Top CNA Nursing Schools in North Carolina & Guide

The ageing population of America along with the growing healthcare awareness among the people has created a big demand for health care professionals in the country.

This increased the work load of the registered nurses (RN) and they are not able to perform their duties efficiently. The government has taken several measures to meet this demand and encourage more people to take up this profession. Certified nursing assistants is one profession which one can take up and government encourages people to do so.

Even the top two health insurance companies like Medicaid and Medicare advocate the profession of nursing assistants as it cuts down the health insurance cost because the RN seeks higher hourly age than the nurse aides because of the difference in responsibility.

CNA nursing schools in North Carolina are playing a vital role in bridging the gap between the demand and supply of such professionals.

As the name suggests that you have to assist the nurses in basic healthcare needs of patients so that the nurses can perform their core medical duties efficiently.

Nursing assistant helps patients with feeding, walking, bathing etc. It requires basic training at CNA classes in North Carolina to work in the state as a nurse aide.

  • Priority Nursing Academy in Greensboro
  • Alamance Community College in Graham
  • Caldwell Community College
  • Technical Institute in Hudson
  • Piedmont Community College in Yanceyville
  • Southeastern Institute in Charlotte

Those are well known institutes that offer quality nurse aide training in the state.

There are many more good community colleges across the state any of these are not in your locality.

Becoming a Nurse Aide in North Carolina

The Center for Aide Regulation and Education (CARE) under the health department is responsible for regulating training and competency evaluation of nursing assistants.

Make sure that you join one of the CNA nursing schools in North Carolina that are approved by CARE to qualify for the state exam.

You must also fulfill other prerequisites to get CNA certification in North Carolina.

You must have a clean background and good health.

For the background check you must submit two fingerprint cards and to prove that you have no communicable disease, you must take a medical test.

The cost of training will vary by a number of factors; the prime factor is the number of hours the training last for.

More the number of hours, higher will be the cost. The online training programs don’t have too many overhead expenses and thus are cheaper as compared to most traditional classes.

The training programs can start from as low as $400 and go up to $1600 on an average CNA training in North Carolina will cost you $1000.

For those who cannot pay for the training must look for free training at local hospitals and facilities.

If you have already paid for the training you can get it reimbursed by seeking employment in such hospitals and medical facilities.

The nursing board of North Carolina has scholarship programs for those who need financial assistance to start a nursing career; you can contact the board for details.

Some community colleges as a part of their social responsibility offer loans at very affordable rates and you can seek help from such colleges if you have no other option.

How Long Does It Take To Become a CNA in North Carolina?

It is mandatory for an approved program to provide training for a minimum of 75 hours; 16 hours out of it are dedicated towards the clinical training and the rest for classroom study.

The clinical training is conducted under the supervision of a RN and thus provides for quality training in fewer hours.

However, if you feel that you need more exposure to these practical skills you can request a hospital or facility for a few days of internship.

The classroom study involves learning of the various theory subjects like physiology, communication, resident rights etc. and at the end of each subject debates and discussions are conducted.

You can appear for the state certification exam on completion of the training; in NC the exam is administered by Pearson Vue.

You have two papers for the exam the written and clinical; written exam can be taken in English or Spanish and has 70 multiple choice questions to be answered in two hours.

In the skills paper you have to perform three skills randomly picked by the examiner out of the 25 skills learnt during the training.

Passing the exam will give you a designation of certified nursing assistant and you will be issued a license which will be valid for two years and it must be renewed after that.

Other states nursing assistants cannot directly transfer their licenses to NC without challenging the state exam.

How Much Does a CNA Make in North Carolina?

Around 40,000 people were active on the registry of nurse aides in North Carolina at the beginning of 2016 and the figure is expected to rise by at least 20 percent by 2026.

So if you are thinking of taking up this profession it will prove to be a good career move.

The average salary of nurse aides in the state is just above the national average; CNAs can earn $28,000 a year.

But if you want to grow in the profession you can become a LPN and earn around $46,000 or as a RN you can earn $76,000

CNA nursing schools in North Carolina ply as per the regulations set by CARE and provide quality training to aspiring nursing students to meet the demand for trained healthcare professionals.


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