Complete Guide to Join CNA Schools in California

These days job security has become a proverbial term with not any meaning in the real context; it takes a lot of hardship to get a job, but no matter how hard you work to keep up with the job the market situation is such that you can lose it at the blink of an eye.

If you are looking for a secure job you might well look for the medical field as the jobs in this field don’t rely on the economic climate and one profession you can step into easily is certified nursing assistant.

CNA nursing schools in California provide you with the opportunity of starting in this foundation level nursing job by giving complete training on the CNA clinical skills as well as the theory subjects so that you can have an edge in the competitive job market.

Moreover, it is a fact that the ageing population of America is very high, so the old people need support in their routine tasks irrespective of their health. American have become more health conscious than ever and with growing diseases it is natural that nurse aides will be in great demand in the next decade.

If you are still wondering whether or not to enter this honored profession then it may be better for you that you don’t because to start into any profession you must have a liking for it; in the case of nursing, even more so because it is a job in peculiar medical field.

Once you have decided to become a CNA then nothing like it; especially if you are a resident of the state of California.

Becoming a Nursing Assistant in California

Certified nursing assistant is a healthcare job which is regulated by the health department of each state of the United States.

Although the US federal mandate has set certain specifications for nurse aide training and certification, it is the state that has the final word in formulating the rules.

In California the minimum age to become a nursing assistant is 16 years to apply for certification exam, unlike the standard of 18 years in other states.

A physical examination must be conducted stating that the applicant has no health related problems which may prove hazardous to him/ her, the other staff in the facility, the patients or other visitors.

The report must have details of the complete medical history of the applicant along with a skin test for tuberculosis.

Before enrolling in CNA classes in California a conviction screening is to be carried out for; you must check the conviction list provided by the California Health Services and if any of the cases are registered against you, will be disqualified for the certification.

The state of California is very stringent about this norm and anything apart from minor traffic violations will be considered for review of the screening.

In most states having a GED or high school diploma is mandatory to become a nursing assistant; however, in California this is not required. You must pass a pre-admission test to enroll in a state accredited training program.

How Long Does It Take To Become a CNA in California?

CNA program in California is by far the most comprehensive program that you can get across the country.

The state health department has made it mandatory to provide training for 150 hours (out of which 100 hours are dedicated to clinical training) as opposed to the 75 hours of training set by the federal directive.

In California you can start working in a hospital or medical facility and then enroll in a training program within four months of joining the program.

The cost of CNA training in California is anything from $600 to $2,400 depending on the type of training center you may enroll into.

Non facility based training will cost you less, a medical facility cost will be higher and if you opt for a hospital CNA program it will be the costliest.

Online programs are usually of lesser cost if you want to explore the experience of computer based learning. Additionally, California is the costliest state of the US as far as standard of living is concerned so you may have to pay more.

But there are other resources for those who cannot afford to pay for such high training you can get financial aid; the Nursing Board of California has many scholarship programs for those who aspire to enter the nursing profession.

The Governors Grant is another source you can tap into for sponsoring your nurse aide training; for details you may have to contact the concerned departments. Community colleges and hospitals also provide for easy, low interest loans; some are even free of interest.

How Much Does a CNA Make in California?

The state of California is paradise as far as CNA jobs are concerned with a staggering 4,000 new nursing assistants being employed each year.

The demand for nurse aides is high because of the highly populated metropolitan areas like Los Angeles and San Diego; higher the population, higher will be the healthcare needs leading to more jobs in the field.

As the demand is higher the salary is bound to be high; you can earn anything between $19,000 and $40,000 with the average salary being as high as $32,000.

Becoming a certified nursing assistant is an excellent career option; join a state recognized CNA nursing school in California and the training is so comprehensive that you will definitely succeed.

And with the reciprocity rule in place nursing assistants from other states too can transfer their licenses and work as nursing assistant in California.


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