CNA Registry in Kentucky

Who maintains the CNA registry in Kentucky?

Kentucky Board of Nursing Kentucky Nurse Aide Registry
312 Whittington Parkway, Suite 300-A
Louisville, KY 40222
Phone: 888.530.1919
Fax: 502.429.1247

Who investigates complaints in your state?

Long Term Care Division
Office of Inspector General
275 E. Main St., 5E-A
Frankfort, KY 40621
Phone: 502.564.7963 ext. 3305
Fax: 502.564.6546

Kentucky CNA license helps a person move to Kentucky and pursue a career as a CNA in this state. If you belong to a state other than Kentucky, a valid Kentucky CNA license is what paves your way for your job in the state and makes your stay legal before the eyes of the law. The state of Kentucky is a good place to begin your career as a CNA and there are plenty of opportunities for the right candidate.

However, before one starts off thinking of a career in the field of CNA in Kentucky, the aspirant has to fulfil many conditions to reach a level that will lead you to CNA job.

CNA License Requirements in Kentucky

The first requirement is that the candidate should at least have a high school degree, to begin with. However, if you have a higher qualification like an associate degree or a bachelor degree, you are likely to be better poised to attract the big names in the health care industry and also stand a chance to start at a higher starting salary.

Once, you have got the qualification; follow it up with admission into any state-approved CNA training program which is offered by many colleges and universities. Those who are unable to attend the regular training course can go for online courses offered by some universities. You can check with the Institutes that you can avail this from. The online course is affordable and is a convenient way of learning without compromising on your regular schedules. To find a suitable CNA program in Kentucky visits our this post.

The CNA training program attended by the candidate should be of minimum 75 hours which must include at least 16 hours of hands on clinical training while the rest should be classroom training. This training costs around $700 and takes about a few weeks. At the end of the successful completion of the test, the candidate has to appear for a CNA test which again comprises of a written as well as a practical test.

A candidate has to clear both the exams to be declared as pass. However, in the event that the candidate fails to pass the test he has the provision to appear for the test once again. But you need to check with the Kentucky Cabinet of Health and Family Services for the number of attempts allowed for the academic year. To practice before the final exam browse our this post here.

Once, you have passed the CNA test you become eligible for CNA certification as well as CNA license that allows you to take up job in any state in the USA without putting you in a legal mess. However, remember to get your CNA license renewed every 24 months. You need to take care of the following things so as to continue to enjoy with your job as a CNA.

How to Renew CNA License in Kentucky

The person should get his CNA renewed before expiry. Usually, a person is sent recertification by the concerned state authority to renew the license. The candidate needs to fill up the form with necessary information and send it across to the department along with the required fee to initiate the process of renewal.

The candidate is required to have worked as a paid CNA with some health care provider within the last two years and 12 hours per year of ongoing education. However, if you have only worked as a volunteer, then you will have to go through the whole process all over again as; volunteering doesn’t count as job experience.

Renewal Instructions

How to Verify CNA License in Kentucky

Kentucky license status can be verified online. To verify the license, go to the URL below and follow the given instructions.

Kentucky CNA License Verification Portal

How to Transfer CNA License in Kentucky

Transferring your CNA license is now easy and this will help you realize your dream of working in Kentucky or not missing out on that attractive job offer from Kentucky. The candidate must have passed the CNA test and registered on the Nurse Aide Registry so as to be able to work in the state of Kentucky.

The Kentucky Cabinet of Health and Family Services will conduct a thorough background checking so as to make sure that you are free of any criminal past and not guilty of any offense in your prior state.

You are also required to go through an immunization test so as to make sure you have a good health condition and hence, do not pose a threat to the patients and the people you will be dealing with. If you satisfy all the above conditions, you can transfer your CNA license to state of Kentucky and continue with your job.

Reciprocity Instructions

Advantage of Having CNA License in Kentucky

The state of Kentucky is a good choice to start your career in. The population is ever-growing and so is the demand for state of the art hospitals with latest amenities. This has lead to growth in the number of CNAs required in the health care service industry. It’s difficult for any medical facility to sustain without the services of CNAs as they are the ones who provide the basic medical and non-medical care to the patients.

A CNA with a valid Kentucky CNA license can find jobs in various health care settings like:

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Private nursing homes
  • Acute care centers
  • Adult daycare centers
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Laboratories
  • Universities
  • Community health center
  • Military hospitals

Government public health care centers and even private homes of the patients who need round the clock attention and care.

The opportunity for a CNA in Kentucky is plentiful and a full-time CNA can go on to make about $21,000 to $26,000 per year. Some facilities even provide their employees with other benefits like retirement saving plan, health insurance, paid leave and holidays, besides the salary.