both the papers and in most states, if you fail the exam three consecutive times you have to undergo re-training before applying for certification.

It has also been noticed that most of the applicants clear the theory paper but fail in the practical paper. It is thus important that you carry out extensive CNA skills review which can be done in CNA practice skills test.

You will attempt preparatory tests after you finish with your training, below are some tips to help you take the CNA skills practice test:

1. Make a Check List

While at training you are taught many clinical tasks out of these you have to perform five during the clinical test which are randomly picked by the examiner; you must have made a CNA skills check list during the training. Go through that checklist thoroughly; if you want you can even memorize it. Try to remember the minute details of all the procedures by reviewing the study material time and again.

2. Get a Partner

Get a partner; a friend or a co-student who can support you in the preparatory test. A co-student would be the ideal as a partner because he would be well aware of all the skills and the procedures, so he can evaluate your performance. You can be his partner when he does a preparatory test and you can review his performance and get more understanding about improving your performance

3. Take Preparatory Test

Treat a preparatory test as good as the final test and perform each task with focus, as you would do while assisting a patient. Don’t fool around because you are practicing and the patient is not actually a patient but a co-student, this will ensure a good CNA skills practice test.

4. Develop Your Habits

Greet the patient even if it is not a real test because you need to develop this habit not just for the test but also for the practicing as a CNA; courtesy in any profession is essential. Introduce yourself, ask for the patients name and address the patient accordingly. Do this for every task and explain the patient what you are going to do.

5. Practice Your Basics

Even if it is an exercise follow the basics. Wash your hands before every procedure because in a healthcare profession hygiene should be maintained to control infection. Use gloves wherever necessary and sanitize the equipment’s properly and store them as they are meant to be.

6. Get Help from others

Evaluating each other by cross checking the list is difficult, a third person will be handy. Hand over the check list to the third person and ask him to read the tasks one after other as you perform them. He can mark on the steps you missed to do and this will provide for a better evaluation.

7. Review Your Check List

After completing the entire list of tasks check the evaluation sheet and make a note of the steps you missed out on. Try and reharse those tasks where you missed out by reading them and make a mental note of them.

8. Use the Power of Internet

There are many videos available online which you can watch; the skills are performed by experts in these videos. You can check for improvisations and make changes in your notes. Watch these videos before taking the preparatory test so that you can perform more efficiently in the test.

9. Perform a Dummy Test

After you are done with the preparatory test check with the time of your instructor; perform another practice test in front of the instructor. He/ She will be the best person to evaluate your clinical skills as the training was given by him/ her. Check for the grades the instructor would give you on each of the tasks as this would prove to be a perfect understanding about your preparation on the CNA skills.

10. Take Test as Many as You Can

After the instructors test take another preparatory test with your partner of the first test or any other co-student along with the third person for evaluation. You may think that this is too much preparation, but it is worth it because after three tests you will have mastered the craft and you will be completely accustomed to all of them and will be ready for the CNA clinical tests for the certification and will clear the test in the first attempt.

Apart from the practice skills test, make sure that you thoroughly study for your theory paper and give as many preparatory tests as possible so that you can clear both papers and get your CNA Certification. There are certain skills that examiners frequently ask to perform research for those tasks and master them. Similarly check the FAQs of the theory paper and prepare well to answer them.

Two days before the exams sleep well at night, relax and refresh; this will help you to go for the exam in a good mindset and you will be more focused and will easily clear the papers. CNA skills practice tests are very helpful to perfect each of the tasks and you will become a very professional certified nursing assistant, someone who will take care of the smallest of requirements of the patients you will serve.

Why CNA Practice Test is Important?

  • Reduces the nervousness that is likely to occur while appearing for the final competency exams
  • Helps to identify the areas where you are weak so that you can focus on them and start working on it
  • You get to know your mistakes as soon as you complete the test. Keeping these minute things in mind reduces the chances of committing the same mistakes again.
  • If you are getting transferred to another state, then practice tests helps you to understand the differences between both the state exams. The need for such a situation may arise when the state you wish to get transferred to does not follow reciprocity.
  • Assists you in time management that helps you to solve the paper completely and find time to check in the end. There may be cases where you know the answer, but due to lack of time could not attempt them. Solving sample papers will help you to manage your time and answer all the questions.
  • In some states, if your CNA license expires then you are supposed to appear for the certification exams again. During such a time period, practice tests help you to understand the things that you need to learn and prepare for the competency exams.
  • It provides suitable guidance and tips that are essential to score good marks in the certification examination
  • Improves your confidence level

Requirements of a CNA Certification Practice Test

  • Completion of 18 years of age
  • A General Educational Development (GED) or a high school diploma degree is essential
  • Completion of a minimum of 75 hours of CNA training

What Does the Sample Question Paper Include?

Remember, these practice test papers provide only sample questions and not the original questions that are likely to appear for the tests. The practical sessions conducted during the training helps to gain sufficient amount of practice for the skills evaluation tests.

The question arises on how to pass the written examination?

These tests contain all the possible questions and examples of different real life situations. They may be simple or tricky. The options given may confuse you. However, constant practice of such type of tricky questions will help you to gain confidence and enable you to tackle any question that may appear in the final exams.

These sample papers not only contain multiple choice questions but also the clinical skills questions as well. Some of the topics that are included in these sample question papers are:

  • Diseases and Infection Control
  • Patients Rights
  • Responsibilities of a CNA
  • Communication Skills
  • Safety Measures
  • Social Needs
  • Restorative Services
  • Personal Care
  • Importance of Hygiene
  • Psychosocial Care

The pattern of the question paper is identical to the one that appears in the final examination. It comprises of 50 to 70 multiple choice questions with four options for each. The duration of the practice test is approximately two hours.

Who Conducts Practice Tests?

One of the renowned CNA tests centers is the Prometric that is affiliated to the Board of Nursing and has got the legal rights to perform sample tests for nursing assistants. This organization has got its agencies spread across the United States of America.

In order to obtain the benefits of these sample papers, candidates have to register themselves on the official website of the Prometric following which you will be eligible to appear for the tests. These exams are not free of cost. The fees is approximately USD 30.

Another sample practice kit is the Nurse Aide Practice Written Exam Packet (NNAAP). This kit is available online and can be downloaded, as it contains correct answers as well.

This helps in verifying your answers immediately after the completion of the exam and identify your errors. It is an excellent guide that helps you to prepare for the state competency exams of certified nursing assistants.

Besides, there are many websites offering practice tests for CNA certification. Some of them are free. Several DVD’s and CD’s are available in the market. There are few community colleges that provide practice kits for the candidates that help them to excel in the final tests.

CNA certification practice test helps you to become familiar with the question paper pattern of the final CNA certification exam. Regular practice and continuous hard-work on the areas of improvement will help you clear the nursing assistant examination with good grades that would ultimately result in you obtaining a job in a renowned health care organization with good salary.


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