How To Become a Home Health Aide

In this blog post, we will discuss what a home health aide is and how to become one. We will also touch on the requirements for those who want to become a home health aide, as well as job opportunities in the field and more.

What is Home Health Aide?

A Home Health Aide is an individual who provides a range of services for clients in the home. These services may include providing hands-on care to individuals, assisting with their activities of daily living, covering occupational therapy treatments, and providing emotional support.

What are the Requirements?

The requirements for a home health aide certification vary among states. For example, in some states, you may need to pass the evaluation exam while others can accept your service if the employing agency is certified.

Requirements also include passing an entrance test where students’ mathematical skills and English writing and speaking will be evaluated as well as providing proof of their medical check-up such that they have no communicable diseases like HIV/AIDS or tuberculosis (NAHC).

However, it’s best to consult with the National Association for Homecare and Hospice (NAHC) on what training one needs before taking these exams because there are exceptions depending on which state you’re in.

Where you can Find Home Health Aide Training Program?

There are two ways to get your home healthcare aide training: either by signing up for a course at an educational center or enrolling in the program through medical settings.

The main difference between these options is that you’ll have more expenses if you choose the first option, but it will be much shorter than having classes on-site as part of your employment with a facility.

Is Online Training Available for HHA Program?

HHA certification is not available online.

Even if you get a certificate, your state will not accept it.

Before enrolling for HHA training, consult with the local nursing board and ensure that instructors are professional trainers in this industry so you can have better education from them.

What will you Learn During the Training?

Home health aide training covers a range of subjects, including caring for elderly people and those living with HIV/AIDS. You will learn about the body’s mechanism in detail through courses on nutrition and physical therapy.

Patient care includes patient communication skills as well as how to move patients around safely while observing vital signs closely. There are also respiratory-related topics covered during home health aide training that can be beneficial if you plan on working at an asthma clinic or hospital later down the line!

What are the Difference Between CNA vs HHA?

An HHA works with one client at a time and can get to know them, spending quality time together. A CNA’s role is to support their patient’s health by being responsible for many patients in units or on floors simultaneously.

What does Home Health Aides do?

Home health aides care for patients with serious medical conditions and are unable to get around or communicate properly.

They learn how to read doctors’ prescriptions, give medication, check vitals signs, clean wounds and dress them appropriately, perform massages on the patient’s affected areas based on their condition/phase of recovery (if applicable), assist in range-of-motion exercises as needed by the doctor’s orders.

They also study emergency response protocols so that if a situation arises where immediate action is required at any point during work hours when no other help can be reached promptly then the home healthcare aide will know what measures must be taken until outside assistance arrives.

When you are applying for the job of a home health aide, prepare yourself to perform boring tasks and that may include doing laundry or grocery shopping. You should also be ready to assist your patients in performing exercises as prescribed by them.

If they ask you something like reading news or sending emails on their behalf, then do not hesitate but help them with it immediately! Your employer will pay for the extra work if you are doing it on their behalf and If you are working as an independent caregiver, the family of the patient will pay the extra charges.

How Much Does Home Health Aide Make?

The average annual wage for a home health aide is $27,080 per year ($13.02 per hour).

What are the Job Opportunities?

Despite the aging population, home health aide jobs are expected to rise from 2019-29. The U.S Bureau of Labor expects home health aide jobs to grow 34% faster than average from 2019-29, adding 1,159,500 new positions!

The job outlook is good and it’s a stable career path as families need assistance taking care of their near and dear ones who may be ill or recovering from an illness at any point in time. If you’re looking for stability then this field might just fit your needs perfectly!

The healthcare industry is going to continue for many more centuries due to technological advancements and improved medical services. And since everyone will face some health problem, whether one has money or doesn’t, this industry won’t disappear anytime soon. By completing a home health aide certification program you can work as long as your wish with good pay and benefits while helping others.

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