Is Free Online CNA Certification Worth It?

Have you been considering taking free online CNA certification courses? Wondering if it is worth the time? If so, this blog post will help you make a more informed decision.

CNA certification is a pretty big decision. There are many things to consider such as completing the classes, getting your hands on all of the materials, and then taking your state’s CNA exam. It can be really tough to make this decision when you have so many options ranging from free online courses to in-person programs that teach you everything there is to know about becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA).

How do you decide what’s best for you? One of my favorite ways of deciding which option is right for me has been doing research into how much each program will cost or is it really free. The price range varies quite a bit depending on whether or not it includes books and supplies or if it requires any hidden cost before starting any coursework. But what if you’re not sure where to start?

Often times the best way is going with a program that has been recommended by somebody else. If someone you trust says it’s worth it, then I would take their word for it and go from there. You may also want to ask yourself what your desired outcome of becoming a CNA is and what you want to get out of it. If your desired outcome is just having a certificate that says “Certified Nursing Assistant” and not being able to do anything but change bed linens, then there are free routes for getting the document without any experience or education behind it.

How does it work?

Online classes are structured in a similar way to traditional classes. They are flexible and there is no limit on the number of sessions you can take through an online program. It’s best to plan ahead for how much time each session will take so that you can allocate your necessary break times accordingly (i.e., 10 minutes for every hour). A good idea would be to start out with shorter sessions at first if you’re not sure about the commitment, then work your way up to longer classes later on once you get used to it.

You’ll have access 24/7 and will be able to complete all coursework at your own pace- both in terms of when assignments are due as well as which classes those assignments are for. This allows you to fit your education into your schedule and not the other way around.

  • Students might have access to more resources than those offered at traditional schools because most programs now offer live chats – which means any questions you may have about what material is covered during a lecture can be answered by qualified instructors right then and there.
  • Most programs allow students to submit assignments through email which means there is no need to wait around for an instructor’s response before moving forward – if they don’t respond within 24 hours then just send them another message! This also avoids potential scheduling conflicts with other commitments that may arise during the day (like school or work).
  • Programs cover everything you need to know about the profession, including: what a CNA is and does; how to care for patients with different needs (such as Alzheimer’s or diabetes); medical acronyms that can be confusing; privacy laws regarding patient information.
  • The coursework includes reading assignments plus quizzes and exams so students are sure they understand all the material before moving on in their education.
  • Most programs also include clinical hours through video training that teaches students how to do hands-on patient care.
  • Class sizes are smaller and instructors give students more attention which means that there’s much better interaction between student and teacher during lessons! This is one of the reasons why many people prefer taking free online cna certification courses instead of enrolling at a local school full time.

An online program for CNA training can save you a lot of time and money. You will be able to learn all the necessary skills from home or work, while still being in contact with your family and friends! Make sure that the program offers continuing education credits if they want their students to succeed after graduation so it is important to research how many hours per week are required for each subject before enrolling.

Can you get a job with free online CNA certification?

Some people say that because you can’t work as a CNA without being certified, there is no point in taking the free course.

But it’s worth noting that while CNAs cannot legally practice their profession without passing the national exam and receiving their credential, they are still paid to perform other tasks including non-patient care duties such as housekeeping or laundry for hospitals on every shift. These jobs often carry less hours than patient care but offer steady employment just like hospital positions do.

You will be able to apply those skills in many different settings after getting your credential which means you will be more employable.

  • CNAs are paid to perform other duties in addition to patient care, but not on every shift
  • Free courses may offer long term benefits if you intend to get into direct patient care and have a CNA credential
  • An online course is usually only beneficial for those who already know what they’re doing.

Is it worth the time and effort? 

  • CNA certification classes online are also a great option for those who may not be able to attend traditional schools because of work and family commitments. You can learn from your own home or workplace, while still being in contact with your family and friends!
  • You can become certified in any state with an online course.
  • Certification courses are also a great option for those who have lost their jobs or do not want to commute, but still, enjoy learning and expanding their skills over time.  
  • Online CNA certification courses are also a good idea if English is not your first language or if you’re currently pregnant, which can make it difficult to attend traditional classes on-site because of mobility restrictions.

Many people are giving up on their education goals and delaying plans for the future because of the cost of many community colleges. Free online CNA certification is becoming a popular go-to, but this type of training isn’t as valuable because employers might ask you for your current or previous license. It also doesn’t count towards going back to college at a later date if you want to become an RN.

One major advantage though is that free courses allow you to study at your own pace, when and where it best suits you based on your work schedule or other lifestyle choices.

The decision to pursue a CNA certification is an important one that should be made with the utmost consideration. If you’ve been considering taking free online courses, we hope this post has helped clear up some of your questions and concerns. We are always happy to help answer any additional queries about either program or our services. Contact us today if you have further questions!